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Local Shop 3500 point custom mission
« on: May 07, 2017, 06:25:58 PM »
To usher out 7th edition some of the players in our local want to have a little bit bigger game to make use of some of the larger models that they do not get to play as much of.

Currently they want to run the game as CaDs + optional Knight detachment (no formations, no unbound).
They also voted to run a custom mission.

I might not be playing in it as I do not have as many "big units" as they are wanting to use. Talk of 5 knights or the Tau player using the BIG Forgeworld battle suit has been going around.

Here is the current version of the mission I am going to propose:

Primary: Steal the plans!
Each player will place one objective + terrain holding it anywhere fully within their deployment zone. This objective marker will use the rules for The Relic, but you can only capture an enemy’s objective, not your own.
This Relic that is on this piece of terrain is protected by an impassible Void Shield.
Non-vehicle Defenders can be on the terrain that is covered by the shield, but until the shield is fully disabled, no one is able to shoot or move into or out of the terrain.
Even when the shield is down, all Vehicles treat this terrain as impassible.
A unit can only pick up the relic at end of their Movement Phase.
Terrain Void Shield:
Each hit scored against the Terrain will instead hit a void shield (whilst they remain). Void shields have an Armor Value of 12. A glancing or penetrating hit scored against a void shield causes it to collapse one by one level.
You can disable the shield by shooting at the terrain or hitting the terrain in close combat (the terrain is treated as WS0). The Void shield starts with 2 levels of shield.
If a weapon uses a template or blast marker, roll to pen the void shield once using the weapons normal rules & profile for each template or blast marker that hits.
At the end of each of the controlling player's turns, while the terrain is occupied, roll one die: on a 5+ they instantly add one shield level (this can go above the starting level of shield).

Secondary:  Incoming!
A Chaos Comet has entered the atmosphere where it broke apart and is now raining lumps of Warpstone onto the battlefield.
Game Turn 1: after scout moves Random Deploy Objective markers 1, 2 and 3.
Game Turn 2: after reserves are placed, but before the rest of the movement Random Deploy Objective markers 4 & 5
Game turn 3, after reserves are placed, but before the rest of the movement, deploy Objective marker 6 in the last area.
Game turn 4, after reserves are placed, but before the rest of the movement, follow Comet scatter rules from center of table, increase size of blast to Large Blast, ST D AP1 ignore cover. No objective to be placed. This creates a LOS blocking smoke cloud Large Blast sized at the impact site.
Comet Scatter rules: Split table up into 6 parts, roll 1d6 for which table section the Warpstone lands in (re-roll if area already has a lump of Warpstone), roll a scatter die, if a "Hit" use small line to scatter 1d6, otherwise move the blast 2d6 in that direction from the center of that section. This is a St10 Ap2 ignore cover Small Blast. From then on treat large blast area around it as 5+ cover crater.
If the Warpstone lands on any part of a ruins, remove the ruins and non-vehicle models in the ruins take 1D6 randomly allocated ST4 AP- ignore cover hits and a Pinning Test from the collapse of the ruins. They are now in a 5+ cover crater.
Place the objective marker in center of final blast area, hold objective for Progressive Objective points.

Sound fun? Dull? To hard to score? To easy to score?