Author Topic: Let's talk tempestus, pt 5: to grave shoot or not to grav shoot? That is the qu  (Read 978 times)

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Let's talk about a strong tactics choice I've found just this weekend. Deep strike. There are a couple of questions when we talk about deep strike and the tempestus. First we have to assess the usefulness of our transports, tarox primes and valkyres, and also how detrimental is it to deep strike into terrain.

Let's talk about the primes first, they are fast vehicles, using both the hotshot volly gun, and your choice of battle cannon or Gatling gun at the cost of 80 to 90 points. Not an inexpensive unit. But I've seen these engines carry a game for me from the 24 to 18 in range. So are they worth it? Of course. They get your scions and CMD squads where they need to go while also giving fire support afterward.

But if you need to trim points it's ok....because they are some of the safest depends trikers you can use. And you should be somewhat "reckless" with them. Now by reckless is to drop them inside of terrain. Because they have move through cover they auto pass the dangerous terrain tests that deep striking in cover forces. And now we come to various squad sizes. Do you want lots of special weapons? 100 points will net you a 5 man squad with 2 plasma guns or hotshot volly guns (I prefer plasma guns due to the higher strength and better ap). To add 5 more scions to the squad is to add an extra 70 pts to the unit. The question is whether or not you was elite shots from specified locations or mass shooting from the opponent's half of the table. There is the problem of deep strike mishaps. So you must pick somewhat open terrain, though in most friendly games the 25%rule isn't unforced and the "toe in" rule is usually the norm, in a tournament setting it could be an issue.

Of special note is the formation, where 4 primes are filled with 3 tempestus squads, 1 command squad and a commissar. This formation my not be able to deep strike but it has the firepower of the primes and also gives twin-linked to all scion weapons as they leave one of the transports. While I have not tried this formation yet I can see the effectiveness by bringing this along with any "gets hot" weaponry.

So what do you think? Knowing that if you deep strike into cover your safe from dangerous terrain tests, so the only problem would be those pesky mishaps. Or, do you prefer the fast primes to deliver and support?

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 I have been looking at starting a Stormtrooper army,  I was thinking on just deep striking them everywhere.  The transports are nice only the Valkyrie looks flexible enough ( I have 3).  I just don't like the look Of the
Tarox.  If you've used them in a game can you tell me how they are.