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Builder campaign starting at 500 points
« on: March 15, 2014, 06:06:53 AM »
Call out to all fellow warbosses to help Grow the waagh!!

I've joined in with a local 40k builder tournament.  This starts towards the end of the month.  There are 12 players and as far as I'm aware I'm the only one flying the waaagh banner.  I think I might be being written off because of my choice of dex but I love the Tide so I want to prove the doubters wrong. 

Essentially the campaign style tournament starts off with 500 points for the first month in which 4 games are played.  After that month we add 250 points to the list and do this every month until we reach 1500.

Now, those that are familiar with my Ork army know that my Klan of choice is Goffs, however I want to use this as a chance to expand my army with new units rather than just use what I have existing already.  Because of this I want to branch out into the kult of speed a bit more.  I feel like at the 1500 point level lots of trukk boyz and bikes will be more competitive than my usual combination of kans and boyz.

I had my first game yesterday and this is what I took.

1 Warboss attack squig, power klaw, eavy armour, boss pole.

11 Ork shoota boyz including big shoota and nob with PK and Eavy Armour
1 Trukk boarding planks

12 Loota Boys

2 Deff koptas (basic loadout) 

Total 496.

So my first practice game at 500 points saw me take on space marines.  I faced

1 Librarian, force sword, (dont know what psychic powers)
10 Tactical Marines with plasma cannon
2 Melta attack bikes,
5 devastators with 2 plasma, 1 heavy bolter and 1 missile launcher 

I won this first meeting a lot more comfortably than I first thought but I think that was due to some luck on my part.  At one stage my lootas were threatened by the attack bikes on their flank but they pulled 3 shots each out of the bag causing 3 unsaved wounds and making the remaining bike retreat 15" effectively taking it out the rest of the game.

The shoota boyz in the trukk were very effective and wiped out the devastators bar the lone bolter sgt in turn 2 and then went on to tie up the large tactical squad in CC for the remainder of the game.  The Libby issued a challenge which my nob took up much to the insult of the warboss.  The Libby missed and the nob promptly sliced the Libby up with his power klaw.  The game was won from this point with the last few turns mopping up the last straggling beakies.

But this is the issue now... I'm not sure that this list would have been as effective without the luck.  The lootas were good and put out silly amounts of high strength shots at this points level.  The shootas are a must and so is the trukk for the flavour I want to go with.  The Warboss kills things dead when they need to be and with the nob to take on challengers shouldn't be picked out in challenges so can make up the combat resolution that a small squad of boyz would otherwise struggle with.  But is he the best choice to lead the list.

When the tournament starts proper the HQ you chose to start must be taken every time, his wargear can change but the character can not. (so this is a big decision)

I am effectively asking for criticism of the 500 points you see listed and suggestions for tweaks or more competitive entries. 

Secondly I would like suggestions for the next 250 points to add next month so I can get to work painting it up.

I have thought subsequently about taking wazdakka but in order to fit him into the points I'd have to drop the current warboss and the deffkpoptas which will leave me at quite a shortfall! Not sure if it's worth that risk?

Cheers Guys

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Re: Builder campaign starting at 500 points
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2014, 10:43:30 PM »
1 Warboss attack squig, power klaw, eavy armour, boss pole.

11 Ork shoota boyz including big shoota and nob with PK and Eavy Armour
1 Trukk boarding planks

12 Loota Boys

2 Deff koptas (basic loadout) 

Total 496.

First off: are fliers going to be used or not?
If so, then at what point levels are they allowed in?
This aspect will affect your planning, since once anybody starts putting fliers on the table, then everyone is stuck with them from then on.
You might want to look at carefully choosing to add a selection of deffkoptas, or warbikes, or jets, but you will need to plan which ones, how many, and at what point level.

Second, do you have to buy the warboss up front, or not? You may not need the warboss until later points levels, and a bigmek KFF may be more useful early.

Your trukk shootaboys will be your workhorse unit, you will want more of them as points are available.

The warboss is very flexible, he can be "changed" by adding or removing (as needed) megaarmor, or a warbike, possibly with a bodyguard of biker nobs for the 1500 points level. So, do you need wazdakka to pull this off at 1500 points or not? If so, then bring him in only when you can easily afford him. Seems to me that if you want a warboss, then you want him on a warbike,

You will of course want to eventually add the bigmek in the other HQ slot, being Kult of speed.

Kult of speed, probly means either adding two or three battlewagons as you can afford them (just one battlewagon by itself is probly going to get blown up in one turn), or adding appropriate fliers instead of battlewagons.

You need to come up with your aspiring 1500 point list and work backwards from there to a workable 500 points. Be willing to take a handicap early/mid points levels to budget what you need at 1500 points.
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