Author Topic: Ravenguard and Astra Militarum vs. Slaanesh, 2000  (Read 402 times)

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Ravenguard and Astra Militarum vs. Slaanesh, 2000
« on: September 24, 2017, 08:58:53 PM »
This may have been the best 40K game I've ever played. Epically awesome rolls for my opponent, the slaughter of hundred of guardsmen, and a charge that just barely stalled out...

My list:

Picture a desert (or beach) landscape. One batch of palm trees, tall sand dunes, a dilapidated loading crane, and one building which can hardly be called a ruin, so little of it remains.

A Raven guard reserve company (devastator) lieutenant senses the approach of the forces of chaos and sends his scouts ahead to see what they can find. When the scouts come running back, shouting that noise marines are right behind them, he orders the nearby Astra Militarum forces into ambush positions.

Turn 1:
One group of scouts is caught by chaos bikers and slaughtered to a man, but the other finds cover and hide in a gully as daemonettes rush past them. Suddenly, a mass of conscripts rise up on a ridge and let loose a storm of lasgun fire, slicing up the daemonettes below them. The only daemonettes who survive are those who turn and run screaming back into the warp. Meanwhile, scion teams also rise up from their concealed positions, and with a hail of plasma fire kill most of the traitor marines bringing up the rear with their heavy weapons.

Turn 2:
Sensing the danger of encirclement, a pack of chaos spawn charge one pack of scions, killing most of them, but despite the spawn being among them, the scions keep firing their plasma guns. Here a spawn slices through a scion. There a scion fires plasma bolt after plasma bolt, heedless of the alarms going off until his rifle explodes. When the swirling melee is over, 3 scions and an officer remain.
Another group of scions finds itself in a firefight with some havocs. They advance stolidly despite losses and charge the last two havocs while they were changing the batteries on their lascannons.
The main force of noise marines charges forward, heedless of the carnage at their rear, using hills to cover their flanks. They and another noise marine squad on one of those hills open up on the conscripts who just ambushed the daemonettes, ripping them apart with their sonic weapons. From his position in the rear, the Raven Guard lieutenant orders his devastators to target the noise marines on the hill. The lord of Slaanesh watches his men on the hill fall. He can't see the devastators' position, but he knows it will be visible from the hill ahead of him - the one covered with dead and dying conscripts.

Turn 3:
The scouts in the gully spot one lone herald of slaanesh standing on a hill nearby, dodging mortar shells. They charge it, unloading with their bolters. It moves at inconceivable speeds, dodging their shells, and they find that five to one are NOT odds in their favor after all. Nevertheless, it is badly hurt by the time it dispatches the last scout. As it stands there, panting and weary, a lone las-gunner takes it out with a well-aimed shot to the head.
Seeing the havocs hard pressed, the chaos lord sends his sorcerer back to rescue the last lascannon-wielding havoc, but after he wades into the fray, the scions show the value of their discipline and training, scattering back in all directions. The other surviving scions come upon them just in time, and help them take out the traitors. The lieutenant, seeing the ruination of the guard's front line, sends the supporting squads of infantry around the sides of the hill to outflank the noise marines, but the noise marines just shoot them down as they come into view, laughing as each man follows the one before him into their sights. Meanwhile, the commissar, who somehow survived the slaughter on the hill, shouts at and threatens the astropaths who had been hiding behind the hill, goading them into a frontal assault on the noise marines. For a while, it is the noise marines who are screaming as their brains turn to mush one by one, but then the chaos lord spots the astropaths picking their way gingerly down the hill among corpses of conscripts.

Turn 4:
The chaos lord orders his men up the hill. They run right past the commissar. One noise marine casually beheads him in passing. Beyond his body, the chaos lord reaches an astropath and <insert gruesome description>. The six surviving scions, having killed every traitor in sight, realize from the increasingly desperate voices in the vox network that the traitors are still advancing, and things are not going well on the other side of the dunes. But run as they might, they can't seem to keep up with the noise marines' furious charge. The chaos lord and his marines come over the hill. A salvo from the space marines on the next hill over seems to momentarily pin the noise marines, who regroup for an attack, and return fire. Looking down at them, the lieutenant starts to feel fear in his belly. 150 guardsmen have barely slowed the noise marines, and now his own men are under fire. He lifts his sword, "Incisor of Terra", and hopes that his own training and armor will be sufficient.
Meanwhile, the Catachan company commander sees this from the base of the hill occupied by the traitorous marines, a hill covered with the bodies of his men. He sees the traitorous chaos lord ordering his men to reform their line, preparing to charge the Raven Guard marines. The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer never prepared him for this day's slaughter, and he feels that if the chaos marines carry out their charge, they may yet carry the day. He realizes now that all the praise he has heard applied to loyal space marines applies even more so to the ancient traitors now standing on the corpses of his men. He has to buy the Raven Guard lieutenant some more time.
He turns and shouts a command to whoever might still be alive, and starts up the hill himself, charging directly at the chaos lord. The chaos lord sees him and shifts some muscles, idly preparing to receive his charge. But what the chaos lord doesn't see is two surviving astropath and half a squad of Catachans, one of whom is still clutching his precious plasma gun. Mental blast and plasma blast strike almost simultaneously, and the chaos lord stands very still for a moment, and then topples. Screaming with battle fury and indescribable elation, the half dozen loyalists charge into the remaining chaos marines.

Turn 5:
The chaos marines repulse their clumsy assault and kill all the foolish unenhanced humans who somehow thought that they could best the chosen of Slaanesh in hand to hand combat. The company commander falls not five paces from the commissar's body, at the very top of the hill. But as the traitors regroup yet again, they can't hide their dismay at the fall of their lord. Their squad champion has also fallen. As they look about, trying to figure out which of their number is now in charge, another salvo from the Raven Guard devastators rips through their ranks...

Chaos concedes at the end of his turn 5, being 1-2 maelstrom points behind, and in no position to keep up if the game went to 6+ turns.

Final model tally:
He had 5-8 noise marines left.
I started the game with 213 models and ended the game with 22 models (458 points), mostly devastator marines.