Author Topic: Painted as one Army, playing as another: Kosher?  (Read 4914 times)

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Re: Painted as one Army, playing as another: Kosher?
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2015, 12:10:06 PM »
This is not historicals.  The onky issue I would ever have is if everything is painted the same colour but supposed to be from different chapters. I would say no to that, unless I was told before hand and the purpose was something like they person didnt want to spend a bunch if money before knowing if the combination of chapters worked well together or not.

I personally have my Marines painted as Black Guard because Imreslly like the color scheme, but have always used them as Raptors becuause the Raptors chapter tactics helped solve my anti-MC problem without pushing me to buy Centurions.  I'll probably be playing them as Ultramarines since UM gives the biggest boost to Tactical squads andmy entire collection is built around a Battle Company.  Everything is pretty much painted.  I have hundreds of hours of painting time invested. There is no way I would repainted them just to be the right colour.