Author Topic: Hi!...I want a good small Blood Angels army but what should I get? Please Help!  (Read 1575 times)

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Hello there!
I've been playing for a few games after coming to 40k since 08-09 (5ed?) but I've lost all of the games and I've been a bit frustrated. luckily my hobby shop allows proxy models therefore I was able to have some Tacticals, Devastators, Death Company but it doesn't seem to work...Now I know that I the codex will come and make things better but I would like some help from you Blood Angels players on where to start... I really like the lore of Sanguinius and the Blood Angels therefore I won't switch or play another army until I fully understand the Chapter itself...And my goal is an effective 30-40PL....The smaller the army the better because I would like to start small then slowly grow...and also that my budget is small...But anyways thanks in advance!  :) :) :) :) :) :)

1 Librarian Dreadnought (Still can switch to Death Company/Furioso Dreadnought)
1 Librarian (Dark Angels Company Master from Dark Vengeance boxset)
20 Tactical Marines (I've proxy these guys as mentioned)
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Hi there,
so at this power level there isn't very much you can effectively take or switch around.
Footslogging marines aren't very effective since they die too easily, so i'd at least give everyone Jump packs if you don't have transports.

Since you can proxy things i'd make something like this:

Vanguard Detachment +1 CP
Librarian - JumpPack - 7PL
DeathCompany Dreadnought, Furioso Fists, 2x Heavy Flamers, Smoke Launchers - 11PL
5x Death Company - Jump Packs, anti-Horde-loadout(chainswords, axes, handflamers?) - 10PL
5x Company Veterans - Jump Packs, Meltaguns for everyone, maybe Stormshields as well - 10PL

Company Veterans Deep Strike and hopefully delete something big with 5 Meltaguns.
Very small model count though, so maybe that is too many Elites. Maybe someone else can make up something better :D
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Thanks man....I've tried using an all DC Army on my last game and finally won against Death Guard & Thousand Sons....My biggest problems are the hordes...but since I've never utilized Veterans then I'll give it a try cuz of the Storm Shields....It also turned out that I've been playing BA in the wrong way on my first 5 games (That I've lost to all of them)... I was playing in a Ultramarines style which was wrong (And also that I've not played in years and forgot how to play) But all in all thanks for the list I'll give it a try.....Thanks again!