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Greetings honorable Battle Brothers!

I'm in the process of building an apocalypse-capable Black Templars Army. I figured I'd make this thread to share some of my creations and conversions while I build the army.
I do intent to update this as my army grows and I have new projects.

Current projects:
-Thunderhawk Gunship (scratch-build)
-Dark Vengeance Terminators, converted to Black Templars with shoulder emblems, and much of the Dark Angels icons removed.
-Touching up a dreadnought (His banner fell off the other weekend at a game :( )

Heavy Bolters and Lascannons are in the mail for the thunderhawk, as is more plastic. It's far from the best looking thunderhawk, but not bad for scratch. The door opens and the wings slide out for easier transport. I'll prime it in grey and give it a chaos black spray. The pain throw on the front was a simple test. Still needs the small upper wings, some details on the rear, the guns, and the engines.

Really pleased with how this guy came out.


40K Rules Questions / Land Raider Spearhead and Terminators
« on: September 16, 2016, 01:30:04 PM »
So, I'm new to 40k and I'm putting together a Black Templars Army. I've already got a few troops and an HQ and I'm thinking about bigger stuff now. My question is: In regards to the Land Raider Spearhead, Can I put terminators in those Land Raiders even though they are part of a formation? How does that change force organization?

I saw the land Raider spearhead and though " I have to do that, it's absolutely awesome", and the idea of 3 Land Raider Crusaders unloading terminators right into the heart of battle  just sounds awesome to me.  Currently thinking 2 Terminator Squads and Grimaldus between the 3 tanks.

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong section.

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