Author Topic: Tau 1500 points - making a list, checking it twice  (Read 876 times)

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Tau 1500 points - making a list, checking it twice
« on: April 28, 2016, 05:13:47 PM »
Ok, so I have about 1500 points of tau and I am trying to make a list.


-Commander w/ iridium suit, plasmagun, missile pod, fusion blaster, velocity tracker, repulsor impact field, neuroweb jammer, 2 shield drones  211

-Cadre Fireblade 60


-12 man Strike Team (pulse rifles) w/smart missile turret (fireblade goes here) 118

-5 man Strike Team (pulse carbines) 45

-5 man Strike Team (pulse carbines) 45


-Crisis suit w/flamer, twin burst cannon, 2 gun drones 66

-Ghostkeel w/fusion collider, twin fusion, stim injector 175

-2 Crisis bodyguard (twin fusion, multi-spectrum, command control node) (velocity tracker, plasma, missile pod) 169 (commander goes here)


-6 man pathfinder w/2 ion rifles, recon drone, grav inhibitor drone in Devilfish w/distruption pod, flechettes 234

-6 man pathfinder w/2 rail rifles, pulse accelerator drone 111

-5 gun drones 70


-Hammerhead w/railgun+submunition, SMS, longstrike, distruption pod, flechettes 200

Total = 1504

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Re: Tau 1500 points - making a list, checking it twice
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2016, 02:38:04 PM »
Generally the consensus is that the Ghostkeel needs the Ion Raker. The Fusion Collider just isn't good enough. Also, paying an extra 10 points for a body guard isn't worth it, especially when you have iridium on your commander.

I would also stick to either having 2 of the same gun, or 2 guns that compliment each other. In most cases, you're wasting points on a third gun that won't do anything.

And it's pretty inefficient to have the C&CN and MSS in a unit that is under 3 shooting models. Having the system on a crisis'vre over a commander is good, but there just aren't enough shots to make it worth it. As a general rule: more guns > twin-linked, unless that twin-link fires a ton of shots. Marker lights can also increase your BS, making you more accurate even without re-rolls.

I recommend Marker Drones as well with your commander. Drone Controller for BS5 is ridiculous.