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Discussion: Space Marines / Custom Space Marine chapter
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:20:31 PM »
Hey Warmaster community, I have an idea for a "chapter" of space marines dedicated to the greater good. I just wanted your opinion (BTW, please excuse my grammar if there is a problem).I was thinking rather than have an entire chapter, you have a mini "civil" war inside a chapter that has been cut off from the Imperial help and there is three factions during this civil war, the "loyal" imperial supporters, the equally powerful chaos supporters that wish to use the powers of chaos to save the chapter, and two of the companies that are still independent in the stalemate (at such time there is no fighting, yet) which are searching for an alternative to saving the chapter (which eventually leads to them finding aid from the tau). By the way the undistinguished chapter has ten companies (as usual) and 4 are imperial, 4 are chaos, and two are independent. All of these mini groups have their own "chapter master" which seeks to "save" the chapter. The small fragment of this chapter would eventually join the imperial faction to destroy their common enemy, the 4 companies of chaos. After they have defeated this enemy, the imperials demand that the independents return to the chapter, but instead they call the aid of the tau and have their "chapter master" (originally the chief librarian) cause a massive rift in realspace that allows for the escape of the independents into the largest sept of the tau empire, the T'au sept. Weak from their struggle, they see no other alternative but too negotiate themselves into the Tau empire and become true citizens of their system and elite fire caste soldiers. And over time they have adapted more and more into tau culture, but never forgetting their original purpose to protect those that are weak. Also, these space marines proudly fight for the greater good believing it to be the one thing that can save the Imperium. Please post you comments/concerns about my idea, all things help!

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