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Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: Chapter Tactics
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:57:54 PM »
I don't agree with Azreal breaking the internal balance.  He is quite good, but I actually almost never take him.  He is very strong in a gunline style list.  But in a more mobile list he is not as good, especially when our back field units re-roll 1s anyway.

I think that the general consensus us that it is the 4++ bubble rather than the re-roll all hits that makes Azrael so good.

Discussion: Space Marines / Re: Space Marine Terminators Now Meh?
« on: January 20, 2018, 02:37:28 PM »
I remember when terminators had a 3+ save on 2d6 (w/ no invul)..  Inasmuch as the save modifiers in 8th are less extreme than in 2nd, I could be happy with a 4+ save on 2d6 (w no invul.). This gives a 73% chance to save against stuff like plasma, grav & lascannons, a 58% chance to save against melta, and a 92% chane to save against small arms.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: Chapter Tactics
« on: August 26, 2017, 10:38:51 AM »
Now that Codex Heretic Astartes: Chaos Space Marines is out, I bet that the Dark Angels chapter tactic will be identical to the Fallen Angels special ability: re-roll 1's when shooting (incl. overwatch) if the squad didn't move + lose a maximum of 1 model if a unit fails a morale test.

I think you get one MKIV helmet in the the Tactical Squad box along with one bumpy shoulder pad; I suspect that the heresy armour you see is just that.  However, you could try to kit bash a squad using parts from the Dark Angels Veterans box and the MKIV HH/40k Space Marine squad box.

Discussion: Space Marines / Re: Scouts army
« on: August 26, 2017, 10:28:22 AM »
If you can get over your power armour aversion, you could try a min bike squad with the sgt having a combi-melta and the two other having meltaguns.  That is fast and hard hitting.  Also, tanks aren't that slow anymore.  You might think of a couple of Razorbacks with the twin lascannon.  Finally, are you sure you want to give everyone camo cloaks?  It isn't that easy to get cover in 8th edition, and camo cloaks now only enhance cover - they don't do anything for units not already in cover.

Discussion: Space Marines / Re: Thoughts on the Thunderfire cannon
« on: August 26, 2017, 03:56:56 AM »
Still searching for that long ranged mob thrasher, might be out there somewhere. If so, let us know!

Relic Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank.

As for the Thunderfire Cannon, it seems to me that the benefit is the fact that it does not need line of sight to fire, and has a small footprint compared to the Whirlwind.  Has anyone tried sticking one deep in a building or behind a LoS-blocking piece of terrain and fire away all game?  Also, the Techmarine Gunner has the "Techmarine" keyword so one could get a couple of extra BS 4+ heavy bolters for an additional 52 points (via Servitors).  For 178 points, then you get a battery of 4D3+6 S5 AP-1 shots with a bubble-wrapped techmarine to fix the cannon w/o using an HQ choice.  That doesn't seem too bad.

I think the Imperial Fist chapter tactic should be their stratagem and their stratagem should be their chapter tactic.

Discussion: Space Marines / Re: I Hate Dark Eldar
« on: August 26, 2017, 03:33:05 AM »
I'm sorry, but shouldn't you hate the Dark Eldar simply because they exist?  Feel no shame in hating the xenos, brother.  There is no need to explain their trickery as justification.

Getting another Start Collecting box isn't a bad idea. It is really a question of how much Thunderwolf Cavalry he wants. If he is good at modeling, a Wolf Lord, a Wolf Guard Battle Leader and an Iron Priest can all take a Thunderwolf mount so a second box could be useful even if he is satisdin with a single unit of 3 TW cavalry.

The Space Wolf Pack kit is used to assemble Grey Hunters, Blood Claws and Wolf Guard in power armour, and have lotsod useful bits. Since Grey Hunters and Blood Claws are his Troops choices, it is a good idea to have the units available. If more TW cavalry is not needed, GW has a box that consists of a Space Wolf pack + a drop pod for less than the contents separately.

For something a bit different but generally useful, your brother might consider picking up a Wolf Priest, a Rune Priest or the Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought.

Back in 7th edition (i.e. less than a week ago), one could tack a Cyclone Missile Launcher onto 1 in 5 Wolf Guard Terminators (that did not already include another heavy weapon).  This means that unlike codex or Blood Angel terminators, a WG terminator could have a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield (or some other combination of weapons) and a CML. 

Can this occur still in 8th edition?  The wording looks similar.  In 7th edition, the unit entry indicated that the storm bolter was "replaced" by a Heavy Flamer or Assault Cannon, but pointedly did not indicate that the CML replaced anything.  It is similar in Index Imperium 1 because the unit entry indicates that a model may "replace" the storm bolter with a weapon from the terminator heavy weapons list or just "take" a cyclone missile launcher (even though the CML+Storm Bolter) is listed in the terminator heavy weapons list.  I assume then that the point cost is identical to the wargear listing and the model is paying a 2 point tax for the non-existent storm bolter (assuming a TH/SS load-out)?

However, the WG pack leader in terminator armour for the Long Fangs only ("only!") has the ability to "replace" his storm bolter for a heavy weapon from the terminator heavy weapons list, which includes the CML+storm bolter.  I take it that this means that for the Long Fang WG Terminator pack leader, the model can only have the CML + Storm Bolter + some melee weapon combo, and not a TH/SS or Wolf Claws + CML?


Discussion: Dark Angels / Deathwing and Cyclone Missile Launcher
« on: June 23, 2017, 01:02:43 PM »
In 7th ed, there was a FAQ indicating that one could arm a Deathwing terminator with TH/SS (or a pair of Lightning Claws) and a Cyclone Missile Launcher.  The reason was that the model first replaced all weapons with the TH/SS or 2LC, then added the CML afterwards because the TH/SS and Lightning Claw bullet point was above the CML one.  The wording in and bullet point order in the 8th ed Index: Imperium 1 is the same as in the 7th ed Dark Angels codex.  However, int 7th ed codex wargear list for the Cyclone Missile Launcher lists just the CML with a footnote that reads "does not replace model's storm bolter" (or something like that) whereas the wargear list in Index Imperium 1 lists a "Cyclone Missile Launcher and Storm Bolter" with no footnote. 

My question is this: Can a Deathwing terminator take a TH/SS and a Cyclone Missile Launcher?  Is the only combination possible a Storm Bolter, Cyclone Missile Launcher and Power/Chain Fist?  Or is it something weird like a single Lightning Claw + Storm Bolter + CML (because the storm bolter that comes with the CML will replace one of the lightning claws or just the thunder hammer or just the storm shield)?

Discussion: Black Templars / Re: Modelling Crusader Squads
« on: January 20, 2017, 01:26:25 PM »
I just read the new FAQ that came out today.  It seems that Grimaldus' and Techmarines' servitors DON'T work like Tau drones.  Instead they form their own unit that the character cannot leave, and that cannot join other units.  Other independent characters, however, can join the Techmarine/Grimaldus + servitors unit.  I'm not sure if this will affect your HQ decision, but you might want to know about it since it will probably come up when you play.

Sweet list.

When going sternhammer over say gladius then I like to maximise its special rules - bolter drill i.e. Sternguard. The twinlinked special ammo is just too good, reliable AP3, 2+ poison for high T or AP2 models, 30inch range AP4 (non-power armour troop killer), ignores cover

My list: -

Cataphractii Terminator Captain + Auspex - 125 (goes with devs)

Attack bike + Multimelta - 50

10 man Tac Squad + Melta + Combi Melta + Drop Pod- 195
10 man Tac Squad + flamer + rhino + dozer blade - 185
10 man Tac Squad + flamer + rhino + dozer blade - 185

5 man Dev Squad + 4 Grav + drop pod - 245

10 man Sternguard + drop pod - 255
10 man Sternguard + drop pod - 255
10 man Sternguard + drop pod - 255

Thunderfire cannon - 100

I think this is a great list. Perhaps you could replace 2 of the Grav-Cannons with Plasma Cannons to split the difference when it comes to stuff that grav is weak against, then replace the Thunderfire cannon with a Vindicator (with siege shield and storm bolter [to give you a 50% chance of having a Weapon Destroyed not suck]) for a more powerful shot that is more mobile (to keep up with your mechanized infantry), then throw the last 5 point into an Armorium Cherub for your devastators.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: Knights or command terminators
« on: January 17, 2017, 09:13:24 PM »
What is your plan for the army?  Stand and shoot?  Move and shoot?  Assault?

The DW Knights are pretty cool, but you need to think about your delivery system.  If you run it as part of a CAD, you can either leave it to the dice when you want to teleport in, but even when it happens, they will be standing around doing a whole lot of nothing (except perhaps drawing fire) for a turn.  If you put them into a DW Redemption Force, you can choose before the game starts when you want to teleport in (but you still have the wasted turn); or you can choose on the fly if you take them as part of a DW Strike Force (assuming you also have some Ravenwing; wasted turn still applies).  The benefit of taking the DW Knights in a CAD is that you can put them into a Land Raider that they can charge out of and which can give you some shooting while it moves up the table.

I think the DW Command squad is probably better if you are planning on teleporting in because you get to shoot on the turn you arrive.  You even get to run and shoot on that turn if you take them as part of the DW Redemption Force or DW Strike Force.  However, the former requires a minimum of 2 units of DW Terminators, so you are short a squad with your current list.  You are also short an HQ choice for your 1st CAD.

While on the topic of your current list, you are really close to having  a Lions Blade Strike Force, which is better than 2 CAD's.  All you need to do is swap out one tac squad for an assault squad and take a Chaplain.  If you are going the assault route, you might want to swap out the Co. Vets. to fill in the requirements of the formations.  For example:
Battle Demi-company
-Chaplain (perhaps w/ Jump pack if you are taking assault marines w/ jump packs)
-5 man Tac Squad x3
-Assault Squad
-Dev Squad

Ravenwing Attack Squadron
-Land Speeder

Now you have the Lion's Blade Strike Force, giving you overwatch at full BS, then you fill it out with:

DW Strike Force
-Term. Librarian
-DW Command Squad
-DW Knights

RW Strike Force
-Librarian or Chaplain on Bike
-RW Command Squad
-Something else (Dark Talon? Nephalim Jetfighter? Land Speeder? RW Black Knights?)

You would then have a "Decurion" made up of a Core Formation and an Auxiliary Formation along with 2 other Detachments (RW Strike Force and DW Strike Force) with everything in the "Decurion" firing at full BS on overwatch, with the Ravenwing allowing you to bring in the Deathwing from deep strike reserve whenever you choose, and with the stuff in the RW detachment automatically coming in on Turn 2, moving flat, out, jinking and shooting at full BS on the turn they arrive.

Discussion: Adeptus Mechanicus / Re: Diffrent HQ choices
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:23:37 PM »
You could also use the Tech-priest Enginseer from the Imperial Agents Codex since he has the Cult Mechanicus faction.

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