Author Topic: Taurox Prime = regular dedicated transport 3+ shooty tanks  (Read 618 times)

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Taurox Prime = regular dedicated transport 3+ shooty tanks
« on: June 11, 2017, 06:39:28 PM »
Hello, I am going through the rules for IG and I saw that the Taurox Prime is a regular dedicated transport at 96 pts you got 28 strength 4 shots at BS 3+.( one taurox gatling cannon and 2 hot-shot volley gun. Thats nice, even more when a double heavy bolter chimera stands at 91 pts and still shoots on 4+. Nobody will ever take anything else than taurox prime for the amazing anti-hoard ability and the better BS. Take the taurox missile launcher,  If you prefer 2 missile launcher on your tanks at BS 3+ for 128 pts.

Oh and vets are elites and regular scions are troops... technicaly you could take 12 troops of 5 scions with 2 melta guns each for 69 pts a piece and deep strike all of them turn one for some vehicles monsters killing turn one. Ouch. IG is terifying if you want to. 

The only down side is that a regular company commander can't issue order to guard from different regiment. No big deal.

Tank commanders and pask is the way to go for leman russes. Always get pask and tank commander before taking regular leman russes for some nice 2+ and 3+ shooting.

Character are super nice in groups. Be sure to grap a priest on the way. He has the astra militarum key word, same with techpriest enginseer and the psykers.

Rough Riders with extra attacks reusable hunting-lance and 2 wounds a piece. They needed some heavy overall to get usable, but now I can use the 38 I have in my collection.

That's my opinion for now, let's see yours. What cheese did you see in your IG?
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