Author Topic: The infestation of Tartireus 3  (Read 712 times)

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The infestation of Tartireus 3
« on: December 03, 2015, 10:29:16 PM »
Hello everyone, welcome to my campaign. This will be played using Space marines, Imperial Guard, and tyranids. I will be posting missions for both outcomes of each battle so you can play with your friends. Now, TO THE INTRODUCTION!

Tyranid Hive fleet (Insert name here) had been scouting the Tartireus sector for years, Tartireus 3, the most fertile of the planets, was a farming planet that shipped its food to high Terra. Most of the planet is made up of rolling grasslands and forests, the wildlife is docile except for a few species of predators, and life is peaceful. This planet of course, is a perfect feeding ground for a tyranid fleet. The scouts of the tyranids had been killing off wildlife and adapting for years, and finally had enough numbers to start attacking the local Guardsmen. The first of these attacks is where our campaign begins, as a small patrol is ambushed by a tyranid force twice its size...

The battle

the table
Use trees, rocks, and other natural terrain, the middle of the board going from end to end should be open to show the path the guard were following.

250 of astra militarium (no heavy or specialst units) vs 400 pts of nids (must include at least one lictor, and may only have termigaunts and hermigaunts)

Guard deploy first in the center of the table, tyranids deploy next using the infiltrate special rules (page 167 of the basic rule book) this of course is a unit of guard who are on a routine patrol on a peaceful planet, but they have first turn.

win conditions:
All tyranid models are killed= Guard victory
All Guard models are killed= Tyranid victory
Guard survives until the start of turn 4= Guard victory

This is of course a narrative campaign that you should be playing with a friend, proxy for the lictor if you have too!

The next mission (both outcome A and B will be posted by next tuesday)