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Greetings from Maryland
« on: May 03, 2017, 10:23:46 PM »
Hey everybody, new member here from Maryland! I just wanted to take advantage of this introduction space and say a little about my 40k history. To start, I've been a Tyranid player since ~2006 when a friend introduced me to 40k in high school. I've dabbled with vanilla marines, Chaos Daemons, and Dark Eldar over the years, but Tyranids are my niche.

I haven't fleshed out an entire backstory for Hive Fleet Bukavac, but the theme and name are based on a Slavic swamp monster. Most of the major hive fleets have a predominant theme and I designed Bukavac to be associated with poison, stealth, and jungles/death worlds. The main colors are black skin, green carapace (protective chitin), purple veins/mouths/innards, red talons/claws/spikes (offensive chitin), yellow eyes (glowing in the fluff), and synapse creatures bear light blue "veins" or similar markings around their heads to represent their psychic connections.

I currently have ~24k points split into a main hive fleet and a splinter fleet (slightly different/darker coloration). I'm focused on filling out a few more formations, and then adding some of my favorite units for fun.

I started watching Wargamer: Fritz's YouTube channel and that's what turned me on to this site. I'm looking forward to checking out more of the community and reading what's going on in 40k!