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Starting Chaos Daemons


Chaos Lord Vrakon:
Greetings, better-halves! It is I, Chaos Lord Vrakon! I'm starting Daemons after Christmas. Never played Daemons (just Daemonkin) and I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to point me in the direction of starting this army. It doesn't have to be a mono-build (preferably not) but whatever you guys think would be a good bet, please respond with a list that would work well alone and allied with Chaos Space Marines. I'm planning on playing Daemons alone for the first 10-15 games to get it under my belt and them 'tis off to the Black Crusade!

Death to the False Emperor! For the Dark Gods!

Lord Deimos:
Since you already play CSM why not by 1 unit of each basic deamon troop and try summoning them in your CSM games with a Nurgle Deamon Prince (if you look at the list section I put on a 750pts list with that in mind that can give a challenge to any list at this points level)
With deamons the trick is to pit the right unit against the right target
- Bloodletter are your marines killer
- Plaguebearers munch trough high AV like gauss weapon
- Deamonette rend trough armor 2+
- Pink horrors are your shooting unit with heavy bolter type psy power (and can still run in shooting phase.

Experiment with these and you'll get a good grip of the type of army you will prefer to play. The beauty with summoning is to be able to add any of these units at the right time in any games.

Chaos Lord Vrakon:
Sounds like a plan!


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