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Space Wolves Equipment
« on: June 29, 2017, 05:39:49 AM »
Now that indices and rules are out for a while, what are your experiences with different weaponry on our packs?

- Grey Hunters: In lack of flamers in my current, rather small army, I'm going with plasma throwers at the moment - and thus far, I've usually been quite impressed by them. Especially against units like shooty terminators (the friend I'm playing against usually brings a squad of those), they're quite deadly. Wondering how the other weapons tend to do for others, though. Do you add in close combat weaponry as well? Thus far, I've usually preferred to simply run a wolfguard with combi plasma in addition to make them a bit more threatening at longer distances.

- Long Fangs: Thus far, I'm running lascannons and heavy bolters - but I'm inclined to build a few plasma cannons as well since I got the bits available. And I really should put my one missile launcher to use at some point... any preferences thus far? Do you run mixed equipment and make use of split fire, or do you stack the same kind of weaponry together in one squad? Thus far, I'm running a mixed squad to protect the lascannons with a few heavy bolter-bodies as well, but wondering if that's the best idea. Has anyone found use for the multimelter in the new edition?

- Wulfen: How does your usual equipment for these look like? I haven't built a squad yet, so I have no experience thus far. But is the old "a few stormshields, and then some other weaponry" still the way to go?

- TWC: With the new rules, quite a few attacks are already meant to tear through lighter infantry (at least that's my experience - the wolves themselves seem to not do too great against the high-toughness models) - do you complement that by handing out chain swords, or do you use the more expensive equipment options? If so, which one do you prefer: Axes and swords, or even thunderhammers/power fists? What's your thought on the latter two - do power fists do the job, or do you need the hammers? Personally, I found storm shields to be essential - especially in my mostly foot-slogging army, they tend to draw the fire of weaponry that does multiple wounds a piece, and those tend to mostly ignore the armor as well. Makes the group rather costly though.