Author Topic: First list with the new Codex and Forge world book  (Read 198 times)

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First list with the new Codex and Forge world book
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:14:45 PM »
All Right, with the new codex and the forge world book in hand, there a lot to play with. Here is my first list with the new codex. It is a mix of Catachan and Death Korps list. There is a back bone of shooting compose of Earthshaker cannon and Plasma Cannon surrounded by guardsman, Tank commander and Hellhound to move mid-field and you have the back lane disrupter with the Hades Drill deep stricking and the Death Korps Death Riders outflanking. I rarely see a guardsman cross the battlefield alive on foot, that why I never plan to send them more than mid-field and I have other unit to pop up in the back lane.

I think it will be a fun list... What do you thing of the new option we have?

Brigade Detachment

2 X 1 Company Commander
Power Sword, Plasma Pistol

2 X 1 Primaris Psyker
Force Stave

Tank Commander
Battle Cannon, 3HB, Storm Bolter

6 X 1 Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher

2 X 1 Commissar
Plasma Pistol

2 X 1 Hades Breaching Drill with 10 veterans
2 Flammer (Veterans)

Fast Attack
5 X 1 Armoured Sentinels
Plasma Cannon

Heavy Support
3 X 1 Earthshaker Carriage Battery with 4 Guardsman

Spearhead Detachment
Death Korps of Krieg

2 X 1 Death Korps Death Rider Commander
Power Maul, Plasma Pistol

Death Korps Death Rider Command Squadron
Hunting Lance

Fast Attack
2 X 1 Death Korps Death Rider Squadron (6 member per unit)
Power Maul (sergant), Hunting Lance(Riders)

Inferno Cannon, HB, Storm Bolter

2000pts / 13 Command Points
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