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2000, Green Tide
« on: January 22, 2015, 07:03:10 PM »
Keep in mind I don't plan on taking this list to any tournaments, it's just for fun. Anyways here it is.

Green tide: 122 boyz w/ heavy armor and a warboss with "da killa klaw" mega armor and supa cybork.

Big mek W/ shokk attack gun.
Big mek W/ Choppa of ragnarork, Uber KFF and heavy armour.

Looted Wagon W/ Killkannon, hard case, 2x big shootas and reinforced ram.
Looted Wagon W/ Killkannon and hard case.

10 Grots.
10 Grots.
10 Grots.
10 wounds, 10 saves, 10 1's, One epic misfire.