Author Topic: Daemon host! I believe they made them playable could be wrong  (Read 895 times)

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Daemon host! I believe they made them playable could be wrong
« on: January 21, 2017, 05:12:09 PM »
I have downloaded the imperial agents book on my Apple 🍎. Now to make room on my phone since it deleted the book but is located in my iBooks and for some strange reason I cannot download it again which I have to contact Apple about.

Now onto the good stuff. Daemonhost i believe if my memory is correct are daemons now. This is what they needed. You have to remember the rules that apply to daemons. Deepstrike, fear and 5++

Now for 10 pts you can give a warband fear. forcing you enemy to take a fear test when in combat could boost the survivablity of the squad

Deepstrike make a full squad of hosts with deepstrike you now have a delivery system which you getting have to pay for. Roll the table and get the blast or torrent and that's a ton of pie plates on the board. Malleus inquisitor in toerminator armour.

I believe with the addition of daemon to the daemon host makes them more enjoyable to play and some special rules that are consistent

What do you guys think 💭!?

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Re: Daemon host! I believe they made them playable could be wrong
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2017, 08:13:14 PM »
When was the last time Fear actually did anything in a game of 40k?  In 30k, Fear is a valuable tool but in 40k you can't use Fear on a good portion of units and the ones that can usually don't succumb to Fear often enough to matter.  Between high Leadership and other rules, Fear is one of the most useless aspects of the game.  Ten points for a Grav shot or single Meltagun shot from a combi-weapon is a better buy nine times out of ten.  If you legitimately have nothing to do with that ten points then sure, why not, but it's likely the first thing I would cut when I need to make room for even a Melta bomb.

As for Deep Striking a unit full of them, there's a couple things that make it a poor use of points but the most basic stops the idea cold.  A full unit is one model.  Even if there were ten of them though, that's holding out hope for a single result on a D6.  The unit won't live long enough for there to be a second attempt and they can't charge after Deep Strike.  Hiding six in a bunch of acolytes is not a viable solution either.  It's a cute gimmick when it happens and worthy of telling stories about, but not worth actually including in an army.