Author Topic: Templestar Crusade Cusom build  (Read 543 times)

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Templestar Crusade Cusom build
« on: November 10, 2016, 09:26:51 PM »
The uni's stats are based on the tempestors but are not stricly within that elite order.

Planet where christian relics had been taken to before the age of strife. Beleive the God emperor is the second coming of jesus. A long time ago on their planet some comissars and the astra militarum saved them from chaos and left their jackets as a sign of respect for the herioc deeds of the local soldiers.

The platoom comander is a fully fledged Templestar (tempestus prime) carries a holy relic and the orders he gives are divined for him instead of given for any tactical reason. When a Commisader (Tempestor) is promoted to a Templestor he passes on his commisar jacket to a new squad commander.
I lost the black circle base for my 5th guy :(

The Templestar Crusade waste no points on anything to protect themselvs and go for full on firepower and they martyr themselves in battle. Templestar Monks (tempestus scion) who live long enough are decided to to have some holy protection and will be soon chosen to wear the commisars jacket hoping to be protected by The God Emporer to a fully fledged Templestar.

These soldiers literally go into hell with zero chance of survival. Their white armor is completely covered in filth and mud from explotions which if not from the protection of the God Emporer they would surely die.

The planet has a very low tithe and now a squad of four are ready to deep strike into battle on a turn decided by a d3 or the Templestar can do a leadership test (to choose the turn to deep strike but if they fail they deep strike on the fourh turn due to failing prey to the deadly sin of pride)