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The Warmaster 40k Painting Contest!!
« on: March 04, 2014, 08:52:55 PM »
Alright boys and girls, Xenos and Traitorous Scum!! Everything in between!

I've been raving and ranting about this for a while and now it's come! Time to start this contest out!

SO! Here's how it's going to work: Everyone can make what we'll call a pledge (To the God Emperor of Mankind!). Basically state what you're going to paint by the finish date which will be one month from the 7th of this month. You can paint almost anything you want but to keep goals realistic in the time frame i'll ask that you limit yourselves to one of the following: Independent Character, Single Squad (Or a combination of the two), Monstrous Creature or a Vehicle. As far as Prizes go, everyone who completes their pledge by the due date will be put in a draw to win, furthermore if all pledges are finished by the due date i'll run another draw.

FINALLY! We'll have JUDGES! Just to be a little different! Basically Fritz, Jawaballs, IDICBeer, Khe-Loc, Hawkeye and Myself will choose our favourite pledges and they will go in to yet another draw for some other prize. Also, I am attempting to work out something with Fritz to let everyone know about your skill with brush and paint alike here on the forum, but more details on that later^^!

Some have asked to paint Terrain but IDICBeer is currently running a Terrain painting competition up the Contests section, so if you're feeling that go up and check it out.

Now as i'm footing the bill for prizes myself, it'll probably be something small, a single IC or Dice something of that nature, but basically I won't say anything regarding just what these will be because i'll sort it out with the winners of each draw when the contest is over!

ANYWAY! Now you know what's going on, I suppose you'll want to enter. All you have to do is make a Thread in this special 40k contest section with your username in the title and the date of creation. In the thread detail what it is you'll be painting and post a picture of your unpainted models again with the date of thread creation or the date you took the photo (just so we know you're not cheating or trying to open a rip in realspace and begin a full blown Demonic Incursion... I mean... HERESY!!)

So, you know how it works, you know what to do, post any questions here, the only threads i'll allow to exist in this section are pledge threads. Post progress photos as you go (Optional but i'd love to see them!) there's a section in the gallery JUST FOR THEM so fill it up!!! We need to get some hype for this so it can become a regular thing^^. For the finished product post photos of every angle of the Character/Squad/Vehicle/Monstrous Creature (Front, Back, Sides) in your thread.

So in Summary: Create thread with your user and the date, in this thread post a photo of the models you intend to paint (UNPAINTED OR PRIMED) and the date somewhere in the picture. Post your progress shots in the appropriate section in the gallery PLEASEE!!! Finally, get started! Paint for your lives! I expect great things!

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, to make sure there's a possibility of getting all these pledges done, new entries can only be posted for the first two weeks, which means from the 7th March until the 21st March. ALSO! This will be according to my own time zone GMT +10, I live in the future, so you all have to be wary^^.


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