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For me, some of the nasty combinations highly depends on whether Soul Burst overwrites the normal restrictions placed on a unit, like assaulting using soul burst after infiltrating. But otherwise, the other viable combos/tricks you can do with the new book:

1) Fire Dragon bomb (Venom Deepstrike, since they can now start embarked)
2) Wraithguard bomb (See No. 1)
3) Having shadowseers to protect your foot based powerhouse to reach enemy lines or protect Backline units (eg. Dark Reapers)
4) Having 26 vanilla War Walkers that deepstrike with no scatter starting turn 1, using the Ulthwe Strike Force (granted not considered Ynnari but the same nonetheless...) And you start the game with your opponent having nothing to shoot at. :3

Assuming soulburst can overwrite restrictions....
Your Yrncarne can charge after appearing via soulburst
Your infiltrating Scorpions and Solitaire can assault via soulburst

Discussion: Eldar / Re: WOW... the new Gathering storm book
« on: February 14, 2017, 12:00:05 AM »
So far, I find that Yvraine and Visarch and the formations very meh at the moment except for Ulthwe Strike Force and the Ynnari Reborn warhost. Those 2 are really good an opens up a lot of funny things.

Imagine having a pure Ulthwe Strike Force army, that consist of all deepstriking no scatter War walkers? (See the stupidity already? XD)

But there still are some rules conundrums that need to be answered:

Does soulburst overwrite the normal limitations when triggered? For example:
- Can you charge using soulburst if you infiltrate/deepstrike/Yrncarne teleporting? (if you can't do this then the Yrncarne is only gonna die to grav on the turn it appears and everything else under the sun unless you teleport him at the end of the opponent's shooting/assault phase and close enough that you can actually assault next turn... so not easy to achieve exactly)
- If you turbo boost using soulburst, can you then shoot in your shooting phase?
- If you move using soulburst, can you then shoot heavy weapons?
- If you run using soulburst, can you then shoot/assault in its respective phases?

Since they are all one faction, can they now start the game embarked on each other's transports? (Fire Dragons embarked in Venom)

Just some food for thought...

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Yneed god of the dead... new eldar!!!
« on: January 23, 2017, 11:10:53 PM »
Since Khaine is more martial like, I think Ynead would be more psychic based, since based on his Avatar, it seems more psychic based. As for Fracture Of Biel Tan, I expect the Craftworld to go "BOOM!" judging by Fall Of Cadia actually going BOOM! I didn't expect them to make Cadia fall in the same book and even more unexpectedly in the whole planet falling apart.

So Biel Tan my literally fracture as a result. But Ynead might already been born because of what Eldrad did. So the fracture could be because of what Eldrad did... depowering all the infinity circuits to create Ynead and all that.

Somehow or rather, seeing how Eldar had been the beatstick of GW for the past few years, I don't expect Eldar getting a major victory out of this. If anything, it'll be phyricc. Worse still, Eldar will have their ass handed to them again in a very catastrophic way.

But otherwise, they just opened a new line of models... Craftworlds that follow Khaine and Another branch that follow Ynead (Ynead Aspect Warriors so to speak).

But did anyone notice that all 3 models seem to have very Dark Eldar like aesthetics and not so much Eldar aesthetics? The Avatar itself looks rather Dark Eldar instead of Eldar.

Yes they are still very strong. Between 2 and 4 Heavy D-Scythe hits that are barrage 36" range on a tank that can move 12" and still shoot. That kind of firepower is capable of killing knights or entire squads of elite infantry in one volley. I believe that it still counts as str 10 too unlike the heavy D-Scythes.

They are awesome. Until an idiot brings invisbility... than you are completely neutered.

Discussion: Eldar / New Year tournament
« on: December 14, 2016, 06:32:53 AM »
Hey all

I got an upcoming tournament in January 2016 with the following rules:

1500 pts
Max: 1 Super heavy/Gargantuan Creature
No forgeworld rules/units/detachments/formations etc.

I have 2 lists in mind:

List 1:


Autarch (70 pts)
Farseer (100 pts)


5x3 Scatbikes (405 pts)

Heavy Support

2 X D-Canon Vaul's Wrath Support Battery + 1 Warlock (145 pts)
2 Warwalkers (2 bright lances) (140 pts)

Lord of war
Wraith knight with 2 wraith canons and 2 Scatter lasers

Aspect host
3x5 Warp Spiders with Exarch (315 pts)

General info:
I have play tested this a while and it seems to do good. You may think that the Vaul's Wrath to be rather odd in the list but they are more to help take on heavy armoured vehicles or troops that stray to close. More importantly, they are to be my "anchor unit" to survive the strong alpha strikes out there (eg. Skyhammer, drop pod armies). The T7 would help a lot while the D-Canon threat would make people think twice a little about straying too close. The Autarch is just to give me the Reserve manipulation roll. Otherwise, it justs hangs back in reserve for the majority of the game and hopefully don't come out and get blasted (it'll be my warlord as well and stays in reserve).

But otherwise it has done well.

Until I fought against Ravenwing.... and it was horrible! All the rerollable jink saves is just pure madness. It was a close relic game but the only reason that it was close was because I got perfect timing psychic power, which enabled me to neutralise the Deathshroud formation by turn 2. But sadly my opponent successfully denied the power 2 times in the game. (he managed to deny me once with six sixes!!!!)

So that led me to build this list which is completely untested but meant to take on heavy cover save armies (Hopefully)

List 2:


Jetseer (105 pts)


2x3 Scatbikes (162 pts)
4 Scarbikes (108 pts)

Lord of war
Wraith knight with 2 wraith canons and 2 Scatter lasers

Aspect host
3x5 Warp Spiders with Exarch (315 pts)

White Scars Allied formation

Librarian - Hunter's eye & Auspex (90 pts)

5 Scounts with Sniper rifle (60 pts)

Fast attack
Drop Pod (35 pts)

Heavy Support
3 Centurions (Missile launcher & Grav Canons, Omniscope) - 280 pts

Well... this is generally to be a hard hitter that ignores cover. That's the idea behind it. Seems very limited in number though. No idea how else to go about it. Or if it's even a good idea. This is untested at the moment. any thoughts?

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Against the new GSC
« on: November 27, 2016, 11:13:04 PM »
I've started a GSC army, so I found that I took away a lot of the surprise element of my opponents list, when using the Cult, I've found many people simply don't know what it does. Knowledge is power.

Simply deploying/reserving is not going to work, you have to know what you're playing and how it will act of the field.

When I played vs the Cult, I found that sacrificing a few units to the cult during deployment worked out well, these formed a wall around the bulk of my forces. But, with enough of a gap, so that it was a long charge to get the unit(s) behind, as the cult can shoot during deployment.

I was running 2 Wraithknights (as I always do), so they were in the front line, I had one with Sun Cannon and another with double Wraithcannons (as I do), the Sun Cannons Invulnerable save was invaluable, backed up by Fortune it was a thorn in my opponents side all game, being able to tank a hit and then stomp on the unit that charged, leaving it free to charge another unit. Stomps did a lot of damage, being able to hit a unit, then "walk" the stomps into another.

Units supporting each other was super useful, but, don't get too close, as Multicharges become a thing. But, keeping within 6" so units cannot disappear was a way of chipping away.

Eventually the Cult runs out of steam.

Seems interesting. In my game, it was quite impossible to have enough space to put my guys behind the front line because of the 12" from table edge deployment zone. But like you said, I have a massive disadvantage that I not too sure how much GSC can do. Probably one mistake was that I reserved certain things and probably not reserving would have been better.

But I believe a scatbike army would be certain death against a GSC army right?

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Against the new GSC
« on: November 14, 2016, 05:02:51 AM »
Dont they have to roll for assault like a '6', or can they assault automatically once they appear?

Yes they do. Those that can assault assaulted. Those that cannot, shoots to the max to allow those that can assault to assault the hard stuff. Those that rolled a 5, shoot once during deployment and shoots again during shooting phase.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Against the new GSC
« on: November 13, 2016, 10:12:52 PM »
The pain comes first from the autoguns then the assault. The Eldar infantry are only Str 3 in the end with 5+ armour saves. With that many shots, even with 4+ cover saves, they go down

So once the meat shields are gone, they are able to assault. The 1st turn I lost all my Guardian infantry and 1 Wraithlord just like that. So by turn 2, there's no more meat shields for their assault elements to go through. And in my 1st turn, the flamers did take out a lot but still sadly not enough at all.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Against the new GSC
« on: November 11, 2016, 02:36:05 AM »
Hey Mcphro

Thanks for your feedback. As effective as your list may be against GSC, it will not work against other lists though (especially with Imperial Knights and the likes) as my objective was to have a list that can take on all lists. Basically a well balanced list.

In the game I played, I did the bubble wrap with my Guardians as well. But since they are... well... Guardians... they died to autopistols (and lots of it) quite fast. All 3 units of it died immediately, opening the door for their close combat elements to charge the Wraithlords behind. Cannot rely on terrain as there wasn't really much to begin with. So far the only thing I can think of that i can do differently is to have my War Walkers and Warp Spiders deployed instead of being held in reserve. The fact that they can make an immediate shot upon deployment (since some rolled a 5) and shoot again in their first turn is really devastating to my wimpy Guardians.

I may consider playing Night Spinners and see how that pan out. But as for now, to build a balanced list is really tough.

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar Against the new GSC
« on: November 07, 2016, 09:49:24 PM »
hey guys

Discussion topic! Any good ideas on how to deal with the new GSC? I tried a game with them with my fun Wraithlord list... and got totally TOTALLED by them, despite the multiple flamers I got in my list. The flamers were probably the only thing that allowed me to survive for as long as I did (Turn 2 to be exact...). I feel that the army totally nullifies all the advantages you get as Eldar. They deploy at your doorstep in turn 1 and can totally lock you in by their sheer numbers.

Deploying separately is the worst idea as they can get isolated and eradicated, then redeploy to reinforce other sections with their cult ambush rule.

Since they are so dense, there's no way you can use your speed to run or turbo boost. Even if you managed to with 36" turboboost with jetbikes, you are not that far away for them to catch up with you or they can just return to the shadows and appear at your door step again.

Eldar is really quite bad in assault. Their Genestealers at your doorstep and all will easily tear apart any vehicle or Wraith Knights the Eldar have with no room to maneuver.

So far I feel the biggest damage this does to Eldar is that it gives them absolutely no room for them to maneuver and utilize their main strength, which is their speed. And since Eldar is not resilient and have low numbers, this really works against them very VERY badly. And the list I tried is a typical Genestealer cult army that is not even optimised yet (testing stage) and I had absolutely no chance.

Anybody have any good ideas?

Discussion: Eldar / Re: WRAITHLORDS!
« on: September 25, 2016, 09:54:15 PM »
Sacralige comment... i sold my wraithknight. My only one. Why? Because in my meta people wont play it. Too powerful.

And i agree. Str d should never have been brought in. Instead it should have been str 10 like before. There isnt much difference anyway.

My 2 cents...

Agree on it being sacrilege. Disagree on it being too powerful. I find Imperial Knights stronger and tougher to bring down honestly, especially if you bring the formations where they have 3++ saves. No doubt that it is strong but not that strong because there are so many things that can bring it down so easily nowadays (read: Grav). No doubt certain codexes has extremely tough time bringing it down not because it's a Wraith Knight but because they lack weaponry that can take on Gargantuan/super heavies anyway, in this current Imperial Knight heavy meta.

But so far I somehow found that the Wraithlords die extremely easily to Plasma trotting marines... which I didn't really expect since you need 5+ to wound it. Perhaps it's the luck of the dice and lack of cover saves available...

Discussion: Eldar / Re: WRAITHLORDS!
« on: September 22, 2016, 07:03:54 AM »
Love it.
Probably not the best competitive eldar list out there but cool to see another type of list than the usual.
I don't own 6 wraith lords but if i did I would probably try it out because it would be fun.


I don't own 6 Wraithlords either. But I'm proxying them with other things just to give it a go and try it out for fun!

Discussion: Eldar / WRAITHLORDS!
« on: September 20, 2016, 10:43:40 PM »
This forum had been a little quiet lately. So I'll just spice things up a little with this thread.

So as the title goes, WRAITHLORDS! Nobody uses them. Everybody finds them underwhelming especially in the face of Wraith Knights and the likes. Furthermore, everybody hates Wraith Knights, Scatbikes, multiple Ds everywhere, etc etc etc. Honestly, people out there just hate Eldar without realising all of its limitations.

So what do I do about it? I decided to just play with the unit that nobody likes to use and spam it to the max! If people can spam Wraith Knights in those dreaded 4 Knight lists, why not Wraithlords? They are not as fast but they are definitely as tough at T8. So this is what I ended up concocting:

Eldar Battlehost


Guardian Battlehost (570 pts)

3 x 10 Guardians with Missile Launcher platforms
Vaul's Wraith Support Battery with Shadow Weaver
Vyper with 2x Shuriken Canons
2 War Walkers with 2 Scatter lasers each


Aspect host (315 pts)
3 x Warp Spiders with Exarch

6x Wraith Constructs
3x Wraithlords with 2 flamers and 2 Bright Lances each (480 pts, 160 pts each)
2x Wraithlords with 2 flamers, 2 Bright Lances and Ghost glaive each (330 pts, 165 pts each)
1X Wraithlord with 2 flamers, 2 scatter lasers and Ghost glaive (155 pts)

Total: 1850 pts

This is generally a fun pain in the neck list. The Guardians are given Missile Launchers for utility purposes in case they are going to deal with horde more instead of tanks. If they have to deal with tanks, they can still deal with them too.

The Wraithlords are primarily armed with Brightlances to deal with tanks, especially the heavy tanks, as well as 2+ armoured infantry/monstrous creatures. The Wraithlords are the primary anti tank platforms, although there are other elements that can cover that as well. With 6 Wraithlords, even drop podding grav will not be able to take down all 6 in a turn, normally at most 2. The flamers on the lords enable them to take on hordes or charging infantry.

The Warp Spiders do what they do best. They, along with the War Walkers, add some anti-infantry punch as well as light and medium vehicle clearing duty.

The general tactic is to march forward while laying down heavy firepower, unless you are facing a very strong assault/DS/Drop pod army which the tactic would be to sit back, shoot down the enemy then assault them with the lords when their numbers have gone down rather significantly. I thought of putting an Avatar in there but I felt that it'll just die too easily to a lot of things (read: Grav) and makes it a wasted 200 pts or so. Better to put in another Wraithlord.

So what do you guys think? I don't expect this to win tournaments (especially 3 knight lists and the like) but it'll at least make things tough and difficult even for them.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: New eldar coming?
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:29:26 PM »
... so alla the crafworlds are dead, eldrad, one of the greatest seers of the galaxy couldn't see the future and iliana couldn't see that eldrad was going to do what she was planing to do, no more wraiths for the eldar, Ynead is born and powerless (the next step is his death from the chaos gods....perhaps)nicely done gw....

Yeap pretty much. Was very disappointed how the story turned out. Didn't expect Eldar to succeed, but for them to lose this spectacularly bad, is really too much...

Discussion: Eldar / Re: New eldar coming?
« on: September 08, 2016, 10:24:00 PM »
I want to read this story  but I can't find it yet

Here's a very short summary:

Eldrad decided to awaken Ynead early and got into alliance with a Harlequin Troupe who went to craftworlds and steal a crystal seer statue (because it's like a conduit to the infinity circuit). Then he convinced Ulthwe and Saim-hann to stage a distraction war on a planet and slaughter anything and everything, while he conducts the ritual on the moon, which seemed to be psychic sensitive due to it being an old Eldar civilization before the Fall and filled with psychic sensitive sand/dust.

Ulthwe and Saim-Hann knew nothing of his plans because the plan would drain the souls from the infinity circuits, dooming the craftworlds and Eldar fleets without power and basically sitting ducks. His plan will earn him at best exile to the Eldar.

During the war on the planet, the Deathwatch killed a Harlequin and saw his eyes turned to the moon. The DW Captain than decided, "Let's go to the moon instead!!". The DW arrived on the moon and killed the Harlequins like they were cultists. The Captain threw a stasis bomb which stopped a bunch of Harlies in time (which supposedly Eldrad didn't see coming which spoilt ALL of his plans). The Death Jester pleaded with the Captain on the follies of his actions, of which he decided to pull the trigger anyway.

Then the Dreadnought shot its plasma canon at Eldrad at the climax of his ritual, feeling Ynead stirring to wakefulness. When Eldrad noticed the Plasma ball coming to him, he channeled his attention to his rune armour to block the plasma ball. In so doing, the ritual was disrupted and the Apostheosis of Ynead was denied.

The crystal seers exploded, the moon exploded and Eldrad escaped into the webway.

Deathwatch celebrated dead Eldar that died like cultists.

Harlequins, the best warriors in the galaxy (at least in fluff), died like cultists to Death Watch
Ynead was stirred but not fully awakened. Might end up being eaten by Slaanesh since it's not fully awakened and therefore very weakened
We don't know how this affected the Craftworlds but my guess is that they are probably sitting ducks now
We might see the total death of the Eldar during the 13th Black Crusade.

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