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Discussion: Eldar / Using Aeldari in 8th Edition
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:57:04 AM »
Hey Guys.

Just an open thread as I am having some difficulty in utilising the new Eldar. Namely in the following:
1) creating a balanced list that can handle extremes (eg. Tank companies and hordes)
- I have always worked my best to create armies that can handle both hordes and mechanised. in the 2 games I played as Alaitoc with 4 - 5 Fire Prisms and a full squad of Dark Reapers, I seem to have my Prisms totally massacred by the Russes to the point I don't have anymore reliable anti-tank weapons.
2) Having enough CP while having  enough punch too
- I know it's fairly easy to create 10CP lists but the concern is that they don't pack enough of a punch. What would be a good way to balance things out?

Anyway... random rant... i love the fact that Rangers are now much cheaper... but they still hardly do much damage, if any at all I feel. Str 4 with no AP and a 6 to mortal wound is too little to rely on.

Discussion: Eldar / Thoughts on 8th Edition Aeldari/Ynnari
« on: June 23, 2017, 04:43:43 AM »
Hey everyone

After having some games with the new Aeldari codex, below are my thoughts on the units based on my games with them thus far. This is by no means comprehensive... just based on what I've used so far

This has become my go-to must-have HQ unit. I've always given him Guide and Doom primarily because I find those powers to be the most important to support the rest of the armies and to take on those high wound units where you really need to kill fast (eg. Imperial Knight). I personally find Fortune to be badly nerfed as it now essentially give a 5+ FNP to all wounds, which is rather unreliable IMO. The runes have been a really great back-up to make sure my spells are cast. Having a 50% failure (spells being 7 to cast) is quite damaging so far, with only the CP and runes ensuring that the powers are cast. However, I am a bit disapppointed that they cannot get Ynnari powers in any way. The only way to get them is through Yvraine... sigh...

Fairly cheap for what he can do although a bit pricey if you compare him to a generic Farseer. He essentially has all the Eldar Runes of Fate powers and Smite with some better offensive bonus along with better casting possibilities as you cast more powers successfully. The staff gives you some variety in your CC prowess but you don't really want to put him in the front line assault. A good addition to an army if you have the points to spare. Otherwise, sticking to a generic Farseer is good enough.

I have come to love this HQ unit which I never cared about in the past. His ability to wound anything except a vehicle on a 2+ along with a -3 rend makes him really deadly, coupled with his D3 damage. Any character that has no LOS equivalent units near him will definitely have cause to worry. The mortal wounds on a 6 is icing on the cake. On top of this, he only cost 88 pts. But if you take him, it's best to take Rangers along as well to ensure that the character you want dead is actually killed.

A cheap HQ unit to fill up the detachment HQs where needed. Depending on what you bring along, the psychic powers I've found most useful for him so far are Conceal and Enhance. Admittedly, I find Enhance more viable at the moment mainly because I always put him very close to my Banshees. Banshees hitting on 2+ is really deadly and nothing to laugh at. Conceal is a nice power to have to keep your army still alive. A must have for a foot army.

As far as I'm concerned, there's only 1 reason to take her: Ynnari powers. The Ynnari powers are really really good no doubt. Only problem, they are fairly expensive to cast but thankfully, she has the Gyrinx that adds 1 to the power casted so you can cast Gaze of Ynead at 7 instead of the super high 8. I have so far ran her with Gaze of Ynead and Word of the Phoenix. The Word of the Phoenix is really awesome, immediately giving a unit in range soulburst. This will help your deepstriking units get in range for a wholesome charge (eg/ Striking Scorpions) or allows your hard hitting unit to kill/severely damage key enemy units before the shooting phase. If you are lucky, you can even set off a chain reaction of soul bursts.

Gaze of Ynead didn't perform too well for me thus far because of its high casting power need but the potential is there. You can actually target characters and deal potentially 6 mortal wounds if in range. You can then finish off using the snipers. Otherwise, I've not used her in close combat yet as I've been keeping her behind enemy lines to avoid being a target. At 132 pts, she's at least far more usable now compared to how she was in FOBT.

Guardian Defenders
Your go-to troop choice. Cheap at 8 points to hold back lines and any infantry that comes too close. Otherwise, I so far find them not very useful other than a troop choice filler. Their offensive power is fairly limited and anything that points their guns at them will kill them. The heavy weapons being -1 on the move hurt them fairly, makign shuriken canons the most viable if you want to be mobile. If they are going to sit back at base, camping on objectives and providing fire support, the heavy weapons can be viable.

Dire Avengers
Way too expensive. They are quite resilient with the Shimmershield equipped in a big squad but a squad like that can easily reach 200+ points. With that kind of points, you can field 2 10 man guardian squads with weapons. The added range on their guns are a good bonus. I'm going to try running them in 5 man squads supporting the other aspects in transports to see how they fare. Otherwise at the moment, I don't find them all that good.

These guys have become quite the gem to me. The character killers, a S4 AP0 weapon seem lackluster, until you add in the possibility of mortal wounds on a 6, which can be a major big deal. Remember, characters are generally force multipliers now. When you take them out, the enemy army becomes significantly weaker due to loss of synergy. They are fairly resilient too being -1 to hit and +2 armour for being in cover. 20 pts for a model makes them fairly expensive but quite worth it if they managed to do what they are supposed to do. As a result, they have become quite the target.

Ever since they have been moved to fast attack, scatter lasers being -1 to hit and their point being almost doubled for naked bikes, I actually gave this a miss. However, I tried them recently and found them to be really good in a different way. I ran them with Shuriken Canons instead of Scatter laser for more reliable shots and possible rends in squads of 3. They have performed quite well, especially as character snipers. How did I do so? By using their speed, I put them in a position where the character is the nearest enemy. Once that is achieved, I pour all my shots onto the character to kill it. The windriders are really superb at doing this, which was quite the hidden gem I've found.

D-Scythe Wraith Guards
These guys are surprisingly more resilient now with their 3 wounds, despite the T5 nerf. It takes a fair bit before their power is decreased. As for their gun, i was first not too impressed by the 1 damage dealt by the D-Scythe. I was hoping for Damage 2 but I realised even with 1 damage, it can be fairly damaging. I've ran them in squads of 6 (to fit an entire wave serpent) and even with rolling a 2, that's 12 auto hit shots at Strength 10 with almost no saves. That's A LOT of damage. Killed a Dark Angel Captain with a single salvo despite the 3++ invul save. When you pair this with soulburst, things get ugly really REALLY fast. These guys can become your airplane killers quite well. Even vehicles with high wounds will get at least badly maimed by a salvo from these guys, if not destroyed, unless of course you rolled a 1.

Howling Banshees
These girls have improved really significantly now that you can assault out of vehicles. As usual, Doom support is almost mandatory. Being able to always hits first is very crucial and dangerous. Becareful though, they are very fragile but they hit really hard. The -1 to hit if the Exarch is alive is really good to keep you alive in close combat. So far I've been equipping my Exarch with Executioner despite the -1 to hit (making it a 4+ to hit) for that extra punch. This is where the Enhance power from the Warlock becomes very important. The +3 to advance and charge is really good for the banshees of course.

Wave Serpents
Wave Serpents are back and with a vengeance. No doubt that they are still heck of a lot more expensive compared to Space Marine Rhinos and Razorbacks, they had been the only things that are keeping my infantry alive and they are quite resilient. The Serpent Shield's -1 to damage actually really keeps the serpent alive for fairly long, long enough for you to deliver your packages. I've so far kept them cheap by just equipping them with twin Shuriken Canons, of which the firepower can be quite devastating as it is. For some extra points, I give a Wave Serpent Twin Brightlances for the extra anti-tank punch. If I do so, I normally give them crystal targetting matrix to ensure that they shoot at full BS instead of -1.

To be continued...

Discussion: Eldar / New Year tournament
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:32:53 AM »
Hey all

I got an upcoming tournament in January 2016 with the following rules:

1500 pts
Max: 1 Super heavy/Gargantuan Creature
No forgeworld rules/units/detachments/formations etc.

I have 2 lists in mind:

List 1:


Autarch (70 pts)
Farseer (100 pts)


5x3 Scatbikes (405 pts)

Heavy Support

2 X D-Canon Vaul's Wrath Support Battery + 1 Warlock (145 pts)
2 Warwalkers (2 bright lances) (140 pts)

Lord of war
Wraith knight with 2 wraith canons and 2 Scatter lasers

Aspect host
3x5 Warp Spiders with Exarch (315 pts)

General info:
I have play tested this a while and it seems to do good. You may think that the Vaul's Wrath to be rather odd in the list but they are more to help take on heavy armoured vehicles or troops that stray to close. More importantly, they are to be my "anchor unit" to survive the strong alpha strikes out there (eg. Skyhammer, drop pod armies). The T7 would help a lot while the D-Canon threat would make people think twice a little about straying too close. The Autarch is just to give me the Reserve manipulation roll. Otherwise, it justs hangs back in reserve for the majority of the game and hopefully don't come out and get blasted (it'll be my warlord as well and stays in reserve).

But otherwise it has done well.

Until I fought against Ravenwing.... and it was horrible! All the rerollable jink saves is just pure madness. It was a close relic game but the only reason that it was close was because I got perfect timing psychic power, which enabled me to neutralise the Deathshroud formation by turn 2. But sadly my opponent successfully denied the power 2 times in the game. (he managed to deny me once with six sixes!!!!)

So that led me to build this list which is completely untested but meant to take on heavy cover save armies (Hopefully)

List 2:


Jetseer (105 pts)


2x3 Scatbikes (162 pts)
4 Scarbikes (108 pts)

Lord of war
Wraith knight with 2 wraith canons and 2 Scatter lasers

Aspect host
3x5 Warp Spiders with Exarch (315 pts)

White Scars Allied formation

Librarian - Hunter's eye & Auspex (90 pts)

5 Scounts with Sniper rifle (60 pts)

Fast attack
Drop Pod (35 pts)

Heavy Support
3 Centurions (Missile launcher & Grav Canons, Omniscope) - 280 pts

Well... this is generally to be a hard hitter that ignores cover. That's the idea behind it. Seems very limited in number though. No idea how else to go about it. Or if it's even a good idea. This is untested at the moment. any thoughts?

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar Against the new GSC
« on: November 07, 2016, 09:49:24 PM »
hey guys

Discussion topic! Any good ideas on how to deal with the new GSC? I tried a game with them with my fun Wraithlord list... and got totally TOTALLED by them, despite the multiple flamers I got in my list. The flamers were probably the only thing that allowed me to survive for as long as I did (Turn 2 to be exact...). I feel that the army totally nullifies all the advantages you get as Eldar. They deploy at your doorstep in turn 1 and can totally lock you in by their sheer numbers.

Deploying separately is the worst idea as they can get isolated and eradicated, then redeploy to reinforce other sections with their cult ambush rule.

Since they are so dense, there's no way you can use your speed to run or turbo boost. Even if you managed to with 36" turboboost with jetbikes, you are not that far away for them to catch up with you or they can just return to the shadows and appear at your door step again.

Eldar is really quite bad in assault. Their Genestealers at your doorstep and all will easily tear apart any vehicle or Wraith Knights the Eldar have with no room to maneuver.

So far I feel the biggest damage this does to Eldar is that it gives them absolutely no room for them to maneuver and utilize their main strength, which is their speed. And since Eldar is not resilient and have low numbers, this really works against them very VERY badly. And the list I tried is a typical Genestealer cult army that is not even optimised yet (testing stage) and I had absolutely no chance.

Anybody have any good ideas?

Discussion: Eldar / WRAITHLORDS!
« on: September 20, 2016, 10:43:40 PM »
This forum had been a little quiet lately. So I'll just spice things up a little with this thread.

So as the title goes, WRAITHLORDS! Nobody uses them. Everybody finds them underwhelming especially in the face of Wraith Knights and the likes. Furthermore, everybody hates Wraith Knights, Scatbikes, multiple Ds everywhere, etc etc etc. Honestly, people out there just hate Eldar without realising all of its limitations.

So what do I do about it? I decided to just play with the unit that nobody likes to use and spam it to the max! If people can spam Wraith Knights in those dreaded 4 Knight lists, why not Wraithlords? They are not as fast but they are definitely as tough at T8. So this is what I ended up concocting:

Eldar Battlehost


Guardian Battlehost (570 pts)

3 x 10 Guardians with Missile Launcher platforms
Vaul's Wraith Support Battery with Shadow Weaver
Vyper with 2x Shuriken Canons
2 War Walkers with 2 Scatter lasers each


Aspect host (315 pts)
3 x Warp Spiders with Exarch

6x Wraith Constructs
3x Wraithlords with 2 flamers and 2 Bright Lances each (480 pts, 160 pts each)
2x Wraithlords with 2 flamers, 2 Bright Lances and Ghost glaive each (330 pts, 165 pts each)
1X Wraithlord with 2 flamers, 2 scatter lasers and Ghost glaive (155 pts)

Total: 1850 pts

This is generally a fun pain in the neck list. The Guardians are given Missile Launchers for utility purposes in case they are going to deal with horde more instead of tanks. If they have to deal with tanks, they can still deal with them too.

The Wraithlords are primarily armed with Brightlances to deal with tanks, especially the heavy tanks, as well as 2+ armoured infantry/monstrous creatures. The Wraithlords are the primary anti tank platforms, although there are other elements that can cover that as well. With 6 Wraithlords, even drop podding grav will not be able to take down all 6 in a turn, normally at most 2. The flamers on the lords enable them to take on hordes or charging infantry.

The Warp Spiders do what they do best. They, along with the War Walkers, add some anti-infantry punch as well as light and medium vehicle clearing duty.

The general tactic is to march forward while laying down heavy firepower, unless you are facing a very strong assault/DS/Drop pod army which the tactic would be to sit back, shoot down the enemy then assault them with the lords when their numbers have gone down rather significantly. I thought of putting an Avatar in there but I felt that it'll just die too easily to a lot of things (read: Grav) and makes it a wasted 200 pts or so. Better to put in another Wraithlord.

So what do you guys think? I don't expect this to win tournaments (especially 3 knight lists and the like) but it'll at least make things tough and difficult even for them.

Discussion: Eldar / Upcoming Tournament in June 2016
« on: May 10, 2016, 07:57:06 AM »
Hey guys

I could use your input for my 1850 list for the upcoming tourney in Malaysia:

Autarch - Death Spinner, Scorpion Chainsword, Warp Jump Generator - 93 pts

5 D-Scythe Wraith Guards (Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Canons) - 320 pts

3 X 3 Scat  bikes - 243 pts

Fast Attack
Crimson Hunter -140 pts
Crimson Hunter Exarch - 160 pts

Aspect Host Formation - 428 pts
4 Dark Reapers with Starshot Missiles
Exarch with Starshot missiles

5 Warp Spiders + Exarch X 2

Imperial Knights
Knight Crusader - Heavy Stubber, Thermal Canon, Avenger Gattling Canon, Stormspear Rocket Pod

I don't know what the full rules are going to be but the rules are as they are in the rulebook with no nerfing of any kind except that no FW is allowed (Which means, invisibility is fully snap shots).

Some general tactics, everything else depends on what is opposite me and the mission:
1) Deployment would be everything except the Spiders and Airplanes (Unless I get Master of Ambush, then I might infiltrate/outflank the Wraithguards)
2) Imperial Knight plays heavy fire support and tank (especially against hte alpha strikers)
3) Wraithguards plays a mostly defensive game to protect the Imperial Knight and Dark Reapers from Alpha Strikers and teleporters (Unless i have reasons to believe that nothing is going to come into my deployment zone. Then I'll move it forward instead, or the caveat in NO. 1 takes place).
4) Dark Reapers play vehicle hunting, priority SME targets and especially bikes that jink (ESPECIALLY Ravenwing and their 2+ rerollable jinks!)
5) Planes target air targets first before targetting vehicles on the ground (especially Heldrakes)
6) Spiders generally harass and do what they do best. Take on high toughness but low initiative targets (eg. Wraith Knights, most MCs)
7) Scatbikes take on priority targets and objectives
8) Autarch is attached to spiders
9) Warlord trait will take from the Strategic table

Things I'm afraid off
1) Alpha strikers
2) Massed Grav and teleporting jerks
3) Invisibility death stars (Of note: Super friends, nurgle bikers with conclave, Invisible knights)
4) Tau interceptor gunline
5) 3 or more imperial knights with 3++ Invul saves

Everything else I not too sure yet. Just a background on this list, the original list had no Imperial Knight but a Wraith Knight with 2 Wraith Cannons and 2 Scatlasers and I have the Crimson Death Formation instead of 2 Crimson Hunters in the Fast Attack slot. Reasons why I did not stick with old list:

1) Everybody including their grandmothers have Grav everywhere that they can deliver easily on a moment's notice through drop pods, outflank or teleportation, making the Wraith Knight just an easy kill point
2) The original list relies very heavily on reserves. A very strong alpha strike army can potentially wipe out/horribly weaken my army on the first turn
3) Relies very heavily on me surviving 1st turn before my stuff comes in on 2nd turn.

Any thoughts? I have to try to be ready to take on anything that comes.

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar Craftworld + Corsairs
« on: January 13, 2016, 02:38:56 AM »
Looking at the rumours and based on what I can get from Battlescribe, I was able to come up with this:

Skyrunner Seer Council Formation (610 pts):
2 Skyrunner Farseers (1 with Singing Spear and Spirit Stone)
7 Skyrunner Warlocks (2 with singing spears)

Eldar CAD

Autarch (Skyrunner, Banshee mask, laser lance) - 100 pts

3x3 Scatbikes - 243 pts

Fast Attack
2X2 Hornets with 2 Pulse lasers - 160 pts

LOW - Wraith knight with Wraith Sword and 2 Scat lasers - 325 pts

Eldar Corsair Allied Detachment
Corsair Prince - Collector of Ancient Treasures (Armour of Misery, Mask of secrets, Haywire Grenades, Void Sabre, Shadow Field, Corsair Jetbike)

5 man Corsair Reaver band (2 armed with fusion guns, 3 with CCW and brace of pistols, all with jetpacks)

This list is meant to be a deathstar with the Corsair Prince being a super tank. The Seer Council should be aiming to get Fortune. Invisibility would be more of a bonus (then again, it spoils everybody's day since Invisibility is the single most OP power out there). The Corsair would absorb all weapons fire coming its way (unless its from shooting where the Warlock's Shrouded would make everyone 2+ cover on jink). The Prince would lower enemy leadership by 4 around it, giving room for Psychic Shriek to finish them off. Horrifying them with the Warlock power would further reduce their leadership by a further 3. The Autarch's Banshee mask would ensure overwatch won't come their way.

The Hornets are there for anti-tank duty. The Autarch would help ensure that it comes in. The Wraith knight... well... the Wraith Knight is going to do what it does best at all times and support the Seer Council. If it runs into any Imperial KNights, they could handle quite okay (2 haywires on the squad) along with Wraith Knight support.

The Corsair Reaver band is there just to help with some backfield anti tanks that might need some help to be rid of.

What do you guys think?

Discussion: Eldar / Upcoming Tournament Suggestions
« on: March 06, 2015, 01:23:20 AM »
Hey people

Malaysia is having an upcoming tournament of 1850 pts. General rules are:
1) No super heavies or gargantuan creatures of any kind (So no Imperial Knights)
2) No FW
3) No formations allowed. 0-1 Combined arms detachment, 0-1 Allied detachment, 0-1 Codex specific detachment (eg. Nemesis Detachment of GK).
4) Only 5 turns for a max of 2 hours
5) Fortifications allowed although those above AV 14 are not allowed

Here's my list (Codex: Iyanden):

Autarch - Fusion Gun & Scorpion chainsword - 83 pts

6 Fire Dragons - 132 pts
Wave Serpent (TL Scatter lasers, holofields) - 135 pts

2 5 man Dire Avengers with Wave Serpent (TL Scatter lasers, Holofields) - 400 pts

<B>Fast Attack</B>
Crimson Hunter Exarch (2 Bright lances) - 180 pts
6 Warp Spiders - 114 pts
6 Warp Spiders - 114 pts

<B>Heavy Support</B>
3 Warwalkers with 2 Brightlances each - 210 pts
2 prime Wraith knights - 240 pts (One would be the Warlord, most likely)

What do you think? I'm kinda worried about the weird combo lists (eg. Draigo Centurion star, Leviathan FMC Circus, Daemons FMC Circus, Screamerstar). Input would be great!

Discussion: Apocalypse / Anti Deepstrike Stuff
« on: November 27, 2014, 02:54:43 AM »
Hey guys.

A Dark Eldar friend and I (Eldar) would be playing a game against another two guys. My friend is of the opinion that there is some sort of strategic asset or something that we can use to disrupt or completely mess around with the enemy's deep strike capabilities in some way or another.

Anybody know what item/asset/ability that is and what book can I look it up?

Thanks in advance!

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar at great handicap
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:01:42 PM »
Alright... just a little explanation. A friend of mine had been B**ching non-stop about Eldar's power and complaining about everything from Wave Serpents to Wraith Knights to Hornets to Deepstriking Fire Dragons (allied with Dark Eldar) and so many more things that it began to be a bit tiresome. So just to make him look more like a fool... I came up with this to deal with him. I doubt I can win with it but I'm hoping to put up a very strong fight. If win, all the better.

Although I doubt it'll humble him enough to see that his tactics need work... it'll be interesting. If anything... I'm quite sure he'll end up b**ching about the entire Eldar codex. Anyway... here's the list:

Iyanden Combined Arms Detachment


Farseer - Spirit stone of Anath'lan - 115 pts
Jetseer - Singing Spear - 120 pts


11 Guardians with Bright Lance - 119 pts
3 Jetbikes with shuriken Canon - 61 pts

Fast Attack

7 Swooping Hawks - 112 pts
7 Warp Spiders - 133 pts
7 Warp Spiders - 133 pts

Heavy Support

2 War Walkers with 2 Bright lances each - 140 pts

Aegis defence line with Icarus Lascannon - 85 pts

Eldar Combined arms Detachment

Mantarch - Shard of Anaris, jetbike - 165 pts
Spirit Seer - 70 pts

10 Guardians with Bright lance - 110 pts
10 Guardians with Bright lance - 110 pts

Fast attack
7 Swooping Hawks

Heavy Support
5 Dark Reapers with starshot missiles
Exarch with Missile Launcher, flakk missiles and Fast Shot - 265 pts

Total: 1850 pts

Comments guys? Good enough to put up a fight?

Enemy commander planning to use Eldar, Imperial Knights and White Scars. Usually a very elite army.

Discussion: Grey Knights / GK with Astra Militarium Allies
« on: November 18, 2014, 11:37:17 PM »
Hey all. So far my games with the new GK list had been rather bad due to the limited anti-tank options available and also the general nerf throughout the codex. Anyway to try to make this work, I try to put the Astra Militarium in to fill in the gaps. Let me know your opinions on how this can be further improved:

Nemesis Strike Force Primary Detachment:

Librarian Warlord (Lvl 3) - Domina Liber Daemonica, Storm Bolter, Nemesis Warding Staff - 165 pts
Librarian (Lvl 3) - Nemesis Warding Staff, Storm Bolter - 140 pts


8 Terminator Squad - 320 pts
3 Halberds (Justicar using Halberd)
3 Hammers
1 Sword
1 Psycannon with sword

7 Terminator Squad - 285 pts
1 Halberds (Justicar using Halberd)
3 Hammers
2 Sword
1 Psycannon with halberd

Fast Attack
Storm Raven - Lascannon, Multi-melta

Heavy Support
2 Nemesis Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter and Heavy Psycannon - 205 pts X 2

Astra Militarium Allied Detachment


Tank Commander
2 Demolishers with Lascannons - 390 pts

Veterans with 3 Meltaguns - 90 pts

Basic Strategy

Veterans go into the Storm Raven and come in turn 2. Librarians attach to Terminators Deep Strike in turn 1 together with Dread Knights. Hopefully the Librarians will have Vortex so can use it on some high value targets. Otherwise, cause havoc where they can together with Dreadknights to add pressure.

Leman Russes deploy on table and rumble forward, taking high value targets that need their Str 10 AP2 firepower. If enemy has drop podding melta vets, they go into reserve and come in later on.

Not much of a battle plan but it really depends on what the enemy puts on. Admittedly, I have no answer to Imperial Knights and some other mechanised armies.

What do you think? How can this be improved?

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar and Dark Eldar Strike Force!
« on: October 07, 2014, 10:32:44 PM »
I was musing with my Dark Eldar partner in crime in my game place (who's FULL of shenanigans btw) and realised some really nasty things that can be done. Anyways, here's a list I came up with:

Iyanden Eldar Combined Arms Detachment:

Autarch - Fusion Gun, Scorpion Chainsword - 83 pts

3 X 5 Fire Dragons - 330 pts

3 X 5 Dire Avengers with Wave Serpents (TL Scatter Lasers, Holo-fields) - 600 pts

Fast Attack
Crimson Hunter Exarch - 180 pts

Heavy Support
Wraithknight - Suncannon, Scatter laser - 300 pts (WARLORD)

Dark Eldar Realspace Raiders Detachment

Archon (Haywire Grenades) - 65 pts

9 Kabalite Warrios, Raider (Splinter racks & Disintegrator) - 142 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors, Venom (2 Splinter Canons) - 105 pts

Fast Attack
3 Venoms (2 Splinter Canons) - 195 pts

Total points - 2000

Basic Musings:
Wave Serpents hang back and take out priority targets and transports at long range.
WK be an A****** and take on 2+ armour units wherever found. Otherwise, any other priority targets at long range
The Fire Dragons will enter the 3 empty venoms, deepstrike in and target high threat targets (Imperial Knight, Monolith or any other high armoured targets) while the Venoms take out any other infantry in the area. If by any chance the Venom landed too far from target, they can disembark and if need be, battle focus to within melta range to decimate target vehicle.
Archon would join the Kabalites in the Raider. Depending on situation, may deepstrike close to enemy and do a run by shooting with the benefit of the splinter racks' TL shooting.

What do you guys think?

Discussion: Grey Knights / Grey Knights working with... CYPHER!?
« on: August 25, 2014, 04:32:06 AM »
Yeap... the topic says it all. Trying to find a game to test it out but it'll be a maximum troll to most armies, especially campers. Here it is:


Librarian Level 3, Domina Liber Demonica - 160 pts
Librarian Level 3, Teleport Homer, Fury of Deimos - 155 pts
Cypher - 190 pts


10 GK Terminators, 2 Psycannons, 3 Hamers, 4 Halberds - 408 pts
8 GK Terminators, 1 Psycannon, 3 Hammers, 2 Halberds - 318 pts
5 GK Terminators, 1 Incinerator, 1 Hammer, 2 Halberds - 189 pts

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknight, Nemesis Greatsword, Heavy Psycannon, Personal Teleporter - 210 pts
Nemesis Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Personal Teleporter - 220 pts

Total - 1850 pts

General strategy:

One squad with Librarian and Cypher infiltrate near enemy lines behind cover. If we are having 2nd, weather the incoming fire for at least a turn, then they'll deep strike immediately on 3+ on my turn reliably. With that, full psychic maelstorm and Psycannon firepower will erupt.

Everything else... flow from there.

Aimed psychic powers from Librarians:
Vortex, Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary (Santic) - Primary
Invisibility, Presience, Psychic Shriek - Secondary

If the 10 men squad is combat squaded, this will give me a grand total of 12 warp charges a turn to play with.

40K Rules Questions / Vortex Conundrum
« on: June 13, 2014, 05:57:05 AM »
In reference to the Vortex Santic power, it states that in regards to wound allocation, determine closest model from the middle of the hole, the same as barrage. Here are my questions:

1) In determining cover saves, would it be the same as barrage (determining from the hole) or from the model, as it firing a normal blast weapon?

2) Assuming the answer to No. 1 is as if firing a normal blast weapon, how would the vortex and determining cover be determined in subsequent turns when the vortex moves? Would it be from the hole, the direction the vortex moved from or the psyker itself?

Of course if we roled a 6 to wound/pen, this issue doesn't arise but 4 out of six results, enemy gets a cover save. So... what's your take on it? How should determining cover be treated?

Discussion: Grey Knights / Grey Knight Experimental List
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:22:12 AM »
Hi all.

I came up with this list to play around with the psychic phase and hopefully make it work. Feedback is welcomed!


Librarian (Level 3) - 200 pts
Librarian (Level 2) - 150 pts


10 man GK Strike Squad with 2 Psycanons and Psybolt Ammunition - 240 pts
Rhino - 40 pts

5 Man GK Strike Squad with 1 Psycanon - 110 pts
Razorback (Lascanon & Plasma gun) - 80 pts

6 Man GK Terminator Squad with 1 Psycanon, Nemesis Warding Stave - 285 pts

Fast Attack

Stormraven (Multi-melta, Lascanon) - 205 pts

2 Psyfle Dreadnoughts - 270 pts
Land Raider Crusader (Multi-melta, Psybolt Ammunition) - 270 pts

(Total 1850 pts)

This list is mainly to play around with psychic powers with the Librarians and the Terminators as the base. The Librarians are primarily going to get Santic powers as I'd like to play with the Vortex power and Gate of Infinity. First rounds or so can sit in the LR Crusader and move up as and when necessary. If opponent is playing a castle with packed vehicles, I can gate of infinity into their lines and drop the vortex and anything else that can be done.

Everyone else would play mostly support.

Primary motivation for this list: For LOLs as I just want to drop Vortex and see how it works. ^^
The list alone generates 14 Master level points (Potentially 15 if I combat squad the 10 man Strike Squad) so I have quite a bit of warp charges to play with these.

What do you think?

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