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Semi-Competitive Nurgle List


The Scribe:
Hey everyone, I'd like to know what you think of this Nurgle-themed army list. It's meant to be semi-competitive and comprises of a Chaos Daemon primary detachment, Chaos Space Marine allies, an Imperial Knight detachment as well as Fortifications

1998/2000 Points

The idea is to tie up my opponents' army with everything except the Troops and Herald Of Nurgle (Warlord) while the Nurgling Swarms, Plaguebearers and Cultists go for the objectives
Fortifications: 75
- Aegis Defence Line + Comms Relay = 75

 Chaos Daemon & CSM H.Q.: 205
- Herald Of Nurgle + Greater Locus Of Fecundity = 70
- Chaos Lord + Chaos Bike + Mark Of Nurgle + The Murder Sword = 140

Chaos Daemon Elites: 208
- 4x Beasts of Nurgle

Chaos Daemon & CSM Troops: 450
- 3x Nurgling Swarms
- 3x Nurgling Swarms
- 15x Plaguebearers + Instrument of Chaos + Icon of Chaos = 155
- 15x Plaguebearers + Instrument of Chaos + Icon of Chaos = 155
- 10x Cultists

Chaos Daemon & CSM Fast Attack: 340
- 10x Flesh Hounds Of Khorne
- 5x Chaos Spawn + Mark Of Nurgle = 180

Chaos Daemon Heavy Support: 360
- Soul Grinder + Daemon of Nurgle + Phlegm Bombardment = 180
- Soul Grinder + Daemon of Nurgle + Phlegm Bombardment = 180

Imperial Knight Detachment: 360
- Imperial Knight Gallant + Twin Icarus autocanon = 360

As far as theme is concerned, the main models that I feel that the army MUST have are:
- 30 Plaguebearers
- 10 Cultists
The is to show human mortality, frailty and foolishness amidst a sea of Nurgle daemons

The only thing I could recommend  is making your cultist army at least twice as big. Cultists are super squishy. So even if they are holding an objective, they could easily go down to some good shooting. Of course  have a bias towards humans and not demons  :P


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