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Cult of Magnus
« on: March 15, 2017, 01:15:55 PM »
Hi guys, I'm planning a horde army and was initially going to build it around mass Tzaangors with Sorcerers and possibly Magnus, but 200 odd Tzaangors is going to cost me far too much money.
Cultists on the other hand are very cheap on eBay so I came up with this basic list.....

Combined Arms Detachment

2 Exalted Sorcerers (maybe upgrade one to Ahriman)
6 units of  30 Cultists
Comes to around 2k points depending on upgrades, and can be scaled down to lower points by removing bodies.

The general idea would be that the Sorcerers join a Cult unit each and give them fearless, and providing additional warp charges for Magnus, 3 of the units can camp on backfield objectives while the other 3 move out. Magnus goes around casting powers, turning people into Spawns, and maybe summoning Chariots. And generally just looking cool standing over 180 dudes! 
Oh and the Cultists have Objective Secured.

What do you think about this? Im not sure about giving the camping Cultists autoguns and heavy stubbers, are they worth it? Could give them the Mark of Tzeench to keep things fluffy?
Or maybe get some Munitorum Armoured Containers for the potential bonuses?

There aren't any horde players at my local club so I think this would add some variety to games, but as I have no experience using a horde, I have no idea if this sort of list could hold its own.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.     

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Re: Cult of Magnus
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 01:12:52 PM »
If you have a dark apostle and make them a cult of slaughter.
Frenzied Horde: At the start of each of your Movement phases, roll a dice for each unit of Chaos Cultists in the Cults of Slaughter that is within 18" of the Formation's Dark Apostle. That many slain models are returned to the unit. Each must be set up within unit coherency and not within 1" of any enemy models. Any models that cannot be set up are lost.

Ally with a death guard sorc and bring
- Poxwalker Hive   At the start of each of your turns, pick a friendly unit of Chaos Cultists within 7" to infect with the poxwalker virus. For the rest of the game, that unit of Chaos Cultists cannot Run or make shooting attacks, but they gain the Fearless and FNP special rules. In addition, at the start of each of your following turns, return D3 slain models to every friendly unit of infected Chaos Cultists that are within 7" of the bearer. Any models returned in this manner that cannot be placed within unit coherency are lost.

At this point I'm still min/maxing what is good with this combo. I'm even playing around with CCS from the cadian battle group formation to get master of ordinance spam. Renegade knights are good.
Any ideas for something like this?