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Discussion: Space Marines / Space Marine Terminators Now Meh?
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:36:09 AM »
Fellow battle brothers, how are you playing terminators these days?

I used to be able to rely on that 2+ save against most units, and did my best to avoid any units that would force me to take an invul. save in previous editions.

Now in 8th with the AP, and the fact that most armies can throw up AP -1, my termies are effectively working as regular power armored dudes, which is still OK, but not for the points and unit size. Mass AP -1 seems to be everywhere, or is it my local meta spamming out Necrons, Chaos, and Space Marines.

I also feel for generic terminators shooty is working better since they are just good enough in the assault to compete with dedicated assault terminators, and being able to shoot is s huge boon.

Are centurions the new terminator of 8th?

Emperor Protects. 

General Discussion / Fritz's Is BACK
« on: September 15, 2017, 12:55:59 PM »
Just wanted to quickly update you guys about my re-launch.

I'm going to continue with my podcasts and get back in the game by streaming them/allowing downloads at my blog HERE:

I'm using the implosing of my YouTube channel to remaster a ton of stuff, finally build an archive and search of my stuff directly, and let my viewers contact and post directly. Back end stuff is up and running, I'm going to start recording my podcasts this weekend, and the first new post- 40K of course is going to be on Monday 9/18.

Thanks for all of your support, it was KEY in getting me motivated to re-launch and look at this as a chance to not only start new, but do all the great suggestions that you guys have all had over the years.

If you have a blog/youTube channel or know some friends that used to listen to me on YouTube, I'd appreciate it if you would let them know about my new home, and the 'casts moving forward since I can't post on YouTube and have lost all my YT subscribers to contact.

Emperor Protects!

General Discussion / Why Death Guard For 8th Edition?
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:09:51 PM »
So one of the most interesting changes in 8th edition for me has been the Death Guard.

Not from a rules perspective, or which-codex-gets-updated-first, but rather why Games Workshop is showering so much love on the guys- no disrespect intended to any Death Guard players.

It seems Games Workshop is making 8th all about the showdown between Death Guard vs. the Imperium, with the return of the Primarchs and True-Scale Marines (TM) to save the day.

I'm a bit surprised that if they are going to (again) make the focus on chaos, why not Black Legion, Abby, or generic chaos?

Is Games Workshop trying to ride the zombie theme?

I will say that the new models look FANTASTIC, and I'm glad to see them get upgraded to a more grim reaper like look.

More speculation, but I find it funny how GW killed Warhammer Fantasy which was all about the influence of chaos on the empire and all that, and now how the 40K narrative is over the top with Chaos vs. Imperium. Xenos exist, but just seem to be hanging out right now.


The Long War continues into 40K 8th edition, as the forces of the Dark Gods continue to expose the hypocrisy of the false emperor of mankind...

Continuing my Khornate glory into 8th edition with my Berzerkers of Skallatrax list has been interesting so far. The first few games were of course not only learning the rules and flow of 8th, but just taking stock of how my list worked in 7th and how it works as is now in 8th. I wanted to get in a few games to see what needed to be changed, while keeping the flavor of the list, while taking advantages of any new tactical openings in 8th.

Here is what I have noticed with my units and each grouping with them:

For my list I'm using one of my army build templates call "The Wave"- the army moves forward to engage all as one- in one giant wave crashing into my opponent, yet within that wave are groups assigned with their own role for the Dark Gods.

Wave 1 is my hard hitting group- go in and assault anything I can. Lock my opponent down into their deployment zone. Start cutting things down and last as long as I can in the assault causing as much damage and Khornate glory as I can. If I last till turn 3 I'm happy.

W1 has my lord on a juggy, spawn, terminators in a land raider, maulerfiends, and a vindicator. I'm happy with the lord in 8th, wish spawn were a few less points, terminators are fun, land raider is good- vindicator needs to be revised. Vehicles got more potent and durable, BUT the loss of the vindicator pie plate makes it more of a support vehicle in my experience. Still fun, just not placed well in my wave 1 section.

Wave 2 is Khorne berzerkers, and lots of close combat cultists with a hellbrute or two for flavor. 'Zekers were in rhinos with havoc launchers to turn them into mini-razorbacks and to protect the 'zerkers and give them movement. Rhinos are still good, but for the points I feel like I want more 'zerkers given how hard they hit. Loyalist Razorbacks got a HUGE firepower boost, so trying to use loyalist razorback tactics with chaos doesn't work any more. Cultists are still good, the hellbrutes got a boost and work well. If I have the points I'll swap out some cultists for CSM.

Wave 3 are my Helldrakes, which in 7th were there to support my list- take care of any break out units or where I messed up in my movement or shooting. Now with the assault and changes to them, I find myself using them as part of my wave 1, this is the biggest change in my list, and I'm still working on the next direction- hellturkeys shift to wave 1, but what do I fill wave 3 with.

More to come.

...This is our galaxy. Ours to corrupt. Ours to enslave. The Gods will not be denied their prize! Hail Horus!

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / 8th Edition Chaos Vindicator
« on: August 07, 2017, 12:23:08 PM »
Ok, admittedly its taken me a few to get used to vehicles having "wounds" now vs. armor values, and not having to worry or deal with facings anymore makes them more dynamic from when and where they can shoot.

But I'm good on that now...

I've noticed that as usual GW has bumped up the rules on certain units to make them auto-includes, as they do in any new edition to the game.

Then we have the models where the stats were tweaked to bring them more inline with the fluff- like terminators. How this holds over time, we will just have to see.

Finally, models, that have NEW rules due to the old rules being dropped- like the vindicator.

No more AV.

No more templates on a vehicle that was known for singing that single pie plate around.

In my 'zerker list (HAIL KHORNE!) I always played a vindicator. It was the first wave going in with my juggy lord, terminators, and land raider to punch a hole in my opponent and keep them busy while the waves of 'zerkers put them to the bolt pistol and chain axe.

With the vindi, sometime it worked, other times it didn't.

It wasn't so much getting immobilized out of range, or blown up in one shot- although both sucked. But rather how guys spread their dudes out, when combined with the scatter meant I wasn't hitting much.

NOW, even with the random boom boom profile of the gun, I'm getting more hits, its devastating against T5 or less, and is putting the hurt on vehicles or multi wound MCs.

AND I'm at less risk of getting blown up in a single shot.

The rules translation to 8th really helped the vindicator, ironically by becoming MORE random it became LESS random.   


Discussion: Space Marines / 8th Edition Chapter Tactics: Good vs. Bad
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:39:26 AM »
So we now have a taste of Space Marine Chapter Tactics for 8th edition.


While I wished for something like 'zeal for Black Templars the re-roll charge is actually VERY nice- combined with fast assault marines it is almost a 100% charge. Same with deepstrike units. The re-roll give the redundancy army wide to really start building an all assault army.

While Imperial Fists are also VERY strong with the ignore cover, I feel like Iron Hands came out the best.

A 1 in 6 chance to shrug off a wound AFTER an armor save is big.

General Discussion / 40K 8th Edition Holding Pattern
« on: May 09, 2017, 12:49:49 PM »
So 8th is around the corner, literally like what, a month away?

Personally I'm in kind of a holding pattern with 40K right now.

Finishing up the last of my 100 'zerker models, not buying any new kits until we see what happens for the 8th release, plan to pick up the new starter set or at least pre-order it.

Working on my 40K terrain.

Playing games of Shadow War.

Regular 40K games have kind of been on hold. 7th was fun, but I think we are all ready for 8th.

What are you working on or playing 40K right now till the new edition drops?

Discussion: 40K Rumors / Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Starter Set
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:00:43 PM »
With 8th edition around the corner (soon), I'm wondering what the next 40K starter set will be.

I rather enjoy them as both a quick way to play 40K in a pre-packaged setup- kind of like a board game, without the board, and as a way to see the evolution of the hobby over time.

What do you guys think the next starter set will include?

What would you like it to include?

Safe bet it will be Space Marines on one side- as it should be, but what about the "bad guy" side?

I'm also interested to see what the next jump will be in terms of quality of models and where GW currently is with their mold tech- look at the awesome fits in AOS.

Will we see multiple starter sets?

General Discussion / Best Vehicle In 40K?
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:41:51 PM »
Two part question:

1- What is the best vehicle in 40K right now taking into account points, numbers that you can field, and abilities?

2- What is the best underutilized vehicle? What should we be seeing more on the table, but just don't for some reason?

My thoughts?

1- Razorback. Transport, cheap, and some firepower. East to spam and put out a good amount of dice.
2- Sentinels

Your Thoughts?

Discussion: Terrain / Starting Terrain Ideas? Materials?
« on: January 24, 2017, 01:43:44 PM »
I have a box near my gaming table, well under it, that everytime I find a cool bottle, plastic cap, or could-be-an-interesting terrain piece I toss it in the box. When the box is full I pull it out and see what I can build. Some of it gets tossed, most of it gets build into a themed set.

From a collection standpoint, where do find cool terrain bitz? Stuff that is every day but can be transformed into some cool table top stuff. Printer parts? Filters? Cans and bottles?

What should I be on the lookout for?

Was recently asked about building a horde chaos list- essentially a cheap lord protected by a rhino and the rest of the points in cultists. Drown your opponent in a sea of fanatics. Double bonus points for painting and modeling all those cultists.

So how would we make such and army scary- FUN for sure, but scary?

Ive got some cultists in my list, but not enough as a horde. The only guy I know who has pulled it off both in form and style is my 40K bud ROB. He is the genius behind many technological terrors and its worth check his stuff out on his blog Ex Profundis here:

Ive played in a number of games where he has brought hundreds of cultists to the table- some pics below from one game to check out for inspiration.

Lots of cultists may or may not be hard to chew through, but I think the key is what can you also include in the army that will buff the cultists base making them even more annoying and survivable. Psychic powers? Helbrute stuff? Mass marks I think will just add up in points- better to have more bodies.

Id also change the lord to a winged prince, maybe even two so you have some speed to take advantage of the chaos created by the cultists, and to move fast on units that might be able to mas kill a bunch of cultists.

Thoughts for a starting point on such a vision?

Discussion: Painting / What's On Your Paint Bench?
« on: November 02, 2016, 12:34:56 PM »
What 40K paint projects are you working on right now?

I've got my Genestealer Cult stuff on order and on the way, and in the mean time I want to get my Eldar kill team done.

Rangers who follow the path of the wanderer and have infiltrated ahead to gather information. I'm going to be using the classic metal models, so the basing is going to be important in terms of theme and conversion. Was thinking about doing a different type of terrain or world per base- rubble, crystal, desert, lava, etc.

General Discussion / Take Me To Your Leader!
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:06:49 PM »
Fellow battle brothers, heretics, and xenos of The Warmaster community, I want to see what HQ you are running in your army. Not the build, stats, or meta- but the actual model (PICS). Brief BIO optional.

Behold my Chaos Lord in all his glory, misguided Space Marine Captain to follow when I get home...

Lord Jared Syn was gifted a brass juggernaut for his willing participation in the Haydes IV massacre against the Space Wolves where he personally put over twenty of the whelps to the chain sword along with untold servitors and manufactorum workers.

As he became less human...and more divine...other gifts followed.

A daemonic blade, a sigil of corruption, and other boons of faith from the Dark Gods. 

Pics of him running down the last of an Imperial Guard regiment and besting the greatest of the Dark Angels chapter- Belial himself.

40K Rules Questions / Easy To Forget Rules?
« on: October 13, 2016, 04:15:58 PM »
So what are some of the rules that as 40K players we tend to forget?

Not so much the rules flow of the movement, shooting, and assault phase- but rather the USR rules or army specific rules that call on the main rulebook?

Have some of them cost you the game?

For me it's grenades, in that I can throw them.

And for my CSM Heldrake it's soulblaze, which I always forget.

I almost need to paint it on the base or something...

General Discussion / Your Local 40K Meta?
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:55:36 AM »
We all know the power of the internet meta and how it influences our builds, but what about the local meta? The gaming shop or club where you play- how is it impacting your army? A curiosity here.

What are people playing?

What missions do you play?

Anything stand out?

Locally Space Marines are very strong- bikes, pods, and librarians. A half a dozen Eldar players who play pure competitive with wraith knights, wave serpents, bikes, etc. A few guys playing chaos who have always been playing chaos. Two tyranid players.

We either play big apoc style games- just put your models down and let's see what happens, or an influence of book missions and specialized objective missions.

Stand outs? Where did all the imperial knights go?

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