Author Topic: 1000 point Astra Militarum list & battle result  (Read 594 times)

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1000 point Astra Militarum list & battle result
« on: June 30, 2017, 08:06:54 AM »
Fluff: a lone company of about 100 men advances beyond their lines, drawing in some hostiles... but it's a trap! As the hostiles bear down on the beleaguered company, stormtroopers appear, rising from the ground where they were camouflaged.

Two battalion detachments:

4 HQ total:
Company commander
{Tempestor prime, command rod}

6 Elites total:
{Commissar} x2
{Astropath} x2
Tempestus command squad, 4 meltaguns
Tempestus command squad, 4 plasmaguns

9 Troops total:
{Infantry squad, sniper rifle, lascannon } x4
{Infantry squad, sniper rifle, missile launcher } x2
Conscripts (31 men)
Tempestus scions, 2 plasma guns
Tempestus scions, 2 plasma guns

I faced a Dark Eldar list composed of mainly ravagers and raiders with cabalites, and one squad of scourges. The tempestus scions were very effective, but basically all dead within 2 turns. My opponent got an early advantage on objectives, and I only caught up in the last couple turns. When we called it quits at the end of turn 6, he had only 2 models left: a half dead ravager and his archon. I still had about 60 models left, including 4-5 of the heavy weapons from the infantry squads.

The sniper rifles were useful. A mortal wound from one took the last wound off of a raider sitting in cover. I guess that's what snipers will be useful for: occasional wounds against targets with good armor saves.
My lascannons and missile launchers rolled poorly. My plasma and melta did well, but when they do well for the 4th straight game, it probably isn't luck. Deep striking order givers let me fearlessly supercharge my plasma.
I had one more tempestor prime than I needed. This edition demands more HQ units than I want.

I think deep strike was the most buffed part of the game. I'll bet you all that scions will be all over the place until point values are updated and/or until people learn how to bubble wrap against deep strike in this new edition.
As for the correct mix of conscripts and infantry squads for guard players, I'm still playing around with it. I think there are tactical roles for both.