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Adepta Sororitas Tactical Objectives
« on: January 07, 2017, 02:08:45 PM »
With the release of Codex: Imperial Agents Sisters of battle have gained some rather nice and easy to get Tactical Objectives.

Now real quick it seems like this book doesn't overwrite the digital codex but it also doesn't seem like you need to be using the detachment or formation from Imperial Agents to use these new Objectives. As long as your warlord has the Adepta Sororitas(AS) Faction you may use them.

11 Slay the Heretic - Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you Killed any enemy characters during your turn.

12 Armour of Contempt - This Tactical Objective is achieved the next time one of your AS units makes a successful Shield of Faith save or a successful Deny the Witch roll. When achieved, you immediately score 1 Victory Point.

13 Reclaim Lost Relic - Roll a D6 when this Tactical Objective is generated. Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you control the Objective Marker whose number corresponds to the D6 result.

14 Trust in the Emperor - Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if, during your turn, a unit with the Act of Faith special rule completely destroyed an enemy unit. If your unit destroyed the enemy unit whilst under the effect of an Act of Faith, score D3 Victory Points instead.

15 The Blood of Martyrs - This Tactical Objective is achieved the next time one of your AS characters is slain. If the character has the Martyrdom special rule, you immediately score D3 Victory Points; otherwise, you score 1 Victory Point.

16 A Leap of Faith - Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you passed at least one Act of Faith test during that turn. If you passed at least three Act of Faith tests during your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead, and score D3+3 Victory Points instead if you passed six or more Act of Faith tests.

The objectives for 11,12, and 13 aren't very special and rather easy to get. What is really interesting are the last three Tactical Objectives 14,15, and 16 and how they can be combo'd together if luckily drawn.

For Objective 15 only four models have the Martyrdom special rule, the two Canonesses, Uriah Jacobus, and Saint Celestine as of right now. What that special rule does is when the model with that rule is your warlord and dies, all units that contains models all having Act of Faith automatically pass any Leadership tests until your next turn. This includes moral, fear, pinning, and Act of Faith tests.

If you already had both 14 and 16 in your hand or drew them on your next turn have up to 6 units activate their Act of Faith and focus down one unit. Now these 6 models don't even really need a valid reason to use their Act of Faith like giving the unit perfeared enemy when they have nothing in range to shot just so long as you use 6 of them. You don't even need to rule if your warlord was killed with the Martyrdom rule you auto pass the leadership test.

If you manage to pull this off you will get 3D3+3 victory points in one to two turns from just these cards. This will be something that you might get away with once of obviously breaking off your warlord in front of a unit that can kill them and sucicding before your opponents catch on and ignore her the next time you do it.

 I have been thinking of a way to get my warlord killed the most reliably with this and that is to take Inquisitor Karamazov and use his orbital strike to nuke a Canoness off the table. Now she does still get her 6++ invulnerable and could save it and to deal with this i was going to have her be with a couple of crusaders to add more wounds to the pool for her to save making it unlikely that it just won't wound her on a 1 to needing to not wound 3 models and not being saved up to 3 times on a 6++. It might be a little easier to have a couple Astropaths with her instead of crusaders since Karamazov has Witch Hunter giving him perfeared enemy psyker and they can get lucky enough on the psyker table to make them invisible until they need to be nuked off the board. But the crusaders will have there stormshields in 99% of situations to protect her and will most likely survive the orbital strike after she is dead.