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Discussion: Eldar / Wraith list. Help please!!!!
« on: December 18, 2017, 06:45:17 AM »
so the list I want to try because I bought recently a wraithknight...

3x 5 dire avengers with diresword exarch
( the backup units for objectives)

webway striking 1 unit of 10 wraithblades with axes
spiritseer with psytronome and quicken power. ( they deepstrike, move 5', charge and with the psytronome, the GUIDED WRAITHSIGHT and the SUPREME DISDAIN stratagems they have 60 attacks str7 ap -3 dmg d3 with reroll all failed hit rolls and extra attack at to hit rolls of 6)
(the unit that will keep the opponent busy enough for the wraithknight to survive and kill at its first turn a lot of bad, enemy units)

wraithlord with sword and flamers
wraithnight with 2 heavy wraithcannons and 2 starcannons

hemlock wraithfighter with horrify
crimson hunter

what do you think? is the wraithblades combo in the game as strong as it looks on the paper?

Plus,  I am thinking of droping the bonesinger and field a second hemlock instead of the crimson hunter and maybe a warlock or something but I am not sure....

Discussion: Conversions / Great Harlequin convertion
« on: September 07, 2017, 02:03:35 AM »
I always wanted to have a great miniature for the badass Troupe Master that leads all the other Troupe Masters! Here is my converted and painted version of him!

I have a unit of harlequins and a troupe master in my ynnari detachment. The opponent has a unit of 10 models and charges to both units of mine. He selects as the target of 5 models the troupe master and the harlequin unit for the rest of them. He groups the attacks on the troupe master and kills him. Now I wand to soulburst with the harlequin troop. When this happens? Right after the death of the troupe master or after the resolve of all the attacks of the enemy unit? Additionally if I choose to make the attacks of the harlequins as an soulburst action and kill some of the enemy models that have the harlequins as a target, they lose their attacks or the opponent still has all the attacks that he had when he chose targets? In the same way if I choose to fall back as a soulburst action and manage to get away from the battle, the opponent makes his attacks or not?

Discussion: Eldar / Harlequin army for the local tournament
« on: September 14, 2016, 01:56:47 PM »
I am going to participate in a tournament for the next few weeks. It's one game every ten days. the opponents have orks, chaos demons, dark eldar and some SM armies. I decided to test my new formed harlequin list.

Masque Detachment 1


Troupe 1 (Troupe master with caress, 2 players with caress, 1 player with kiss, 2 players with ccw, Starweaver) warlord
Troupe 2 (Troupe master with caress, 3 players with caress, 2 players with ccw)
Troupe 3 (Troupe master with caress, 2 players with caress, 3 players with ccw)


Voidweaver with prismatic cannon

Masque Detachment 2

Troupe 1 (Troupe master with caress, 2 players with caress, 2 players with ccw, Starweaver)
Troupe 2 (Troupe master with caress, 3 players with caress, 2 players with ccw)
Troupe 3 (Troupe master with caress, 2 players with caress, 3 players with ccw)


Voidweaver with prismatic cannon

Aspect Host +1BS

4x Warp Spiders + Exarch
4x Warp Spiders + Exarch
4x Warp Spiders + Exarch

I maximized the caresses and the bodies that protect the caresses. I use the light warlord table for the +4 to seize initiative. Every unit has a starweaver for the first and second round because everything is going forward for charging and until the end of the game they are going to support fire with their str6 ap5 bladestorm cannons. The Warp spiders are there to give many targets to the opponent, absorb some shooting that would kill my harlies and kill any high toughness units as dreadknights or other units with flamers which are the bigger danger for my harlies. I have tested this list only one time against tau, a very dangerous army for me but it was overwhelmed by the amount of charging units and charging models. This list has 18 units and because of that is difficult for the opponent to focus his shooting. The first game is this friday against an difficult enemy. Grey Knights with tough units, a lot of warp charges that are going to hurt me and a really good player.

Discussion: Eldar / new death masque formation
« on: August 08, 2016, 11:35:38 AM »
I can't find anything!!! Does any of you have any information adout the new formations?

General Discussion / Playing with zero warp charges
« on: July 08, 2016, 07:42:21 AM »
I decided to post this here and not in my army's page because is a problem that many players have. I would like to know your opinion and your stories of experience.

I play eldar with average warp charges and I love our farseers or the harlequin shadowseers or any other seer we have because they are awesome, but right now I want to test a list with zero casters (even if an army of many small units without any serious armor should have many casters for invisibility, shrouding or harlequin veil of tears) and I am kind of afraid to play even the first game... The only thing that I could buy in my army is an 12' adamandium will bubble but I don't know if it is going to make any difference.

The meta of my neighborhood has grey knights, some deamons, a few librarians and some other low psy opponents.
I know that there are many armies that do not have psyckers and I could really use your experience.

Having read various versions of the flickerjump rules, including  DCannon4Life's version from Eldar Insights, I would like to present to you the YORO version.

Warp Jump Generator
A model equipped with a Warp jump generator gains the Jet Pack unit type as described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules. In the Movement phase, a unit composed entirely of models equipped with Warp jump generators can choose to either move as Jet Pack Infantry or make a Warp jump. If making a Warp jump, it immediately moves up to 2D6+6" in any direction (roll once per unit each turn), ignoring all intervening terrain and models. This move ignores dangerous terrain. If the 2D6 roll is a double 1, one member of the unit (randomly determined) is removed as a casualty. Warp jump cannot be used when the unit is Falling Back.

When a unit with this special rule is chosen as the target of a shooting attack, it can immediately make a Warp jump, moving 2D6" instead of 6+2D6", so long as it is not Falling Back. The firing unit cannot choose a different target, even if the target unit is now out of range or line of sight. A unit that makes a Warp jump in this way cannot make a Warp jump in its following Movement phase.

The Warp Jump Generator rule has only one restriction, that you roll the distance once per unit each turn, it does not restrict you to one use per turn or anything. But you have only one Movement Phase each turn so "In the Movement phase, a unit composed entirely of models equipped with Warp jump generators can choose to either move as Jet Pack Infantry or make a Warp jump."

The same rule stands in flickerjump too. "When a unit with this special rule is chosen as the target of a shooting attack, it can immediately make a Warp jump" It does not say once, the rule does not put any restriction on how many times you can do it BUT that you roll once per unit each turn soooooo the YORO version is that you can warp jump in your turn and you roll once for the distance (but you have only one movement phase so...) and you have infinite flickerjump(each time your unit is chosen as a target of a shooting attack) in you opponent's phase BUT you have to flickerjump each time the distance that you rolled the first time you flickerjump this turn, (Even if your first roll was snake eyes!!!) because YOU ONLY ROLL ONCE.

Note!!!!! If your opponent choose you warp spiders unit as a target of a shooting attack with a psychic power (psychic shriek, any nova power, any witchfire) he has to harness the power and then you CAN flickerjump and if you get out of range he can't choose an other unit to target. But if you do that then you have to remember your roll because that is the distance that you can flickerjump in his Shooting Phase of the same turn.

So draw a YORO face on the backpack of you spiders and keep playing!!!

Discussion: Eldar / All melee list. Eldar/Harlequins
« on: January 03, 2016, 05:56:30 PM »
So that's a list that I would like to test. I know that is going to have many problems but I would like to listen to your opinion.

Eldar CAD

Autarch on bike with banshee mask, lance and fusion gun

5x Wraithblades with axes and forcefields
5x Wraithblades with axes and forcefields
5x Striking Scorpions + 1x Exarch with claw

3x Jetbikes, Scatter laser
3x Jetbikes, Scatter laser

Harlequin Masque Detachment

Shadowseer lvl2, mask of secrets
Shadowseer lvl2
Shadowseer lvl2
Shadowseer lvl1
Shadowseer lvl1

6x Players, 3x kiss, 3x embrace + Troupe Master with caress
6x Players, 3x kiss, 3x embrace + Troupe Master with caress
4x Players + Troupe Master with caress

2x Skyweavers, shuriken cannon, zephyrglave
2x Skyweavers, shuriken cannon, zephyrglave

Voidweaver, Prismatic cannon

So! I want to test an all melee list. We have 2 units of raged Wraithblades with 6 toughness, 3+ save, 4++ invu and 1 Shadowseer each unit to cast Veil of tears. They are going to march through the terrain at their speed. The Veil cancels the range of the opponent (Tau for example). If he wants to kill them he has to spend one whole shooting phase or two...
1 unit of striking scorpions hiding in cover until the other units arrive near the enemy units.
2 units of Harlequins with their move, run and charge distance and their Shadowseers for the Veil.
1 unit of unarmed Harlies including the Warlord, in cover, at my deployment zone.
The autarch uses his movement and swallows the overwatch, even with the skyweavers.
I know that the army is going to be slow but I believe that the veil will give to the units the time to reach the enemy. 8 units with different speeds and different saves are going to charge and the opponent cannot ignore any of them. 

Your opinion????

Discussion: Terrain / Eldar terrain
« on: November 20, 2015, 05:28:51 AM »
That is my new eldar terrain piece. It is a little bigger that a bastion.

Discussion: Conversions / Shadowseer convertion
« on: August 07, 2015, 06:54:52 PM »
With the new codex I had to use many times the same miniature. Three jesters, three troupe masters three shadowseers and many many harlequins. I have already the old and the new miniatures for everything and I have converted the third jester troupe master and many harlies. It's time for the shadowseer. I had only a few bits(no legs...) so I had to think of something else. Here is my deep striking from the webway shadowseer!

So guys this is whata I'm going to use. I want as the primary detachment the Harlequin detachment and the Eldar as back up.


 1 Solitaire

 1 Shadowseer (level 1, Mask of secrets)

 1 Shadowseer (level 1)

 4 Players with 1 Master (all Caress in Starweaver)

 6 Players with 1 Master (all Caress)

 6 Players with 1 Master (all Caress, Starmist Raiment(in Warlord))

 2x 2 Skyweavers (Zephyrglaive, Shuriken cannon)

 1 Voidweaver (Haywire cannon)


 1 Farseer (Jetbike, Spirit Stone)

 1 Autarch (Jetbike, Banshee Mask, Laser Lance)

 2x 3 Jetbikes (all Shuriken cannon)

 1 Wraithguards (Wraithcannon, Wave Serpent (Brightlance))

Two troupes of Harlequins on foot with the Veil of their Shadowseers, moving 6'' + Run + Charge. 3+ invu for the Warlord and Fearless, -2 Ld from the Mask. Solitaire + the Starweaver Harlequins + the Skyweavers to charge all together for having as less as possible overwatch damage + having the Autarch preventing the enemy units from overwatch. I want the Farseer firstly for the Warp charges and also for Guide Wraithguards as my main antivehicle unit and Eldrich Storm whatever he can. He is going to be a small unit hiding from the enemy. Wraiths have their Wve Serpent for the movability and the Jetbikes(as the cheapest troupe choise...because I can't spent more points to the Eldar detachment but having some dakka dakka) running across the table as a pain in the ass. To say the truth I'm kind of disapointed from that list because I had to play with what I had in my case so I couldn't have the fluff I wanted (no points or money to spend for Jain Zar or a warlock conclave, a flyier, or even to the 3 death jesters I have). I tried to fill the holes that the Harlequin detachment has (Warp charges, something heavy). What's your opinion?

Discussion: Eldar / The history of our beloved race.
« on: March 20, 2015, 01:46:50 PM »
Hi guys! I don't know how many of you read books or 40k novels or how many of you are interested in the lore of 40k and more specific eldar lore. In summer I made a list of novels that are for eldar (and harlequins because i love them...) or mention them and yesterday I finished reading all of them.

That's the list:

1-Path of the warrior
2-Path of the seer
3-Path of the outcast
(These 3 novels describe the sociaty of eldar, how their mind and their paths work, the aspects warriors and their exarchs that we try to use on the table...  the divine powers of seers and how they predict the future, the rangers and the freedom of decision, The Eye of terror and the first presentation of harlies and their masque, the solitaire who is fighting solo a demon prince!!!)

4-Valedor novel
(Every Iyanden player should read this novel. Wraiths everywhere! Even wraithseers! Yriel with his spear, an ultra badass avatar, the dream for a new god, for a new hope. Iyanden killing tyranids, harlequins killing tyranids, dark eldar killing tyranids...! It's your turn! kill your tyranid!)

5-Masque of veil
(A small novel that reveales the madness of the harlequin masque! Illusions and mind traps to find the truth behind the destruction of a craftworld.)

6-Atlas infernal
(The first sight of the Black Library of Chaos and the first inquisitor that was invited in. Plus Ahrimar and his plot for gaining the ultimate knowledge. Some grey knights too. A nice novel. )

(That's not a novel. It's a catalog of alien to the Imperium creutures. Nice artwork. The main info from this book is that the eldar gods are the old ones! That's a coclusion after a lot of search in maaaany many books and sites. The laughing god is alive, the khaine in avatar pieces and isha is missing. They created many races, humans and eldar among them.)

The inquisition war
10-Chaos child
(This is the last trilogy of my list and I just finished reading it. It has just inquisitor, a conspirasy in the inquisition, the throne of Emperor, Ulthwe craftworld, the webway, a nice description of the Library, some titans, a death jester in captivity and the stolen book of fate with the prophecies of a new god and the destruction of Slanness)

In addition to these novels I searched for the lore every eldar and harlequin codex from the first edition to the newest dark eldar and harlequin codex, plus the lexicanum site that is a huge source of info.
It is obvious that even gw is confused by every piece of lore of our eldar race but with the combination of them all you can have an opinion of your own for many mysteries of 40k univerce  such as the black library, the webway, the difference between eldar dark eldar harlequins and exodites.

If any of you want to read something for our beloved race this list is a good start or if anyone has any question or he wants to create a beautiful  background for their army is free to ask. Finally, I'm sorry for my english...

Discussion: Eldar / Harlequins at last!
« on: March 16, 2015, 02:55:48 AM »
So guys after four months that i 'm in the army and waiting every day for this codex to be realesed....finally I can write my own review. I found many reviews on the internet but it is obvious that no one has tested harlies yet. Let's begin with the battle reports. I tried the new harlies in small units in games because I don't have everything I want yet but my list is going to be nearly pure harlequin.
In the first battle a single unit of harlies with one shadowseer with the mask killed one dreadknight and kaldor draigo with a unit of paladins.... my friend still looking for his miniatures under the table. In the second battle after killing the paladins kaldor was lost in the warp because he lost his leadership check because of the mask. The 6's on to hit rolls is huge! I charged a land raider... glance glance glance gone.
I will not tell you about the stats or the weapons or anything. In the codex there are many interesting, many good and many bad things. I will tell you what i think or what I like. Enigmas only the mask.
Formations all good but I am going to use the first. Gegoragh's revenge. Reroll trait ok, run and charge fantastic, reroll 1's invu fantaaastic. Everything has invu!
So I want a full harlequin army, full melee with great mobility. I'll try.

1 solitaire
3 shadowseers level 2 with one mask of secrets
3 death jesters
3 troupes (1 master 4 players all with caress in starweavers)

2x2 skyweavers with zypherblades and haywire cannons

1 voidweaver.

1 unit of guardians in wave serpent with a spiritseer (because for a really harlequin army you must have and some mimes)

(In 2000 pts plus one farseer on jetbike for three more warp charges and fortune or one crimson hunter for aa flyer with 4 str8 ap2 shoots)

8 warp charges to play with. 5 haywire cannons for the vehicles. 6 units to charge. Solitaire and skyweavers move 12' and charge. The troupes have 6' the starweaver, 6' disembark,4' to 6' run with fleet and charge! that makes 24' a standart distance for charge! I'll remind you that 24' is the biggest distance of veil... 12 shuriken cannons. One or two brightlances. Shadowseers in the starweavers with the troupes. Everything in vehicles exept death jesters. I know that it is a glass cannon and that I am going to roll hundreds of dices every turn for 6' but I love possibilities and this is the right way for harlies to fight. Just de sure that if Laughing God is with me I can destroy anything or in different situation I could be tabled in no time. We will see.

General Discussion / Home made tactical objectives cards!
« on: October 28, 2014, 09:26:35 AM »
Check them!

Discussion: Eldar / Wraithknight!Options!
« on: October 27, 2014, 04:23:40 PM »
So guys we have a Wraithknight.

Option 1) 240 pt, 2 Heavy Wraithcannons.

Option 2) 260 pt, 2 Heavy Wraithcannons, 1 Scatter laser.

Option 3) 290 pt, Ghostglaive, Scattershield, 2 Starcannons.

Option 4) 280 pt, Suncannon, Scattershield.

Option 5) 300 pt, Suncannon, Scattershield, 1 Starcannon.

What would you prefer?

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