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Scenario / Campaign - Kill Teams: Titan Slayer Edition
« on: November 10, 2014, 11:17:54 AM »
I recently caught Fritz's article about forging the narrative on BoLS and very much enjoyed it so I thought I would share what myself and some of my local guys are doing. So I am setting up/writing a Scenario or mini Campaign to be played out this Thursday and thought I would post it on here to see what you guys think.
The idea came about because I have these Titans that sit around in cases at my house, mostly because it's hard to find players that can match their power or have the time to play a massive game with them. A good friend and blood angels player would often say he wished there was some way to play a scenario where a kill team/ strike team would attempt to take down a titan and wanted to find a way to get them out of the case and on to the table so we could blow the dust off them lol. So I set out to try and write a story line and set of rules that would make such a game feasible and fun/balanced for both players.
This is the story/background and special rules that I cam up with (Sorry, be prepared for a lot of reading!):

By special request...

Scenario Kill Teams: Titan Slayer Edition



Planet Fularis I, a civilized class world in the Bhein Morr Sub-sector that was ravaged by attack during the 12th Black Crusade. The world has recovered largely, though over 65% of the surface was left barren and in uninhabitable ruins. The enduring population lives in heavily fortified and concentrated “super cities” supported by Astra Militarum defenses. Fularis is stratigicly important as it monitors the Arx Gap, an alternate route out of the Eye of Terror that bypasses the Cadian Gate.


4 834 966.M41
Unusually strong warp storm activity noted at Arx Gap.

4 862 966.M41
Warp storm activity becomes more volatile. Disruptions in communications and sensor readings noted.

4 902 966.M41
Status of long range communications unknown. No in coming communications for 6 days. No response too out-going comms.

4 910 966.M41
Intermittent vessel signatures detected in vicinity of Arx Rift. Cannot verify validity of readings.
Distress transmission activated. Planetary defenses on alert.  Status of communications unknown. No in bound transmissions. No response to out bound transmissions.

4 918 966.M41
Visual verification of large scale Chaos invasion force in system. Trajectory  plotted. Target  Fularis I. Planetary defenses online. Off world communications offline. Emergency shuttles dispatched to request assistance.

4 920 966.M41
Invasion force has reached low orbit. Designation identified: Serrated Sun. Planetary defense emplacements have engaged ships at range.

The Astra Militarum orbital defenses destroyed several of the landing ships and managed to scatter and damage the Bulk Landers caring the worst of the invasion force – the Titan legion supporting the Serrated Sun in their forthcoming siege of the city fortress. These scattered forces are now in the process of regrouping before making their final attack, an effort to silence the planet before it can alert the Imperium of their blasphemous incursion into the material plane.

Unknown to the force’s of Chaos, Fularis I dispatched a small group of shuttles before their arrival in an effort to alert the Imperium of the unfolding events, and send reinforcements.

One of these shuttles was able to reach an Imperial outpost. Hours later several small bands of Space Marines are on their way to Fularis I in the hopes they can hold of the invasion until reinforcements can make their way to the system…


The rules for this game will be heavily modified and drawn from several sources and editions to try and make the game as fair, fun and dynamic as possible. These are just suggested at this point and I am happy to have feedback from everyone as to how they should be changed or altered. Also please bear in mind that as these rules deviate so far from normal gameplay, it may require tweaking again after play testing.


**Please note the special rules for this game will be available in the files section for download and printed copies will also be available on game night for reference**

Chaos Convoy

This game will use the super heavy vehicle rules from 3rd edition regarding movement, damage and firing, which can be found in the Files section. The amendments of these rules are as follows:

Unsuspecting Victims:

The Chaos convoy is in route to gather with the rest of the invasion forces and are not expecting resistance in the area as their scans revealed no heavy armor.

The Chaos team my not target any model and is limited solely to movement until a unit from the opposing team fires at any of the Chaos models or moves with in 12” of any model on the Chaos team.

Charging systems:

Because the Bulk Lander was damaged and forced to make an emergency landing they did not have time to properly deploy their Titans weapons and battle systems when they abandoned the downed craft.

At the start of the game any Titans in play do not have use of any of their weapon, drive or shield systems. At the start of each of their turns the Chaos player rolls 1 D6, on a 2+ they may activate one system. On a 2+ choose one of the following to be powered up:

1x Drive system – This enables regular movement

1x Weapon System – this enables one weapon system (you must roll for each weapon individually)

1x Shield System – this enables one void or other shield type (you must roll for each shield individually)

Once activated these systems work per their normal rules until they are disabled using the aforementioned damage table (see Apocalypse super heavy damage File)

Due to the time required for the Reaver Titan's advanced systems to warm up, it is unable to Run or Charge for the on the first turn on which the drive system is first activated or repaired after being damaged.

Titanic Tread

When the Reaver Titan moves, the ground is rocked by violent shock waves. All units, except vehicles and monstrous creatures, that move within 12" of the Reaver Titan’s feet count as moving through difficult terrain(rule is only in effect if the Reaver Titans Drive system is functional).

Smashed to Rubble

For this scenario, all titans have been outfitted with a Titan power fist enabling it to destroy ruins. If the Titan moves within 3” of a ruin, it can choose to destroy it on a roll of 2+. If successful, Remove the ruin and replace its footprint with a rubble or crater (difficult terrain). Any models (friend or foe) in the ruins suffer the effects of an Explodes! Result on the Vehicle Damage Table. If the attempt to destroy the ruins is unsuccessful there are no effects.

..:Chaos Convoy Roster:..

Chaos Reaver Titan  - Daemon of Khorne
WS     BS      S        Front   Side   Rear       I        A        SP
  2        4      10         14        14        10         1        2         6

Weapon                        Range         STR        AP           Type

Titan Power Claw             -               10          1              Melee
Laser Blaster                   96"             10         2           Heavy 3,
                                                                                        Large Blast
Apocalypse Missile    24-360"       7           3         Apocalyptic
Launcher                                                                      Barrage 5

Chaos Predator
WS      BS      S      Front   Side    Rear       I       A         HP
  -         4        -         13        11         10         -       -           3

Weapon                       Range          STR        AP          Type

Autocannon                   48"             7            4            Heavy 2
2x Heavy Bolters           36"             5            4            Heavy 3

Chaos Rhino
WS      BS      S      Front   Side    Rear       I      A         HP
  -          4       -          11        11         10         -      -           3

The Rhino is carrying 5x Chaos Space Marines with no Champion or special rules.

Space Marines Strike Force

Because of their specialized training and equipment all units in the Space Marines Strike Force have the following special rules for the entirety of the game:

Tank Hunter (May re-roll failed armour penetration)
Stealth (1+ To cover save)
Infiltrate (may deploy anywhere on the board at least 12" from enemy models)
Scout (after both teams have deployed models may be        moved up to 6" from their original position before the first turn)

Alpha Strike

The Space Marine strike force has amassed unknown to the Chaos convoy. Having the element of surprise allows them to pick their targets weak spots out and take their time finding the best place to strike.

All Units in the Strike Force Team have the Alpha Strike rule. The Alpha Strike rule is only in effect for the first time each unit makes a shooting attack. Any unit with the Alpha strike rule has the Shrouded special rule until they make their first shooting attach.

For their first shooting attach every unit in the Strike force team is +1 BS and their weapons are +1 Strength and have the Armourbane & Ignores Cover Special Rules. After the first shooting attack is completed the units return to their normal BS and their weapons return to their normal profile.

Remnants of The Old War

Fularis  was the site of great and open war against the forces of  Chaos during the 12th Black Crusade. This has left much of Fularis scared and scattered with the remnants of damaged, destroyed and abandoned war machines of both loyalist and traitor.

Before any deployment, but after placing terrain, the Space Marine Strike Force team may deploy D3 Remnant vehicles to the board.  A remnant vehicle may be any vehicle with the unit type Tank that has up to 3 hull points and is less than 150pts cost (this may include upgrades). No more than 1 remnant may be deployed in the Strike force’s deployment zone and all must be at least 18” apart. Each deployed Remnant is treated as a wrecked vehicle at the Start of the game.  When a unit of the troop type from the Strike Force team makes it into base contact with a Remnant Vehicle roll a D6 and take the result from the following table:

1-2                No Effect, Vehicle is found to be nothing more than a wreck

3                   The Wreck becomes a one wound weapon emplacement with one of its weapons still functional (determined at random) using the gun emplacement profile (Toughness 7, 3+ Save)     

4                   The Wreck becomes a two wound weapon emplacement with one of its weapons still functional (determined at random) using the gun emplacement profile (Toughness 7, 3+ Save) 

5                   The Remnant is found to still be in somewhat functional order. The wreck is restored to a 1 hull point vehicle using its regular profile, but only has one functional weapon (determined at reandom). The model in base contact becomes the pilot of the tank and as such the original model is removed from play.

6                  The Remnant is found to still be in moderately functional order. The wreck is restored to a 1 hull point vehicle using its regular profile, and has use of all of its original weapons. The model in base contact becomes the pilot of the tank and as such the original model is removed from play.

Supply Caches

Before any deployment, but after placing terrain,

the Space Marine Strike Force team may deploy 2 D3+1 Supply Caches to the board. They may be placed anywhere on the board but must be 6" from the table edge and the Space Marine Strike force team may not deploy any unit within 12" of any Supply Cache. If any Model is able to make base contact with a Supply Cache roll a D6, on a roll of 4+ roll a further D6 and that Model's weapon  is upgraded based on the chart below, on a roll of  3 or lower the cache is found to be empty and is removed from play.

1-2                    Heavy Bolter

3                       Assault Cannon

4                      Plasma Cannon

5                      Multi- Melta

6                      Lascannon

Once the Model has been upgraded, the cache is removed and cannot be used again.

Alternatively if the player chooses to sacrifice the supply cache he may choose to shoot at it in an attempt to detonate the volatile ammunition using the following rules:

You must have a unit within firing range and eligible to make a shooting attack. Roll to hit the cache as you would a normal target. If the hit fails, nothing happens and the cache remains. On a hit roll a D6, on a roll of 3 or lower there is are no effects and the cache is removed from play. On a roll of 4+ the supply cache automatically detonates and scatters D3" using the following profile:

Range          Strength        AP                      Type

-                     9/7/5       3/4/5        Apocalyptic Mega-blast

After the explosion the Supply cache is removed from play. Should the supply cache scatter onto another Supply Cache,  roll a D6, on a 4+ the explosion causes a chain reaction and automatically detonates each additional Supply Cache under the blast (on a roll of 4+ for each additional cache).

Ultimate Sacrifice

Power Armour draws its power from a sub-atomic microfusion generator. While it is intended to be a very efficient power source for the Space Marines armour and other systems, it is possible to overload the reactor causing a catastrophic chain reaction.

Instead of shooting in the shooting phase any model in power armour may make the following attack:

Reactor Overload   

Range          Strength         AP                     Type

D3"                     10               2                Large Blast, Gets Hot

On a roll of a 1 the reactor does not detonate and the model suffers a Gets Hot which removes the model from play (as his power armour is assumed to be non functioning at the time).

On a roll of 2+ the Reactor Overload is achieved and the model may dive D3" in any direction before the explosion, which scatters as a normal large blast from the templates starting position. A successful detonation removes the attacking model from play regardless of where the blast scatters.

..:Space Marine Strike Force Roster:..

125PTS  from Blood Angels Heralds of Ruin Kill team roster Units TBD

125PTS  from Space Wolves Heralds of Ruin Kill team roster Units TBD

..:Mission Format:..


Chaos Convoy: Chaos Reaver Battle Titan, Chaos Predator, & Chaos Rhino with 5 Chaos Space Marines embarked

Space Marines Strike Force: 125pts chosen from the Space Wolves Heralds of Ruin supplement list & 125pts chosen from the Blood Angels Heralds of Ruin supplement list

The Battlefield:
Per scenario, 1/3 of board open ground for convoy "road". Remainder of board to be largely covered in city ruins.

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil, highest roll chooses side first. Convoy is deployed in "road" area.

First Turn: The Chaos Convoy team will deploy first and go first unless the Strike Force is able to seize the initiative.

Game Length:  Variable game length- At the end of game turn 5, one of the players must roll a D6.
On a roll of 3+ the game continues, otherwise the game is over. If another turn is played,
another D6 must be rolled at the end of game turn 6, and this time, the game only
continues on a roll of 4+. The battle automatically ends at the close of game turn 7.

Victory Conditions:

Escape! - If the Chaos Reaver titan is able to make it to the Strike Force's table edge roll a D6 on a 5+ the Reaver Titan Escapes the ambush and the Chaos team is awarded 5 victory points. On a 4 or lower the Reaver Titan remains in play and may attempt to leave the battle field again on it's next turn.

Target Neutralized - For each structure point removed from the Reaver Titan (regardless of the cause) the Strike Force it awarded 1 victory point.

Secondary Objectives:

First Blood 

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Re: Scenario / Campaign - Kill Teams: Titan Slayer Edition
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2014, 11:00:40 AM »
Here are some images from the game. For those that are interested, the 3rd editions rules made it impossible to hurt the titan and it turned out the 7th edition rules would really have been better. Also the Titan escaping was impossible because of the 3rd edition rules and him always being immobilized. We are going to redo the rules and give this another try in the future. I'll post the results and new rules when we get around to trying it. Now pictures!