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Ok so simple yet complex question.

With the new eldar codex coming soon..

1. What should be the new stratagems that make each craftworld unique?

E.g. if beil tan is the swordwind... how do you think the army will look?

2. What new units or changes to units do you see coming?
I bags a wraithseer as a hq unit.

3. My main question.

I think we agree eldar units are a bit expensive for what they do.  Sure we got hit the nerfbat in  8th... but now they would be getting feedback... what needs to change with eldar... points wise...

Discussion: Eldar / Oh my godsh... Harlequins are the bomb!
« on: July 12, 2017, 12:47:06 PM »
Ok my quick review of harlis playing with them... HELL YES!

My last game I took harlies with fusion pistols and caresses. 30pts a model is very expensive. But i found out, ALWAYS put them in a starweaver.. .always. But I can tell you I pulled off some amazing charges.

My Solitaire charged a 22" charge out of a vehicle... and murdered an opposing character, It was glorious!

I could be wrong, but I dont like sky weavers. only 3 attacks each isnt that much for what they are worth. I found in a 2000 point game, this is what id take. Keep it really easy and simple. The list may seem boring, but wow will it do damage.

Battalion formation +3 CP
1 x troupemaster (embrace, fusion pistol)
1 x troupemaster (embrace, fusion pistol)

5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)
5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)
5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)
5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)

Dedicated transports

Battalion formation +3 CP
1 x troupemaster (embrace, fusion pistol)
1 x troupemaster (embrace, fusion pistol)

5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)
5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)
5 x harlies (5 embraces, 2 fusion pistols)


Dedicated transports

Are very simple. Charge up the board with your 4+ save... SWAMP 1/2 of their army. You have 7 vehicles which are very resilient and next turn, they all get out and deploy 3", move 8", Then they get to charge ONLY AFTER your starweaver has charged in the first.

I wreaked carnage with only 3 units of harlies doing this. I cant imagine 7 doing it. Very hurty!

Discussion: Sisters Of Battle / MCPHRO - 2000 points
« on: July 10, 2017, 02:10:57 PM »
Ok, I've finally settled on my 2000 points

Spearhead detachment

Canonness (stormbolter, powermaul)

1 x imagifiers
1 x imagifiers

Heavy support
Exorcist with storm bolter
Exorcist with storm bolter
2 x Penitent Engines
2 x Penitent Engines
Retributer squad with 4 heavy bolters
Retributer squad with 4 heavy bolters

Outrider Detachment

Celestine with 2 gemini

1 x imagifiers
1 x imagifiers

Fast attack
5 x Seraphim with superior with powersword/ plasma pistol and 2 girls with inferno pistols
5 x Seraphim with superior with powersword/ plasma pistol and 2 girls with inferno pistols
5 x Seraphim with superior with powersword/ plasma pistol and 2 girls with inferno pistols

Heavy support
Retributer squad with 4 heavy bolters
Retributer squad with 4 heavy bolters
Celestone and the searphim always operate as a unit with 6" of her to gain the 5+ rerollable invun save (and 12 inferno shots and 3 plasma shots and combined assault

2 x 2 unit penitient engines squads are EVERYBODy's nightmare and are the "distraction carnifex", who are quite capable of taking down any number of bad guys. Deal with them in your face or reap the assault!

2 exorcists and 4 retibuter squads are the fire support (retributers affected by the imagifiers and the cannonnes for the reroll of 1's to hit and free shooting AOF attack per turn.

You can lose 2 retributer squads with 2 imagifers to gain a 3rd Penitent egine unit, but buy having more back field units you prevent more deep strike units getting closer and TBH, the retributer squads will put out an intimidating amount of fire, where the engines have to get up close. Either is fine as the engines are everbodies night mare now. Id use hammer and anvil tecniques now. The engines are the hammer and Celistine is the anvil.

Below is a reply to an email I received from frontline gaming in regards to Acts of faith and if it was possible to shoot at characters in the Acts of faith (as it was perceived that it wasn't the shooting phase)

Frankie Giampapa <>

Today, 2:22 AM
Hello Roy,

  The sisters shoot as if it were the shooting phase so would not be able to shoot the character.

  You do not receive cover if 1 model is outside of the cover.


On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 4:32 PM, <> wrote:

Rules and sisters of Battle Question

Question 1 - Sisters of battle attacking characters at will
Is it intentional sisters of battle can attack characters using ACTs of Faith at the start of the turn outside of the shooting phase?.

From the FAQ...
Q. When can I target an enemy Character that has a Wounds characteristic of less than 10? A. Such a Character can only be targeted in the Shooting phase if it is the nearest visible model to the firing model. You can target enemy Characters without restriction in the Psychic phase*, Charge phase, Fight phase, etc. You may also make shooting attacks at enemy Characters which occur outside the Shooting phase (i.e. when resolving Overwatch in the Charge phase). *Note, however, that some psychic powers, such as Smite, do not target units but instead affect the nearest enemy unit.

e.g. Turn 1 - Retributer squad uses an Act of Faith to fire 12 heavy bolter shots at a character in the opposing army within 36" range.

Did retributer squads just become the Sisters of Battle Sniper teams? Buy 3 Retributer squads, 2-3 imagifiers and a cannoness in the Spearhead detachment EVERY time!

is this right?

Had my first game the other day wth Sisters in 8th, 1500 pts vs Space marines.

First, my opponent is the nicest guy to play against and we always have fun and this game was no different.

Elite choice: Vindicare Assassin

Outrider Detachment
Cannoness - No upgrades

Fast attack x 3

Dominion squad
Superior - Combi-melta
4 x Dominion with melta guns

Transport: Repressor

Dominion squad
Superior - Combi-melta
4 x Dominion with melta guns

Transport: Repressor

Seraphim squad
Superior - Plasma Pistol, Powersword
2 x superior with inferno pistols
2 x seraphim

Spearhead Detachment

Celestine + 2 geminis

1 x imagifier

Elites x 3
Exorcist with storm bolter

2 x Penitent Engines

Retributer Squad
superior - stock
4 x retributer with 4 heavy bolters


First the result: I tabled the Space marine opponent (Lysander, tactical squad in rhino, interessors, centurians, scouts, librarian, landraider)

Tactics of the army:

First, the army is really split up into 2 sections

Section 1: Fire support

Exorcist + imagifier
Retributer Squad

Role: Army wide 2+ Act of faith is on Retributers to fire, then fire again in their normal shooting phase for 24 points (not bad for an 85 pt unit)

4+ Act of faith is used by the Imagifier to (RAW) act on the Exorcist to fire, then fire again in its shooting phase (less reliable, but when it works is great)

Canonness: Gives a reroll 1's to both Retributers and Exorcist :-)

Section 2: Assault force

Seraphim squad
2 x dominion squads in repressors
2 x penitent engines

Role: This worked AMAZING!!!!
Step 1:

Dominion squads:  Even if they go first, Repressors move forward 12" before the game begins into cover orinto assault depending on if you win first turn or not. If you win first turn, you move forward 12", then in your movement phase, move forward 12" and melta anything in 12" range. This gives your dominions a 36" threat range. It took both repressors, but 10 melta shots took the Landraider down to 1 wound (retributer squad finished off the landraider with 1 wound left)

MAJOR TACTIC: When you move the repressors forward, do it in this manor:
1. Move behind Ruins cover giving you -1 to hit
2. Pop smoke: giving a further -1 to hit
3. When you do this, position if possible so the attack coming from the unit that is liekly to attack them with heavy weapons doesnt have a good LOS. If they have to move with their heavy weapons, that will give them a further -1 to hit in a lot of cases. Now, you should be able to pull off at least -2 to hit doing this, and between both vehicles, thats 24 wounds, 10 Meltagun shots, 4 Heavy flamers and 2 storm bolters.... just count up how many hits that is!

24 (possible flamers) + 10 melta gun + 8 stormbolters (if within 12") = 40 shots from 2 vehicles. Then even if they blow one up, get our and coninue running.

But Repressors get better... If you can charge with the repressor, each attack becomes 3 attacks as per their rules (9 attacks) due to their dozerblade. Not bad if you must get into combat (like a 500 point knight), just to tie it up for a turn or 2.

In this game, however, I didnt win first turn, so they moved forward with their pre-game move into LOS blocking terrain, then use same tactic above.

Celestine: Used her act of faith to move forward 12", then she moved forward 12" and assaulted the Intercessors (wiped them out). I used the warlord trait that gave her an act of faith whenever she charges.

The penitent engines moved forward with Celestine in the middle and flamed the librarian and scouts and seraphim to assault  the middle of the board. With their range, Celestine kept the focus on her while the Penitent engines did their work.

... and man... did they do the business! 4 Heavy flamers and 8 attacks in assault meant they owned anythng they charged. No unit made it (even lysander) passed the first round for them to try their 4+ attack ability.

Everyone at the club went.. whoo watch for them in future...

Army had: 3 acts of faith, double shooting retributers and exorcists rerolling on 1's and and large assault force that had both the movement,toughness and flamers to hurt bad. I could take on close combat, could make double shooting or movement which meant you dont have a 1500 pt sisters force, you have a 2500 pts sisters force. I know people think units like the imagifier are not reliable, but if they only work 50% of the time (on their 4+), thats like having another exorcist you didnt have to pay for. Units like an 85 pts retributer squad, if you use your 2+ act of faith, reliably shoot 24 times. Against say a 250 point terminator unit, they will wound on 3's, and the terminator unit saves on 3's... they will own it!

(simple math hammer)
24 shots at 3's to hit = 16 hits. and 10.67 wounds to a terminator unit (in the open). On a 3+ armour save 6 will be saved with 4 wounds done. = 2 dead terminators. They almost just paid for themselves (85 points). Now that mathhammer didnt take into account ANY rolled 1's from the canonnes.

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar Leaks 8th Ed - moved to here
« on: May 30, 2017, 10:13:25 AM »
Ok ive moved this to be a new thread. as more leaks occur ill add them up to the list. This is based on:

New rules:
 Wraithscythes: Str 8 Assault D3 S10 AP-4

Eldar Battle focus: no -1 to hit when shooting when advancing (This is important as assault weapons can be shot after Advancing (normally at -1)
This means if our shuriken weapons are "assault weapons: You move 7" + Advance D6" (avg 4") = 11" movement, then add the probable 12" from a guardian weapon (2 shots normally) and you are looking at 23" range with a 2 shot (probable rending weapon) that you dont take any modifiers for advancing. This fits into our armies theme of "fast"

Scatterlasers are 36" Heavy 4 AP 0



Wraithguard/ Wraithblades
Wraithcannon: 12" Assualt 1 Str 10 AP -4 D6 damage

Dsythes: 8" Assult S10 AP-4

Howling Banshees
Banshee Mask: Howling banshees strike first in the fight phase, even if they didn't charge this turn. +3" to charge or advance
Special rule -1 to hit banshees in melee if with Exarch
Executioner S+2 AP-3 D3 Damage (but with a -1 to hit)

Striking Scorpions
Masters of Stealth: Can deploy everywhere more than 9" away from the enemy
Mandiblasters: At the beginning of the fight phase, roll a D6 for every skorpion within 1" of an enemy troop. On the roll of a 6, the mandiblasters inflict a mortal wound.
Special rule +1 to hit a unit in cover
Exarch: gives unit extra attack on 6 to hit
Chainsaber is the same as chainsword but +1 str

Fire Dragons

Serpent Shield Reduce damage by 1, minimum 1

Dire Avengers

(this one is a guess till we see it)
Guardian Defenders

Fast attack

Warp Spiders
Warp jump: can choose to move 4D6 and get "fly" but you cannot advance or charge
Flickerjump gives enemy -1BS but yuo roll 2D6 and on a 2 you loose a warp spider
Death Spinner: 18" rapid Fire S6 Ap-4 (assuming AP-4 is rending)
Exarch: reroll failed morale tests



Lords of War
Wraithcannon Assault 2, S10, AP -4 D6 Damage
Wraithsword Sx2 AP-4 6 Damage

Discussion: Eldar / 8th Ed... Eldar nerf bat incoming? What say you...
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:59:48 AM »
Im not suggesting we will get nerfed, but lets face it, Ynaari are way powerful (so are tau btw), Eldar as a whole are powerful and at any tourney, any army should be able to be taken to the top. When you see the same 4 - 5 armies at the top and they are talking about rigourous rebalancing, something has to give.

EIther we will be kept the same but points go up, Our rules will get a chnage and a rebalance, or we get nerfed.

My one wish, I dont mind the nerf, they say units will be rebalanced .. great. But then make models cheaper (points wise).

In the 40K universe, assassins should be like 100-125pts points (for a model that can be one shotted)... they used to be!
But what do you think they should do to Eldar. I dont see Scatbikes going away, they are released like that in the box arnt they. But maybe 40 points each not 30?
Id like to see Wraithlords come way down in price. A full kitted out Wraithlord with 2 brightlances... should be no more than 140 points. Other wise they outstrip units like Falcons.

What say you... if you had to nerf Eldar, what do you see happening?

Ok peeps, after watching a few battle reports there are some RUDE things that can be done with the Ynaari faction. I thought perhaps rather than add army lists and ask people to review them (that can be done in your own threads), we should put into one place specific ideas or strategies using Ynaari.

Perhaps give it a title, an explanation and add "the trick" that explains the idea of the outcome.

As you add them, ill copy the text out of your post and add them to these at the top of the post as we have a 1 stop shop place for tactics with our "new found eldar" Ynaari.

Some of what I have observed so far.

Howling Banshees are BACK - Free charge moves and 49(56"possible charging turn 1)
10 Howling banshees placed in Raiders with Exarchs with Executioners (Str 5 AP 2) that charge the enemy 49" reliably on turn 1 (or turn 2 if you use an exarch to give you a 2+ roll.)

The Trick:
1. Transport moves 12" (total 12" movement)
2. Transport Turboboosts 24" (aethersails) (total 36" movement)
3. Enemy shoots transport and kills it immobilises it. The point is you still get your 24". If they dont blow up the transport they they will still be safe in the transport (if they don't kill it, next turn will be fun)
4. Banshees after wounds allocated and rolled for, deploy 3" from destroyed transport (total 39")
5. Banshees use soul burst action because transport destroyed (avg 7" + 3" charge)  (total 49") (another 7" possible, use fleet wisely) = 56" possible

- They cannot overwatch you.
- Add Jain Zan now to taste as your warlord!
- You are likely to get off a 46" movement and charge for the cost of a 55 point transport!

Note: Don't use harlequins fo this. The exploding transport will wipe out your dudes since they only have a 5+ save. You CAN do it with them, but you have to use a starweaver to do it for the 4++ save and be prepared to take some of the losses.

Harlequins are back... Multiple free Str 6 Hammer of wrath attacked caused by Soul Burst!
This is to do with the above tactic.
Ok ok I said don't do this with Harlequins, but something to consider... The idea is to buy the following units:

Jain Zar

4 x 6 man Harlequin units with star weavers with Harlequin embraces
3 x 10 girl Howling banshee units with Jan Zar in Raiders

The Trick:
I wonder where the danger is coming from here. The trick is simple, the whole army moves and turbo boosts. Vehicle lists are a bit harder to deal with now and you obviously will pop all your 4++ inv for 1 turn on the first turn. I suggest Aethersails and Flickerfields on the Raiders for the same effects and extra range.

Whatever vehicles die, the troops inside (after rolling for casualties) soul boost forward into 53" long charge ranges.

The kicker: Every harlequin unit that charges get D3 hammer of Wraith attacks. Assuming 5 guys, prob 10 Str 6 hits before they get their own attacks in at high initiative. Thats 4 units of harlequins doing that. Now if your locked into combat with the Harlequins and next turn (or in their turn) you happen to kill a unit, you can immediately charge another unit again inflicting Str 6 Hammer of wrath hits. In addition, if you have other Harlequins units around you, and 7 or more units, 2 units get to charge with soul burst causing more charges to go off with more hammer of wrath hits. Remember a unit can only use soul burst once a turn. But between 7 combat units close to each other, watch it chain on unit deaths (theirs or yours).

...and add Dark Eldar Reavers armed with wargear to add Str 6 hammer of Wraith attacks to taste.

Cloudstrike formation is competitive again "Cough" - Turn 4 melts shooting units into 7 melta shooting units for FREE
 First, as heavy support (Ynaari) take 3 Falcons as per normal.
Second, take an aspect host (ynaari) of fire dragons and place into the falcons and deep strike them as per normal.

The Trick:
So this isn't a new idea, but the effect of it certainly makes it work better (like it ever needed to work better)... Shoot with the vehicles into the thing you want dead (it should be after you've shot at it). If they kill a unit, you've made sure a fire dragon is within 7", and they get to make a soul burst action. If you have taken 7 units as part of the formation (and you WILL), then you're allowed to make 2 units do ao soul burst action. So you get 2 free melta unit shots, not one as a soul burst action. Now, if you kill another unit, you chain that to the last fire dragon unit who also now gets to shoot. Now, for only the cost of shooting the falcons, if everything went well, you've had 3 units of fire dragons that have shot for free, and now they get to do it all over again in their shooting phase. That's 7 shooting lots when only 4 should have, all at BS 5 pretty much with melta at a range that "you have set" and you should have cleared a little clearing and made such a carnifex distraction, they have likely forgotten all about whatever else you have.

...Just what if ... you took 4 x black guardian with Fusion guns/ warwalkers/ vypers as well. Thats at least 4 more deep striking units no scatter as well... But none of this will earn you any friends...

Wraithguard resilience and owning the Centre of the board - They can't shoot at you, and they can't some close to you either!
Ok, if you "want to make someones life difficult and you want to make a unit really resilient, take the Whispering Ghost hall.

First, you buy the units needed for the formation "Whispering Ghost Hall".
1 x farseer (buy "Song of Yneed")
1 x spiritseer
1 x shadowseer upgraded and (with mask of secrets)
3 x wraithguard units (1 with force axes)
2 x wraithlords

(Add a second spiritseer in case 1 dies as it sort of relies on them)
(maybe add an archon with armour of misery from HQ slot to taste)
(maybe add another farseer rolling all revenant powers as well allowing your other farseer freedom to try for guide etc)

The Trick:
The trick is simply so many saves you are unlikely to go down.
- First: You are a majority toughness 6 unit.
- Second: No one will want to come near you because of the formations ability to reroll hits if a character is within 12" of a character from this unit.
- Third: If you warlord is in this unit you have a  1 in 6 , "chance of picking your own spells from the warlord traits"
- Fourth: If units are locked in combat with you, they are at -2 to Ld.
- Fifth: Now the unit comes with a Spiritseer, so you have a 1:3 chance of getting protect. Which if you do, you now have T6 2+ armour save. You WILL get conceal so you should get that all important 2+ cover save.
- Sixth: You also have a shadowseer: If you can get Veil of tears off, they now cant shoot at your unit. 2D6x2 (ave 14") inches. Averages are good they can't target you anyway. If they come closer, they will suffer the - 2/-4/-6 to their Ld tests. (handy to the -2LD if locked in combat)
- Seventh: (Notice how we didn't even get the farseer yet). Be rude, go for invisibility, or not its up to you. Buy song of Yneed, forcing a morale check if they unit takes just 1 casualty. But spells like guide, fortune, psychic shriek and santuary all good to try for. etc
- Eighth: Now you could be rude and take a basic archon with the armour of misery for the extra -2 Ld to Ld, stacks with the others doesn't it. Now.. say it with me "Phantasm grenade launcher"
- Ninth: Now consider you didnt take D weapons but axe and shield wraith guard instead, you got a 4+ invun save. Now what if you rolled Sanctuary for the 3+ invul save?
-Tenth: add a farseer from the HQ slot dedicated to the Yneed revenant powers. So much cheese in there like casting a free move or shoot or charge on your own unit.

NOW, think about this from a psychic power point of view... Laugh of sorrows and psychic shriek - have new meaning because you roll against your leadership to generate wounds if you get it). If you are around and own the centre of the board its a bit hard to ignore you because you have some power to dish out some damage here. But if they want to come to get you they fall under a veil of -4 to -6 to leadership depending on the circumstances. That's also because you probably are armed with D WEAPONS right.. cause you WILL buy some. But if they want to stand off and shoot at your unit, you try to have veil of tears up so they cant see you. And even if after all that they can see, they can shoot at you, and they then have to wound you vs your Toughness 6, your possible 2+ or 3+ armour save or 2+ ruins save because you will set yourself up near any ruins in the centre.

... now.. to add salt into the wounds... you add the Avatar of Ycarne that also gives you your 5+ FNP....too rude to add a hemlock wraith fighter to fly around centre of the board?

The point to this is its not even a made up tricked out deathstar. It is what it is. Resilient, expensive sure, But what resources do they have to allocate to be rid it. And... what are you doing with the other half of your army that the same time? THATS why it is good.

Take the Wraithknight AND the Avatar of Yneed, both Lords of war
Yes a lot of poeple know this already but its in because some people wont know it...The cost of this is high, especially if someone takes units like 2 x Tau stormsurges, however if you take a Wriathknight as a Lord of war, you CAN also get the Avatar... how?

The trick:
Take the Triumvirate of Ynnead as a formation lets you take the Ycarne as well as part of the formation.

Soulburst charging into combat isn't bad

I've heard a few podcasts lately that seem to dis the idea of charging into combat for a soul burst action. That an action like that doesn't seem valued. But I can't help think this is PERFECT and what we've all been wanting for a LONG time. The idea is simply, if a unit has been destroyed, using a charge move to change into someone's combat at that specific initiative step.

We are the first unit (that I know of but I dont know all the armies intimately) that can charge a unit, kill it, then charge into another unit in the same turn.

The Trick:

Why is this a good thing?
1. If your Howling banshees, you can tie up units like Tau with a multi-charge that prevents them from firing overwatch or "multi-overwatch" onto other friendly units that are "yet to work out their initiative steps/ charge this phase"

2. It protects a unit from being further shot up because its now protected by being in combat. Now units like Harlequins and Howling banshees are going to use abilities like Hit and Run to get out of that combat at the end of the turn and charge again in their own phase.

3. Most importantly of all, if you've got a huge multi-unit charge going on, you want to tie units up will you deal with them with your high initiative next turn. This is critical. (We've always thought, gee. I've just won the combat and not im hanging out like a sore thumb about to get shot to death. Well, now you can charge into another combat in the protection of close combat. At the end of their turn, hit and run out and charge again. Or, keep them locked up in combat, sure you don't get the extra charge dice, but you also don't get overwatched either!)

- there is nothing quite like a harlequin unit wiping out 1/4 of a Guard unit, but because at their initiative step they've wiped out all models around them so combat ends because models can't get to them. Then the guard unit turns around and shoot their arse to death in their turn. This can help stop that.

Why is this a bad thing?
If it isn't a unit like banshees, your allowing free overwatch against your units. (But better than the rest of the tau army shooting at you.)

This is very rude
Take 2 Aeldari Bladehosts in a Reborn Warhost. Kill one unit within 7" of at least one unit from each formation. Activate United in Death and take 12 Soulburst actions

Multiple Carges from Harlequins
- the question is what died to allow the multi charge?

Harlequins in a Cegorach's Revenge or Jest. You can run and charge, which cannot be done by any other formation. Ideally you'll be able to charge into a second a combat to protect you from shooting.

Discussion: Eldar / WOW... the new Gathering storm book
« on: February 09, 2017, 05:44:12 AM »
We are all powerful... holy crap!

So many new combos.

You want a Toughness 6, 5+ FNP, 2+ armour save prtected by Harlequin veil of tears... aND has 3 x -2LD items that can force fear or leadership tests at about -6 to LD... CHECK!

You want to take 4 x black guardian, deep strike in turn 1 with 30 - 40 rending and melta weapons within 9" of your target with NO SCATTER and obliterate CHECK
- for salt, add a craftworld eldar cloudstrike formation with fire dragons that comes in to join it turn 2 NO SCATTER. Make sure you take the Autarch for the 2+ rolls btw!

You want to take most units for all 3 armies in a yneed force... Eldar with access to poison weapons, jetbikes galore etc... WOW! CHECK

Very very very cool! Especcialyl when you add formations, aspect hosts and other units that are normal formations in the books so you dont loose their rules... CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Discussion: Eldar / Yneed god of the dead... new eldar!!!
« on: January 23, 2017, 02:19:22 AM »
Wow... all herald the advancment of the eldar timeline.

Now we dont fear death to slaneesh as we now have ynneed... god of the dead!

So we have news models and they can be found here... and that includes a new avatar. Something that looks like a combat autarch and a psychic character

In addition the new title of book 2 is  ... the fracturing of beil tan.. gee thats my craftworld too.

Could this mean beil tan is the birthplace of the new god and has literally cracked the craftworld?

One thing is likely. We may have access 2 avatars and a whole new set of death type. .. stuff..

What say you... what would yneed god of death look like... powers look like... gee. Are they retiring old models.? Are expecting new plastics?

Did the eldar race just change so fundamentally that all units are affected because they may not need soul stones anymore?

Will this be a 4th faction of eldar?

« on: October 11, 2016, 02:07:48 AM »
Watch the video from GW..... YES! Las5 5 seconds of video!

No... no start the clock... see bols article

So my question is if they did redo the codex, do the models on plastic etc and redid the rules. What would you like to see change?

For me.
1. Pentenent engines in the elite slot
2. Canoness with jumpack
3. Even if faiths were once per game then dont make it that if you fail a faith check you cant cast it for the rest of the game.
4. On that make it once per turn instead
5. Give sisters access to something to make repentia get into combat. Landraider... assault ramp...dont care... something! Make them cheaper even.

6. Grav cannons and ...

7. Biker babes! T4 twin linked bolters with some form of melta.

What say you?

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