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Title: Tau Drones, which ones to use?
Post by: Jetboy69 on June 14, 2017, 11:38:32 AM
Ok, I am new to playing Tau, and I am just setting up my army.  Right now, I only have a Breacher Team and an Ethreal.  I will be getting a start collecting box soon. 

I know that with 8th edition just hitting the streets, not much experience has been made yet, but I am having a hard time getting around which drones are good to take with which units.  Who benefits better from marker drones, sniper drones, gun drones, shield drones, stealth drones, ect...
Which drones should I have most of?

Any help will be appreciated.
Title: Re: Tau Drones, which ones to use?
Post by: NoMoshing on August 29, 2017, 03:43:09 PM
You want to look at mostly gun drones with some marker drones.

Shield drones looked like they were going to be huge, but with the errata to how Saviour Protocols works, they're almost nothing now. A brief shield to hide the rest of a tactical drone squad behind, maybe.

A guardian drone is a must-have if you're using breachers. They take breachers from being a bad unit to a decent, usable one.

Support drones that come in the Pathfinder box are pretty awesome now, so make sure to build them if/when you buy a pathfinder box.

Missile drones are kind of eh. They're not nearly accurate enough for the amount of points that they cost. Maybe use them if you have a squad of least three broadsides and give the Shas'vre a drone controller, but you're almost certainly better off not using them at all.

Sniper drones are just bad. Seriously, the worst snipers in the game, and demand multiple support units to even function (barely). Unless the codex addresses the problems with them, forget them entirely.

Can't comment on shielded missile drones as I don't own a Riptide.

Don't worry about Stealth Drones, since they automatically come with every Ghostkeel. BTW, when you do get around to purchasing a Ghostkeel, you're going to want to cuddle those drones right behind him so they can't be picked off by enemy fire easily. If your Ghostkeel dies while the drones are still around, for some reason (probably because you charged with the Ghostkeel), charge them into non-flying vehicles so you can tie that vehicle up for a round.
Title: Re: Tau Drones, which ones to use?
Post by: Jetboy69 on September 10, 2017, 02:01:54 PM
Thanks.  I will definitely build the Guardian drone and avoid the shield drones.