Author Topic: question about the Inquisitorial henchman formation  (Read 575 times)

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question about the Inquisitorial henchman formation
« on: March 23, 2017, 02:11:30 PM »
if I'm reading this correctly, the inquisitorial henchman formation only allows for one unit of warrior acolytes and specific models of everything else in the formation. this formation comes from the imperial agents codex, which was supposed to be a throwback to the way you could forma n inquisitorial henchman warband in the inquisition digital dex. however according to the new faq you have to have "a unit/units of" prefix to use more than one model of the same unit. I have not been able to get clarification from GW on this question so I'm asking here. if there is no way to bring more than one crusader or deathcult assassin, then why even word it like it is?

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Re: question about the Inquisitorial henchman formation
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2017, 09:39:41 PM »
Because the Agents of the Inquisition book is a travesty and the worst attempt at rules that GW has put out in a pretty long time.  The book has a Faction that has the primary function of being the transports to other Factions when that is just simply banned from the game.  The Inquisitors lost equipment, the Henchmen as you said are limited as hell.  The book is awful.  GW has come out and said that it does not replace the old books, so you can still use the original digital codex for those things, and I think there was a work around in the Sisters of Battle section too if you want to stay in book, but it's not ideal.  I think the best solution is just to use the old book, which still did Inquisitors well enough and then add in the Independent Characters from the new book into the unit of the old one.  It's a little dirty and might require some open minded-ness from your opponent, but the unit itself isn't oppressive so I can't imagine most folks having an issue.  It's not a power gaming option, just building the squad like you want to, which is the whole point of Henchmen.