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[3000] Iron Warriors, 30k.
« on: October 06, 2017, 05:59:25 PM »
This is pretty much just for fun kind of list.  Using the Onslaught Detachment, and the Hammer of Olympia Rite of War.

Praetor: 100pts, Cataphractii Armor +35pts, Thunder Hammer +20pts, Warsmith +35pts, Cortex Controller +15pts. Total: 205pts

Centurion: 50pts, Master of Signals +45pts, Artificer Armor +10pts, Refractor Field +10pts. Total: 115pts

Mortis Dreadnaught: 125pts, Two Twin-linked Autocannons +10pts. Total: 135pts

Legion Rapier Weapons Battery: (40pts, Quad Launcher +20pts)x2, Shatter Shells +10 pts. Total: 130pts

Domitar-Ferrum Battle Automata: 205pts x3. Total: 615pts

Breacher Siege Squad: 200pts, Power Weapon +10pts. Total: 210pts

Breacher Siege Squad2: 200pts, Power Weapon +10pts, Nuncio-Vox +10pts. Total: 220pts

Dreadnaught Drop Pod: Total: 100pts.

Iron Havoc: 185pts, 5 Marines +125pts, Autocannons Free, Augury Scanner +5pts. Total: 315pts

Legion Basilisk Squad: 140pts x3. Total: 420pts

Leviathan Siege Dreadnaught: 270pts, Volkite Calivers +10pts, Phosphex Discharger 15pts, Storm Cannon +10pts. Total: 305pts.

Predator Squadron: 75pts x2, Lascannon Sponsons 40pts x2. Total: 230pts