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Discussion: Adeptus Mechanicus / Re: Rangers vs Vanguard (8th Edition)
« on: October 18, 2017, 01:17:18 PM »
I don't know if that would work for me (I'm planning a strategy based around the Stygies VIII abilities and strategems), but what transports would allow you to transport anything with an Imperium keyword?

Discussion: Officio Assassinorum / Re: Thoughts on Assassins in 8th
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:14:12 AM »
A Battleforged Army has to share one keyword across every Detachment.  Tau are not Imperium, so your list can't be Battleforged then.

Correction: A Matched Play army must all share one Keyword.  It appears that a Narrative and Open Play Battleforged army does not have the same requirement.  Pg214 for reference.  But since the vast majority of the game is Matched Play, it's still worth noting.

So... Auxiliary Support Detachments just allow fielding one additional choice of *whatever* slot at a -1 CP penalty. Why did I think they let you field units that don't match your keywords? Oh well, I should be fine for pick up games.

On another note: #$@$%!$#@&%$%@ Imperium keyword can die in a fire.

Discussion: Officio Assassinorum / Re: Thoughts on Assassins in 8th
« on: September 30, 2017, 10:57:36 AM »
My main army is T'au, and I'm looking forward to taking a Culexus as an auxilliary. Some ability (oh please just please any ability) to disrupt enemy Psykers is worth it to me, plus they can default to taking out other characters with a little work. At least, that's the theory. Worked against Blood Angels last week at least.

Discussion: Adeptus Mechanicus / Rangers vs Vanguard (8th Edition)
« on: September 30, 2017, 10:53:47 AM »
New edition, time for a new Rangers vs Vanguard debate! Yay!

I just started collecting AdMech a short while ago, and was wondering what everyone's thoughts on the basic Skitarii soldier was.

I'm looking forward to using Rangers as basically a point defense unit, getting them into cover and just wrecking enemy characters with the Arquebusiers. A 60", S7 AP -2 Dam D3 sniper rifle? Yes, please. It might even be the best sniper in the game that isn't a character.

As for Vanguards, their strength seems to be mobility. Assault 3 main weapons, bolstered by some Assault 2 plasma calivers, seems like what you want is for Vanguards to Advance all over the place, claiming objectives and exploiting weaknesses in the enemy.

Discussion: Tau / Re: abandon suits (list)
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:05:05 AM »
Some C&C on your list

A) Why so many burst cannons on the tanks? Taking gun drones gives you just as many shots at same BS, S and AP, for four points less, and your drones might survive the tank's destruction. They are literally as good or better in every capacity. 24 extra points won't make a huge difference, but it's better than spending extra points to get something definitively worse.

B) Why so many Firesight Marksmen? Is it just to get the 3+ Markerlights? Their drone-buffing ability specifies Sniper Drones only, unless there's an errata I've not heard of. You're probably better off cashing them in for Pathfinders, because there's a better chance of overcoming the 3-4 markerlight hump that way and the Firesights are nowhere near as robust as that 2+ in cover makes them sound.

C) Why the Multi-tracker on the Commander? Is it just to save points? You'll probably do more damage with three plasma rifles.

Discussion: 40K Rumors / Re: Codex Releases?
« on: September 22, 2017, 01:51:24 AM »
The next 3 codices to be released after AdMech will be Tyranids, Eldar, and Astra Militarum.


Discussion: Tau / Re: How to get Tau to work under 8th?
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:38:24 PM »
I don't play T'au but i have a friend who does. He wasn't very good playing in 7th and I'm afraid that now in 8th he'll do so much worse. It is truely sad how short the moment of glory was for T'au. And my friend didn't even get to taste thos "Fish and Cheese" tactics.

Well, I'd argue that they weren't "good" in 7th, it's just that the Riptide was incredible. Most Tau units were just okay.

Discussion: 40K Rumors / Re: Codex Releases?
« on: August 30, 2017, 12:12:10 AM »
There are a couple different leaks out there that have a time line, and they have been off by about a week so far.

Really? The only leaks I found seem totally made up- off by a month at least and promising a Primaris specific codex that probably doesn't exist.

And no, they did not promise every codex before christmas, they only said "You can expect to see around 10 new codexes before Christmas..."

Hmm, fair enough, missing that. Gah, so the wait is even worse....

Any truth to the rumour that AdMech is in September? I can't open the relevant article on Faeit.

Discussion: 40K Rumors / Codex Releases?
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:54:07 PM »
Anyone have any idea what the release order will be on new codexes?
They said everyone will have a codex by Xmas, but they only released three new codexes for August, meaning that 20-24 new books have to come out over the space of four months, which I just don't see happening with GW's current marketing strategy.

Discussion: Tau / Re: Tau Drones, which ones to use?
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:43:09 PM »
You want to look at mostly gun drones with some marker drones.

Shield drones looked like they were going to be huge, but with the errata to how Saviour Protocols works, they're almost nothing now. A brief shield to hide the rest of a tactical drone squad behind, maybe.

A guardian drone is a must-have if you're using breachers. They take breachers from being a bad unit to a decent, usable one.

Support drones that come in the Pathfinder box are pretty awesome now, so make sure to build them if/when you buy a pathfinder box.

Missile drones are kind of eh. They're not nearly accurate enough for the amount of points that they cost. Maybe use them if you have a squad of least three broadsides and give the Shas'vre a drone controller, but you're almost certainly better off not using them at all.

Sniper drones are just bad. Seriously, the worst snipers in the game, and demand multiple support units to even function (barely). Unless the codex addresses the problems with them, forget them entirely.

Can't comment on shielded missile drones as I don't own a Riptide.

Don't worry about Stealth Drones, since they automatically come with every Ghostkeel. BTW, when you do get around to purchasing a Ghostkeel, you're going to want to cuddle those drones right behind him so they can't be picked off by enemy fire easily. If your Ghostkeel dies while the drones are still around, for some reason (probably because you charged with the Ghostkeel), charge them into non-flying vehicles so you can tie that vehicle up for a round.

Discussion: Tau / Re: How to get Tau to work under 8th?
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:31:15 PM »
Every army got reshuffled in terms of what's good and what's bad, and while T'au got nerfed pretty hard, here's some things I've learned in my 8th ed experiences.

Great Unit

Commander: Firing up to four weapons at a 2+ is pretty great, especially with markerlight support to reroll 1's. Buffmander is dead, so having commanders as hard-hitting gunships is great. They make the Supreme Command detachment (or whatever it's called) very worth it for T'au.

Ghostkeel: Not quite the powerhouse it used to be, but -2 to hit with all incoming fire is pretty good. Unfortunately, the OSC build isn't as good as going straight AP (flamers + Ion) or AT (fusion + fusion) so be ready to pry off some of your weapons. Target Locks are must-takes now, and then decide if you want to improve your survivability with a Stim Injector, or improve your shooting with an ATS.

Stealth Battlesuits: -1 to hit with all attacks (!) and 2+ save in cover makes them a great firebase unit. Remember they also have the infantry keyword, and use that to you advantage with positioning with regard to cover. They're also relatively quick, and putting the one fusion blaster in each squad is very worth it because you can split that shot or two out to toast a hard target. Investing in ATSes for your burst cannons is fantastic, your fusion blasters can carry an ATS, maybe a drone controller or velocity tracker or something, but can just as easily run naked.

Good Units

Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles: When supported by a Fireblade, Fire Warriors can pump out three shots per model under half range, and the benefits of volley fire also apply to overwatch. Now that cramming together models is less of an issue because templates are gone, you can easily cram two or three dozens models within 6" of the Fireblade and use FTGG to fire 90+ shots on overwatch.

Pathfinders: Dunno about ion rifles, as the loss of templates makes ion weapons just overall worse. Rail rifles are a real threat though, if your opponent underestimates your pathfinders and parks a light vehicle or walker near you that model is toast. Having 7-10 markerlights in a unit also makes getting over the markerlight "dead zone" a possibility. Also also, the support drones that come with the pathfinders are pretty great- with Fire Warriors. So either deploy them together or send your drones over to your fire warriors, and now the aforementioned Fireblade death bubble is rapid firing at 18", reduces charge ranges by D3, and if your pathfinders are right next door you can arrange it so that the recon drone grants them Ignore Cover. At this point, though, you're spending so many points for these synergies that this a significant part of your army.

Drones: Cheap support for expensive models like suits or commanders. Now that every gun drones pumps out 4 shots each, that can be a pretty significant field of fire. However, you have to balance whether you want to use support drones for your other units and put lots of easy VP on the board, or have big blobs of tactical drone squads that might ruin your chances of going first. The errata makes shield drones --- once more, though, and markerlight drones need a drone controller nearby to be any good, really.

Fireblade: See Fire Warriors, above. Also, a Fireblade on his own is an easy 2+ Markerlight token, and is a lot more powerful in close combat than many people will expect. Don't be afraid to declare a charge against a weak character like a medic, commissar, or psyker with your Fireblade is it suits the situation.

Ethereal: First off, ignore every ability on the Ethereal except for Failure is Not an Option and Sense of Stone. Calm of Tides is worthless because of Failure is Not an Option (an additional -1 on morale checks when I'm already rolling against Ld 9? And I ignore die rolls of 6 because of Bonding Knife Ritual.) and Storm of Fire and Zephyr's Grace are situational at best. Sense of Stone is pretty great, and Failure is Not an Option is good, so buy an Ethereal to sit beside your Fireblade and make that gun blob death bubble that much harder to pop.

Sun Shark Bomber: It doesn't carry an impressive array of weapons, but that's not what you care about. Pulse Bombs are awesome for anti-infantry, and are a great source of mortal wounds for heavy infantry. Space marines with shields? Genestealers? Lychguard? No problem. On average dice, that's five mortal wounds a turn provided you keep hitting units of at least ten models. It can be tricky to steer, so just try and remember that every kill after turn 3 is just gravy.

Coldstar Commander: I don't have one myself yet, but they are fast and can pack a decent punch. My opponents who field them use them for putting a hard(ish) unit on an objective and then Advancing to grab linebreaker in the last turn or two of a game.

Situational Units

Pirahnas: I haven't tried them yet, but in theory they are fast and reasonably sturdy. With a burst cannon they can dish out 12 S5 AP- shots a turn, which makes for a pretty good AP gunship in smaller games. Maybe it's just my local meta, but most people who have strategies hinging on characters seem to put them in the rear rather than properly bubblewrapping them, so a couple pirahnas with fusion blasters flying straight to the enemy backfield to start toasting support characters might do your opponent a concern and disrupt their plans. If you're playing for objectives, you can also zip to an important location and poop out a couple drones on a marker before heading out to give fire support to the rest of your army.

Broadsides: They're fantastic units, but are very expensive. Equipped with a target lock, a broadside can advance alongside your gunline and provide some much needed AT support. Equipped with an ATS, they can sit back, make a mockery of your opponent's tanks and walkers, and take out vast swarms of infantry with AP -1 SMS spam. Nailing a hard target with multiple heavy rail rifle shots just feels good, too. They feel a little less pricey when playing with power points for some reason, so you might want to hold off on rolling out the Cadillacs until then.

Crisis Suits: The problem here is that they're not nearly as tough as they should be, and it really feels like they should have just one more wound or something. That said, they can fire up to three weapons now, so that's something. A personal favourite is 2 Missile Pods and ATS, because the extra -1 AP is decisive in turning MPs from overcosted trash to great. I haven't experimented a lot yet, except to say that Airbusters went from "situationally good" to "utter garbage". You do want to deep strike them, even if it's just to do a defensive deep strike on turn two to support a critical unit in danger. I also want to try doing a crisis suit "assault squad" at one point, putting two flamers and an ATS on some and using that unit to intercept chargers and such, since the -1 AP from the ATS also applies in close combat.

Bad Units

Sniper Drones/Firesight Marksman: Hands down the worst snipers in the game. With a drone controller nearby and a Firesight Marksman to spot, they move up to BS 3+. Wow! Finally my snipers shoot as well as almost every other sniper in the game after I've dedicated two other models to supporting them! The rate of fire of the longshot pulse rifle does not make up for the lack of an AP value or the ability to do mortal wounds. They're also overpriced as hell.
Seriously, though, this is a huge problem. They're the only snipers in our entire faction now, and they blow. We have a major weakness to armies that rely on support characters, because short of throwing fast units into the backfield and hoping your opponent is negligent with their bubble wrap, we have no other way of singling them out. Get ready to be spanked by IG, Ultramarines, and Eldar.

Support Turrets: They they can't move and get destroyed once your gunline moves out of formation with them. And they're pretty expensive. At least they can be broken down for decent terrain bits.

Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines: Utterly useless, unless you're advancing around the board like crazy for some reason, and even then we have better units for that (Stealth battlesuits, pirahnas, etc.)


Here's the thing about markerlights- they're simultaneously the cornerstone of your army and totally trash at the same time. Since the only things in the entire faction that shoot at a 3+ or better are special characters, Commanders, Fireblades, and Hammerheads (and two other totally useless units), you need all the help with accuracy that you can get. The extra ~5% hit rate you get out of rerolling 1's is pretty important. But almost every other markerlight value is bad.
At 2 tokens, you can fire Seeker Missiles at full BS... so, great, the five points I spent on a weapon that can inflict one mortal wound per game hits with ~55% accuracy instead of ~18% or ~23%. Woo. Admittedly, this would be pretty great if you could get it on a character, but that's almost never going to happen.
At 3 tokens, I can ignore the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons, or for Advancing and firing assault weapons. That would have been great to know in the Movement phase when I could make decisions based on that.
At 4 tokens, you ignore cover, which is pretty good but you're relying on a bit of luck to get there considering that every individual markerlight lands at ~55% to hit.
Finally at 5 tokens, you get a real benefit, a flat +1 to hit, which is great- when you can get it.
So we're trapped in this situation where having 2-4 markerlights are only situationally useful, and compromise your ability to fire accurately at other targets. That's a big dead zone to overcome if you want to lay hands on that delicious +1 to hit. So, either spread your markerlights around and help out your whole army, or focus all your markerlights on one unit that must die now now now NOW. Every other potential use for them is situational at best.

So, to summarize- we've been nerfed, but if you know the new T'au weaknesses and can work around the problems with the army, we can still score some victories.

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