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Discussion: Eldar / Re: List Advice
« on: January 15, 2018, 09:53:45 PM »
I find that running the spears as Saim Hann is better than Alaitoc. If you intend to be aggressive with them, Alaitoc may not be very useful because you intend to charge in with your Shining Spears, making your -1 to hit rather redundant. The most it will help is probably in the turn 1 alpha strike department.

As for Swooping Hawks, I am not a big fan of it for the simple reason that I the majority of armies out there are T4 and you will require a 5+ to wound them. Assault 4 is quite something though but I guess this comes down to a matter of preference. I'd personally prefer more shining spears or a bigger squad of them. Having too small will limit their effectiveness.

Discussion: Eldar / Using Aeldari in 8th Edition
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:57:04 AM »
Hey Guys.

Just an open thread as I am having some difficulty in utilising the new Eldar. Namely in the following:
1) creating a balanced list that can handle extremes (eg. Tank companies and hordes)
- I have always worked my best to create armies that can handle both hordes and mechanised. in the 2 games I played as Alaitoc with 4 - 5 Fire Prisms and a full squad of Dark Reapers, I seem to have my Prisms totally massacred by the Russes to the point I don't have anymore reliable anti-tank weapons.
2) Having enough CP while having  enough punch too
- I know it's fairly easy to create 10CP lists but the concern is that they don't pack enough of a punch. What would be a good way to balance things out?

Anyway... random rant... i love the fact that Rangers are now much cheaper... but they still hardly do much damage, if any at all I feel. Str 4 with no AP and a 6 to mortal wound is too little to rely on.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Ynnari Strategies Post Nerf
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:30:05 PM »
I personally feel that the nerf is akin to making Ork boys 15 pts each. It kills the flavour of the army completely to oblivion much like what the Index did to Craftworld Aeldari (on a side note, I still feel the -1 BS to move and shoot heavy weapons for our vehicles is nonsense. It kills the notion of them being a fast strike force killing on the move) but the Craftworlders are at least much more playable now due to Craftworld attributes, stratagems and point reductions.

But back to Ynnari: It bites big time. The army plays as a high risk high return kind of army since soul burst is only a 7" ability which only infantry and bikes get to utilise. Since the Aeldari are generally squishy, they die quickly and benefit from their deaths. They don't have numbers so they cannot keep dying, that's for sure. So for the army to only do one of each Soulburst ability once per turn, it causes the army to have a very high risk strategy with very low rewards, it's not worth it. You are almost effectively suiciding your unit for a one time use ability. Why suiciding? Well, you are basically within 7" of whatever you killed and the next turn, they'll die. And Eldar units are not cheap. The cheap ones don't have enough damage output. In the end, it's just an "OH! I got that ability." bonus rule than a "YEAAA!! I got that rule!"

At least battle focus, despite other races having better battle focus rules than Eldar, will be far more useful than this poor excuse of a faction rule.

So yea, that's my rant. In the end, I don't see myself using Ynnari any time soon.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: NEW FAQ & YNNARI NERF
« on: November 17, 2017, 01:54:03 AM »
While I haven't had a chance to test these changes, from a lot of experience playing Ynnari since they were released this change completely decimates their chances of playing as a competitive army. From what was said on the community site, it looks like the reason for this change was the Ynnari were too good compared to the other Eldar factions, however with what they have done there is still no choice, the decision is still as much of a no brainer as it was before the result is just different. Why take Ynnari now, and if you do why take any more than a single small detachment with only a couple of units?

My hope is that they have advanced knowledge of something in chapter approved / Ynnari codex that allows this change to make some more sense. The really annoying part is that we have to wait till that is released and worry that it might not even make it better.

IT'S IMPERIAL PROPAGANDA I TELL YOU!!! Then again, despite the massive nerf, they'll still cry Eldar cheese nonetheless!

Discussion: Eldar / Re: NEW FAQ & YNNARI NERF
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:13:47 PM »
That's an extremely big nerf to the point Ynnari lost its flavour. I don't expect much players to be playing Ynnari now. At least CW Aeldari is far more playable compared to the past (despite their Battlefocus being nonsense).

hey guys

Just played ONE game with Admech recently with this list:

Vanguard Detachment (Saim Hann)
HQ: Karandras

2 X 7 Scorpions + Exarch with Scorpion's Claw
8 Howling banshees + Exarch with Executioner

Outrider Detachment (Saim Hann)
Autarch Skyrunner with Novalance relic

Fast Attack:
4 Shining Spears + Exarch with Star Lance
2 X 3 Scatbikes

Spearhead Detachment (Alaitoc)
Farseer (Guide + Fortune)

8 X Dark Reapers + Exarch with Tempest Launcher
3 X Fire Prism
Wave Serpent with Shuriken Canon

Supreme Command Detachment (Alaitoc)
3 Warlocks (Protect/Jinx, Empower/Enervate, Enhance/Drain)

A rough run-down of my opponents' list:
3 Onager Dune crawlers
4 troops with heavy snipers
1 big squad with plasma guns
Belarius crawl
1 Engineseer
1 HQ
1 BIG squad of cyborgs with 5 Str 3 shots each
2 smaller cyborg squads
1 squad of 3 walkers with CC weapons
(sorry I dunno their names... so can't really help all that much there)

My assessment thus far:

1) Fire Prism with Twin fire is seriously good. I popped an  Onager a turn very reliably to the point my opponent was crying OP and CHEESE non-stop. Fire Prisms are back!! The double firing and twin shot makes if a lot more viable now
2) Dark Reapers are still awesome
3) 2 Striking Scorpions and Banshees deepstriking in along with Shining Spears coming down your throat is enough to give your opponent cold sweat and he deploys in such a way that his snipers are all exposed but he denies enough that I cannot deploy behind his lines
4) I don't know why but even with Saim Hann's reroll charges, only my banshees made their charges reliably (thanks to 3" extra). Even making 9" charges cannot be relied upon
5) Warlock powers are awesome... IF they are able to fire off. Getting 7 WC without rerolls is really REALLY tough. Only my protect/jinx went through reliably. The protect/jinx allows me to bring down the enemy HQ with my Autarch fairly reliably by making his Invul saves 6++ instead of 5++.
6) Though not something you should rely upon, being able to roll 6 and regain your CP after using it is quite a good bonus. I regained at least 2 CP through lucky rolls as a result.
7) to utilise CW Aeldari to the full, CP is very important. Then, you have to balance the creation of a list full of CPs (multiple Batallions is very viable due to cheaper troops now) at the expense of firepower or capabilities to deal with some units or more fire power but less CP. Quite the balancing act
8) The CW keyword will limit what can be done. Pretty tricky.
9) DO NOT FORGET USING STRATAGEM! I forgot to use the 2 CP stratagem that enables you to shoot at a deepstriking unit. Could have neutered the 10 man cyborg team that came in... the one responsible for killing my Shining Spears... (When it came to my turn, 6 out of 9 of my Dark Reapers targetted them and neutered their 10 man team to 7. He was very unhappy obviously).

Sadly, I'm unable to truly get the most out of Karandras or the Shining Spears. I held back Karandras to appear only in turn 2 because my opponent had a lot of deepstriking units. So I had to ensure they don't appear in a spot I hate with nothing to support. When he DOES appear in Turn 2, he failed the charge... along with his Scorpion escort... typical. The Shining Spears died to 50 Str 3 shots that causes mortal wounds on a wound roll of 6. Not. Fun. At. All.

Admittedly my opponent generally had bad rolls, otherwise he could have caused more damage. I tabled him by turn 2. At the end of his turn, he conceded (I went first).

What I like about CW Aeldari now is that you have more choices to play with instead of the monotonous lists of the past. But it seems my current Spearhead detachment is going to be my standard MUST BRING for all my lists at the moment.



6x Dire Avengers + Exarch with diresword
6x Dire Avengers + Exarch with diresword
6x Dire Avengers + Exarch with diresword

6Χ Warp Spiders + Exarch with two Death Spinners and Powerblades
6Χ Warp Spiders + Exarch with two Death Spinners and Powerblades

3x Dark Reapers + Exarch
Fire prism, Crystal Targeting Matrix
Fire prism, Crystal Targeting Matrix

VANGUARD (Saim-Hann)

Autarch Skyrunner with Laser Lance + The Novalance of Saim-Hann
Spiritseer with quicken

8x Striking Scorpions + Exarch with claw
10x Wraithblades with ghostswords

We start with 2 fire prisms and a unit of 4 dark reapers field at the corner of my deployment zone and a bonesinger to heal the prisms if needed. These units have to be deployed in a way to prevent any enemy deepstriking unit behind them. Plus I will make use of their range.

In-frond of them I will have 3 units of 7 dire avengers with diresword exarchs and Asurmen to give them 4+ invu. These units are my first line of defense. They can move and shoot with their 18" range, they can overwatch and if anything charge them the direswords and Asurmen will make them regret it.

The Spiders deepstike near the enemy and shoot him, but I want to prevent any enemy unit from charge them sooooooo 10 Wraithblades and the spiritseer deepstriking in front of them with webway portal.

I have to confuse the opponent that's why I will field a unit of 9 striking scorpions with claw exarch and karandras and as a second deepstriking unit at the back of his army. With the re-rolls at charges or the +2" I think that they will keep him busy. Plus I will be ready to attack any sniping or covered unit at the back.

The autarch will give me rerolls and maybe some command points back.

I could field the spiritseer and all heavy support in a spearhead detachment for more command points.

So I think that splitting the army in two fronts and intimidating the opponent with all the deepstriking units will make him ignore the heavy support at the back.

My 2 sen worth:

1) Dark Reaper squad is a bit too small to be much of a threat in my opinion. They'll die off too easily. 5 in a squad is what works for me.
2) How do you intend to deliver the Wraithblades? Through Webway portal?
3) For the dire avengers, I think it'd be better to arm 2/3 of them with 2 DSCs instead of a diresword. You'd want their ranged capabilities more and you have Asurmen to deal with CC a bit more. If you'd want screening units, more Guardians would be better I think but Dire Avengers with 4++ can be deadly too.
4) The Skyrunner Autarch seem a little out of place. With no escort for him in the form of jetbikes of Shining Spears, I fear that it would be a bit of a point sink. If you'd want him just for the rerolls, him on foot would be more than sufficient.


I agree, finally someone else who says to take your serpents as Ulthwe rather than Alaitoc. I have been shot down several times since the codex launched for pointing out that Ulthwe is probably a better bonus for wave serpents who are transporting something.

I agree with this. However, you have to be very careful that the transport only carries units only from its own Craftworld, you cannot say, put a Biel Tan Guardian Squad into an Ulthwe Transport. Just be aware about it. This kinda stops you from mixing and matching things everywhere... (Although your list illustrates this well enough that you don't have that problem)


- Biel Tan farseer is the army commander - Sets up with Dark Reapers on either side. Used warlord trait to give Guide automatically on 1 unit, casts guide on the other

Sorry bro but you made an error on this strategy. The Biel Tan warlord trait ONLY works on Biel Tan units. Since your Dark Reapers are from Alaitoc, they do not benefit from the trait. You can consider trying a big unit of 10 Dark Reapers instead and sticking your Farseer with them. You can cast Guide on them and if reinforcements pop up, you can choose to shoot them with 2 CP, giving you far more effectiveness.

You got to be careful with all the Craftworld keywords. There are quite a lot of things you cannot do:
Autarch rerolls of 1 only affects the same Craftworld
Multiple craftworlds cannot sit in the same transport. Only those from the same craftworld can sit in the transport for which craftworld it was bought for
Warlord traits only affect certain craftworlds

Becareful about all these things. This will make your list building shenanigans all the more challenging.

I read a good article the other day that said... as an Eldar player don't get overconfident in your new found cheaper units. Other armies to it better... e.g. Astra Militurum and 30 conscripts.   

You are so right. I was excited over all the point reductions but as I built my list, I realised they are not as cheap as I expected. And yea, Guardsmen are FAR cheaper so I still not happy that the Guardians are still 8 pts compared to their 4 pts... And Wave Serpents are still expensive as heck.

And just because Eldar got the much needed point reductions, the whole Imperium are screaming cheese. Again. Sheesh

Hey all!

Don't mind if i borrow this thread and give a list of mine just for lols

Vanguard Detachment (Saim Hann)
HQ: Karandras

2 X 7 Scorpions + Exarch with Scorpion's Claw
9 Howling banshees + Exarch with Executioner

Outrider Detachment (Saim Hann)
Autarch Skyrunner with Novalance relic

Fast Attack:
4 Shining Spears + Exarch with Star Lance
2 X 3 Scatbikes

Spearhead Detachment (Alaitoc)
Autarch with Starglaive (Default)

3 X Dark Reapers + Exarch with Tempest Launcher
4 X Dark Reapers + Exarch with Tempest Launcher
3 X Fire Prism
Wave Serpent with Shuriken Canon

This list plays with Saim Hann and Alaitoc's strengths. The general strategy:
Reapers and Prisms bombard the enemy from the back while the Shining Spears and Autarch push forward with the Scatbikes giving some support and some form of area denial if need be. The Prisms and Reapers will target high value or important targets to soften/destroy them to limit their destructive power. The -1 to hit will limit the damage inflicted. The Autarch will support them with rerolls of 1.

The fun of this list is for the Striking Scorpions, Karandras and banshees (using stratagem) to pop in at their gates to wreck havoc on the turn I desire (depending on situation, can be turn 1 or 2). So they are forced to choose between my army in front or the enemy at their doorstep. The rerolls to charge will ensure that they reach their targets. The Banshees will charge in first to deny the enemy overwatch. Charging multiple enemies will enable more lockdowns and allow the scorpions to charge their intended targets unharmed.

For example: 2 blobs of guardsmen. Assuming you can reach them both, the majority of your banshees will go for your intended target whereas one or 2 will go to the other target. Then the Scorpion(s) will go for that other target without fear of being shot down by overwatch.

So while they are handling the scorpions and banshees, the Autarch and Shining spears will come in for more support and deal with the rest.

This is more of a fun list but something worthwhile to try and test out to get a feel of the new configurations available.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:37:34 PM »
Wow here comes the new dex. Im going to post more on this when i get home, but they cant get more obvious then this..

The old 'codex eldar is the spiritual successor to this codex... plus more'....

Makes sense by that statement that a lot of what's in here is going to be in the new codex... in one form or another...

Could all of our dreams come true?

I think this is a link to the old codex

Actually, I think Ynnari will in general be at a big disadvantage if the rumours are true because they cannot make use of any of the Craftworld faction rules (like Alaitoc's -1 to hit). Unless they say that a Ynnari character will disrupt the detachment or the likes, it can be played around by using a patrol detachment or Supreme Command detachment to have the important character to play Ynnari. Otherwise, Craftworld will be superior at the moment even without power of death.

I wonder if Battle Focus would be the same though... esp since many other factions are getting a better version of battle focus than Eldar...

Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« on: October 16, 2017, 09:20:28 PM »
Rymor is ynaari rules dont change...  so i read...

The rules don't change no doubt. But I referring more to the faction rules like Biel Tan, Iyanden, Cult of Strife (when they get their own codex), etc.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:33:00 AM »
Nice read Mcphro

I think Eldritch Storm may work similar to how Vortex works, in that it causes mortal wounds to the nearest target or something like that. Gaze of Ynead is another good example to look at.

I wonder though, with all the craftworld rules and all that... how will it work with Ynnari? Ynnari is going to combine Craftworld with Harlequins and Dark Eldar after all. Will they lose all that?

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Ynnari question for a friend
« on: October 11, 2017, 09:39:50 PM »
Doh! Ignore me I'm being blind. Sorry. :(

No worries. We understand that you're blind since you're reading as a spirit stone. And you need help from a spiritseer to help you read properly. And we cannot ignore you because you are our ancestor after all... it'll be rude to ignore you (since you're in a spirit stone and all... means you must be much older)  ;D ;D

Bonesinger stats so I can run him proper vs. playing the model as a generic farseer.

Perhaps the bonesinger will be Eldar's version of a Techpriest on the table. Haha

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