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Hello everyone, so jumping straight to the point of this post, I am looking to get into 30k, but literally have no clue where to start looking. I love the look and theme of the heresy era and would love to run a Dark Angels army in 30k, but I have not a clue where to get the rules for these models.

I have asked around my local gw, everyone points me in the direction of the Betrayal at Calth box as a solid starting point. Which looks like a very promising box set. Again however I do not know where to get the rules for the 30k models.

Looking at forge world there appears to be two types of books, the red books and the black books, what is the difference between the two? Subsequently which has the model rules I need?

General Discussion / Who still plays the Deathwatch RPG?
« on: August 12, 2017, 01:04:15 PM »
Hello everyone, so me and my 40k friends have recently become hooked on the Deathwatch game. I am the DM, I have never DMed before and I am in a bit of a pickle with what to do when it comes to the environments we will be in. Setting up the story is no problem for me but its figuring out the planets and worlds I want the group to go to is the hard part. For example the next mission they will be sent on is going to be on a planet to investigate mysterious weather patterns we believe to be the work of chaos. I have thus far described the planet to be very martian in nature. Having long stretches of red rock and sand. With an average human populous and planetary defense force.

However I have no idea what else to do with that. I do not want to give them free reign over the entire planet as that would be a little too much work to set up and make happen but again I just do not know where to go with this.

So if you guys could give me some help, I would appreciate it a lot.

Discussion: THE LIST / 1000 Points of Tempestus
« on: August 02, 2017, 02:36:43 AM »
Alright everyone, I have this time a 1000 point army of Militarum Tempestus. Previously its own stand alone army while also being part of the Imperial Guard.

I love the look of the tempestus which is why I bought them and have not regretted it at all, the models look amazing, and their rules are solid as well.

Battalion Detachment:


2x Tempestor Prime: 80
2x command rods: free


10 Scions: 90
4x plasma guns: 28
1x plasma pistol: 5
4x hotshot lasguns: 4
1x hotshot las pistol: 1
vox caster: 5

10 Scions: 90
4x flamers: 28
1x plasma pistol: 5
4x hotshot lasguns: 4
1x hotshot las pistol: 1
vox caster: 5

10 Scions: 90
4x melta guns: 36
1x plasma pistol: 5
4x hotshot lasguns: 4
1x hotshot las pistol: 1
vox caster: 5


Tempestus Command Squad: 36
2x hotshot volley guns: 18
med-pack: 10
vox caster: 5
2x hotshot las pistols: 2

Dedicated Transports:

2x Taurox Primes: 120
2 taurox battle cannons: 56
4x autocannons: 60

2x Taurox Primes: 120
2x taurox gatling cannons: 36
4x hotshot volley guns: 36

Hello all of my former brothers, yes, yes, a Dark Angel player posting on the chaos part of the forum, oh the irony I can hear you all crying out. However I have come to you all asking a question about conversions.

When gw first come out with the fallen box, there was an image of them in mark 4 armor and wearing the iconic dark angel robes. Now on the website it only shows a box of company veterans painted black instead of green.

So can someone tell me if they are in mark 4 armor or are they just company veterans painted up in black? I wanted to get into 30k and if they are in mark 4 armor with the robes, they would make excellent legion veterans for a dark angels legion. 

Hello everyone, so before you hold up the heresy signs for a dark angels player posting on the space wolf side of things, hear me out. My younger brother has recently bought the start collecting box for space wolves and was looking to expand a little more but has no clue where to start, can you guys give us any advice? My suggestion was to buy another start collecting box for the grey hunters and thunder wolves. However I wanted to see what you wolf players had to say on the matter of building a space wolf army.

Hello again everyone I want your help this time to make a competitive list for 2 separate Dark Angel armies. I am looking to make two 2000 point lists. One for Ravenwing and the other for Deathwing.

I do not know what sticks just yet as I do not have that many games under my belt yet. From what I have seen though the synergy between the wings is gone for now. Which is disappointing as someone who enjoys the fluff of the Dark Angels.

This is what I have been thinking so far, I havent run any points yet, this is just my train of thought.

So firstly for the Deathwing I was going to have it led by Belial and 2 Librarians in terminator armor, maybe trade one out for Ezekiel and stick him in a land raider with squad of knights or normal terminators. Or maybe an interrogator chaplain but since I have Belail he already allows me to reroll failed hits, so I would only take the chaplain for the aura of dread and he is cheaper. The core 3 elite choices I was going to have were to be a Knight squad, an apothecary and an anceint. Then the extra choices I was going to throw in some land raiders, not sure which variant, generic deathwing squads, and maybe another knight squad or champion. I really want a venerable dread but they dont seem worth it honestly now that they can no longer ride in pods, they have lost a lot of mobility, but maybe it would do something as my opponent would focus on the other deathwing squads.

For the Ravenwing the only thing I am certain on is to have it led by Sammael on Corvex, along with again a librarian or interrogator chaplain. Then have a few black knights with the old command squad, apothecary, champion and ancient. throw in a darkshroud or 2 along with a vengence or 2. A dark talon and my nephilim and some generic ravenwing squads with melta guns and maybe an attack bike with multi melta.

I really need your guys feedback on this one however, I really do not know what sticks as it stands and my common enemies are tau, death guard, thousand sons, ultramarines, grey knights, and white scars. Fighting Guilliman is no joke as the Lion is not back yet.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Black Sword Missile Launcher
« on: June 25, 2017, 12:52:16 PM »
So am I going mad or is the black sword missile launcher heavy 10??? In the back of the Imperium 1 index where all of the reference tables are for weapons and such, it says the black sword missile launcher is heavy 10? Then on the Nephilim Jetfighter entry in the index it is heavy 1?

Discussion: THE LIST / 8th Edition Dark Angels LETS DO THIS
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:51:20 PM »
Hello everyone so I am every happy with this edition and the balance between everything from what I have seen. Now the list I have is predominantly Greenwing, as that is what I played last edition and am currently working on getting more Ravenwing and Deathwing. In this edition Greenwing is not all that great as we can no longer overwatch using our full BS. Ravenwing and Deathwing are what works best for Dark Angels right now as they have all the special rules and such.

Moving onto the actual list it is as follows:

Battalion Detachment:


Azrael: 180

Librarian: 93
force sword: 12


2x Tactical Squads: 130
2x combi plasmas: 30
2x plasma guns: 26

Scout Squad: 55
5x camo cloaks: 15
5x snipers: 20


2x Razorbacks: 130
2x twinlinked lascannons: 100


Ravenwing Dark Talon: 180
2x hurricane bolters: 8

Well the overall strategy with the list is to have the Dark Talon fly in and disrupt enemy support squads, then drop a stasis bomb on heavy/hard to remove squads. The Razorbacks will have the tac squads with a character attached to each, they will push in with Azrael's leading the charge as his has a 4++ thanks to the lions helm. Then the tac squads will get right into the face of the enemy and push into their lines firing off shots of plasma, las and bolt. All the while the Librarian is destroying the minds of the enemy nearby and buffing his brothers. Then charging the enemy with swords aloft and deliver the final blow. The Razorbacks lascannons will also be targeting enemy armor as they have twin lascannons, again Azrael's will do most of the heavy lifting as his rerolls failed to hits, because chapter master. Finally the scouts will hang back and pick off priority targets and characters with their snipers.

Please any constructive criticism is welcomed.

Hello all of my battle brothers so today I am writing this to get your thoughts and opinions on what it is that the Unforgiven can do in 8th edition? Whether you already know or your speculation is I welcome it all.

Personally I cannot wait to see what our named characters do and how all of the wings will be affected.

With the ability to fire multiple overwatches in 8th, I hope greenwing will still be able to somehow use their full BS overwatch. Also with the increase in points for transports does this mean the end of greenwing? I really hope not. Continuing along however we come to the main unit I have been trying to find a good use for, the Company Veterans, I do not know what to really expect from them in this edition, but I hope that they can take jump packs and get some stuff for cheaper, rather than just having access to everything.

As for deathwing I really really hope that we can get the old deathwing assault rule back and deepstrike turn 1, plus now that you can charge after deepstriking deathwing will be very nasty. I am not sure however what will happen to the command squad, not only for deathwing but all wings, as in the dark imperium box we saw that you can take the banner guy or ancient separately, are command squads no longer a thing? I hope not. However more into our main power house unit, the deathwing knights. With all terminators being 2 wounds I would like to see the Knights maybe bumped up to 3 wounds, but even if they are not I still have hope that this unit will do what it still does, absolutely destroy.

Next we come to the ravenwing. The ravenwing, I hope get nerfed actually. Now I know what you are thinking, like woah what are you talking about, nerf the ravenwing? what is wrong with you? However hear me out on this, as it stands right now ravenwing in 7th are certainly good yes but 7th is all about bike stars and ravenwing certainly are not helping with that, I love them in the fluff and table top but they have just lost a lot of flavor for me, because everyone who I know that plays DA, all of their lists are the same, a few dark shrouds and the rest are black knights. Hats off to those people who play like that, if that is what you enjoy by all means, I do not enjoy that however. I hope that they remain viable but not as viable as they are now.

Subsequently we come to the characters. Azrael and Ezekiel are my personal favorites and cannot wait to see what they do especially with interromancy. I want to see the points on Azrael cut down however, as he is a little costly for what he does now and does not have a unit he can hang with. That I feel wont matter too much in 8th as characters cant join units but that also begs the question, how is his helm going to work? Both Azreal and Ezekiel are certainly going to be better in combat with the changes to swords and the like.
Next we have Belial and Sammael, these two are like the dynamic duo in my mind, one is in command of slow and powerful terminators, that specialize in maximum damage, while the other is quick nimble able to get in get out and summon his brothers in for help, while also packing quite a punch himself and with the help of his company it just gets better. I would think Belial is going to see a lot more action this edition considering the changes to deep strike, and I really want him to come in turn 1. As for Sammael I am not really sure what I want from him, he is great as it stands right now and is pretty close to his fluff.
Oh god-emperor finally we have Asmodai, he is garbage as it stands now, 100% out classed by the generic interrogator. I really want him to get something for killing guys in a challenges, because he is ---ing Asmodai, he makes people regret their existence, so gw better do something to make him better, like make is blades of reason like -2 or -3 ap in 8th, do something for christs sake gw.

Again my brothers please tell me your thoughts and hopes, or do you have conformation on some things in the new book, whatever the case please I would more than enjoy to continue the discussion.

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I have posted anything but I am back and just like everyone else very excited for 8th edition. However we are still in 7th edition and I require your guys feedback on this list. This is meant to be a mix of fluff and competitive, just a disclaimer.

Ravenwing Strike Force:

Sammael: 200

6 man Ravenwing Command Squad: 240
Champion: 5
Apothecary: 25

Fast Attack:
2x 6 man Black Knight Squads: 480
2x melta bombs: 10
2x grenade launchers: free

2x Landspeeders (not in the same squad): 100
4x multi meltas: 50

Deathwing Strike Force:

Belial: 190
TH/SS: free

Deathwing Knights: 235

Deathwing Command Squad: 200
Champion: 5
Apothecary: 5
Deathwing Banner: 20

So guys please as always tell me what you think about the list and any criticizes you may have about it. I look forward to seeing what 8th edition will bring to the Inner Circle.

General Discussion / Primarchs
« on: February 05, 2017, 12:48:40 AM »
Hello everyone so it has been a while since I last posted but it good to be back especially now with the whole primarch thing going on.

Speaking of which lets talk about that. I am very disappointed that the first loyalist back is papa smurf himself and his model if you ask me does not look the best, his head is very disproportionate to his body and legs and his helm is also too small. The golden trim on his armor is how every very wavey and chaosy if you ask me as well. Plus how did he get the emperor's sword? However enough trash talk to the Ultramarine players out there remember I am not ripping on you but how gw portrays your chapter.

I loved the Magnus release as it brought back a legion that had in my meta never seen any use at all, and once Magnus hit everyone was surprised. The model for him was also a little under whelming but still certainly good. The updated rules following traitors hate was also a very good push in the right direction for Chaos players and a more diverse meta in my opinion.

I was personally caught off guard when they announced that Guilliman would be the first loyalist back. I honestly thought it would be Russ or maybe Johnson. I know we are all biased in our opinions, I am a Dark Angels player and was really hoping that Johnson would be back first with the current events of Luther. Or Russ because Magnus came back and there was the whole war zone fenris thing.

Now the reason I made this post not only do I want to know what you guys think about the release of these monsters. I want to know how do you think they have and/or will affect meta? Which primarch do you think is next, whether it be loyal or traitor? Do you think anyone is going to switch sides? Which primarch would you like to see come back next? Were you surprised by these two being the first back? Lastly how do you think they will impact the story and how about Cypher and the grey knights?

Here is to hoping that gw does not marry sue the crap out of Guilliman and the smurfs. Personally I hope he comes back and is like what have you done to the imperium and why are you interpreting the codex so narrowly. Then him Cassius and Titus become bros.

Hello everyone I have a new list this time around that I am in desperate need of your help my good friend is starting thousand sons and is going to be buying Magnus the Red soon. I have primarily greenwing and now realize I need to put that on hold and bring out the big guns time to go for the Deathwing and Ravenwing. Most of the models in the list I will mention I do not have which is why I am asking for your help to make sure I can use the least amount of money possible for the models. Knowing my friend however me and him normally play games between 1500-2000 points but this is going to be a 1850 point list.

Deathwing Strike Force:

Interrogator Chaplain: 110
terminator armor: 25
mace of redemption: 30
combi grav: 5

Venerable Dreadnought: 125
drop pod:35

Deathwing Knights: 235

Ravenwing Strike Force:

2x Librarian: 130
2x mastery level 2: 50
2x bikes: 40
2x auspexs: 10

3x 6 man Black Knight squads: 720
2x metla bombs: 10

3x Attack Bikes: 165

2x Darkshrouds: 160

I am still debating putting in the Ravenwing Silence Squadron to take down magnus as there is no anti air in this list at all as the Dark Angels do not have it in abundance like other codex. But do not know what to drop to fit it in the list even if I bumped it up to 2000 points and even with them in the list I would need to wait until turn 2 for them to come on the board.

Discussion: Militarum Tempestus / 1000 Point Tempestus List
« on: December 20, 2016, 10:01:30 PM »
Hello everyone so I have been really craving to try and put this list together but have not had the money as I want to finish my Dark Angels before I go and undertake this project. Also I want your input on the list before I build it.

Ground Assault Formation:

Commissar: 25

Command Squad: 85
4 xmelta guns: 40

3x (10 man) Scion Squads: 390
2x flamers: 10
2x metla guns: 20
2x plasma guns: 30
3x bolt pistols: free

4x Taurox Primes: 240
4x twinlinked gatling cannons: 40
4x hotshot volley guns: free
4x camo netting: 75
4x fire barrels: 40
4x recovery gear: 20

So the idea is to have the commissar run with the command squad because he needs to be in a Taurox. Then the command squad runs around murdering things on objectives that the normal scions could not get because you know 4 twinlinked metla guns will scare a lot of stuff. Then have the scions kill their respective units, the flamers kill hordes, the melta kill vehicle and heavy infantry, and the plasma kill medium armor and heavy infantry. Alternatively though I could have the scions stay close to the command squad and get orders off of them such as sniper on the hot shot lasguns, seeing as how they already have twinlinked and pinning, or maybe rending. After all there are a lot of hot shot lasguns on the board with the 10 man scion squads. Then have the Taurox mop up and help support the scions in their duties and murder Marines, as I am in a marine heavy meta where I am which is partly why I did not give them the auto cannons or battle cannon. Also the reason I put fire barrels on them is because in most of the games I get to use my scions the Tauroxs normally get charged.

The only thing I am worried about is I am putting too many points into the Tauroxs. So please I welcome any  criticism for the list or my tactics.

40K Rules Questions / 30k Legions in 40k?
« on: December 10, 2016, 06:12:44 PM »
Hello everyone so I wanted to ask if there is anyway rules for a 30k legion in 40k? I have been reading a lot into the Dark Angels legion rules in 30k and really like some of their rules (mainly the bonuses they get for using swords the ability to take S+1 power swords for the same cost as normal ones) but do not know if I can or cannot use them in 40k?

Discussion: Dark Angels / DA and Kill Teams?
« on: October 26, 2016, 11:24:59 PM »
Hello everyone so this time around its about kill teams. Lately me and my friends have been playing kill team games and I have been getting destroyed completely. One of my friends has been using Legion of the Damned as his kill team and that has been dirty then on the other hand my friend who plays white scars/grey knights/eldar is using a white scar command squad all on bikes and all of them with grav guns. So I have decided to come to you guys here on the forum for help.

My list that I normally take in a kill team game is 5 black knights. That's it honestly nothing fancy just pure black knights. So my main question being is how can I change the list to make it more effective (whether it be completely overhauling the list or making minor tweaks)? Then the next question I have is which wing works best in a kill team game, seeing as how deathwing cannot be taken that leaves Greenwing and Ravenwing. To me Ravenwing is the way to go because that is part of what makes DA, DA plus Black Knights can leverage speed, plasma guns that are twinlinked a 3+ rerollable jink and are decent in melee especially when you have one using the grenade launcher and hit someone with a stasis grenade. When with Greenwing, if you are playing them in a kill team game then you might as well be playing vanilla marines at that point to me because they are almost the same and vanilla marines probably fair better then Greenwing in kill teams.

So please loyal brother give me some input into the subject am I completely out of my mind or do I have the right idea just not executed well?

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