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8th Ed Eldar - Runes of Battle
« on: October 29, 2017, 06:07:25 AM »
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Welcome to our article of Eldar Psychic powers - Runes of Battle. The goal of this article is to introduce the basic mechanic of the psychic powers and to link them to possible strategies for your armies. If people come up with more, please write them into the article below as replies and we will add them into the main article at the top.

8th Ed Warhammer relies on the synergy of the characters to buff the units around them. As for Eldar however, the psychic powers of the warlocks can make and break armies.

1. Conceal/Reveal

This lets you choose a friendly Asuryani infantry or biker unit within 18". Your opponents must subtract 1 for all hit rolls for ranged weapons that target the unit.

This is magic and you are going to use it every turn. Consider the following:
- Iynaden: -1 to hit for being over 12"
- Conceal: -1 to hit for ranged weapons

At the very least, armies with a 3+ BS are now hitting you on 5's. That is awesome in the current rules set. Have that Imperial knight gunning for your prized unit, it is going to be a LOT less effective.

Choose an enemy unit within 18". It does not gain any bonus to saving throws for being in cover.

This is another awesome power. (How many warlocks do you have?). Imagine facing an opposing army, (even an Eldar one) with a buffed unit receiving 2 or 3 for being in cover. You have to read the wording of the power. It removes ALL cover bonuses, not just the -1. So lets say you have an enemy Eldar 10 man ranger unit in cover receiving a 2 or 3 plus cover bonus. Now it may as well be in the open with its 5+ armour save.

2. Embolden/ Horrify

Add 2 to the leadership of an eldar unit within 18".
- This is ok, however, don't forget Iyanden can get immune Guardian units (practically because you only lose 1 to a failed morale test) and Beil tan get both +1 LD across the whole army (and all units get increased leadership if they are near a swooping hawk exarch).

- This is probably the real reason you took this power. The opponent must subtract 1 from the leadership of the unit will next turn. Let's consider the possibilities (and people are going to come up with more):
- a Hemlock Wraithfighter with a mindshock pod can already -2 to a unit's leadership. It also is only allowed to use the second power from runes of battle. Now, it hits a character with a further -1 LD making it -3 LD. Now a nearby Beil tan farseer with now Ld 10 uses Mindwar to roll of LD and cause that many wounds.
- Cause a lot of wounds to a 'larger unit' with the resulting loss in LD to make it loose more wounds in the morale phase.

3. Enhance/ Drain

Enhance is an awesome power that adds 1 to hit rolls in the fight phase to a unit within 18". Cast this on a unit of Banshees or Scorpions that is about to charge into combat. Now they all hit on 2's.

An enemy unit must subtract 1 to hit rolls in the fight phase until the next psychic phase.

Consider 2 warlocks with the same power. One casts Enhance boosting the hit chance to 2+ for a banshee unit. The second unit casts Drain on the target unit. Let's say it started with a BS of 3 as well. Now the banshees hit on 2's and the opposing unit hits on 4's. The fact that banshees all hit first if near Jain Zar (further synergy), perhaps the unit is doomed from a nearby Farseer (reroll wounds) against a unit that cant fire overwatch and even beserkers need to think twice.

4. Protect/ Jinx


I love protect. How many times did we used to buy multiple psykers just to get this power. Now we can choose it! NICE! This lets you increase the saving throws by 1 for a friendly infantry or biker unit within 18".

Want 2+ armour save scorpions. Make Wraithblades 2+? how about that Wraithknight? Now stand in cover for the extra +1 armour save (which scorpions like) and you now have a very resilient unit in cover (that gets +1 to hit in cover btw). How about that flier? If a Hemlock casts conceal on itself for a 2+ cover save), and another warlock casts Protect to increase its armour save to 2+ and you quite a resilient unit.

NOTE: Protect improves ALL saves!. This should mean an Avatar has a 2+ save, a 4++ Invun save and id argue for a 4+ ignore mortal wounds. The last question is: is Molten body a 'save'.

Another really good example however - is Wraithblades! Choose the Axe varient. They are now T6, 2+ armour save, 3++ invun save. Pretty resilient!

Jinks if you haven't figured it out, does the opposite. Affect a nearby enemy unit up to 18" to reduce its army save by 1.

As you can see by now, if you have a few warlocks/ hemlock/spiritseer etc, you can affect a huge range of dishabilitating conditions while buffing your own units making your units naturally resilient and powerful while you make the opposing enemy units more feeble and weak.

NOTE: Jinx removes some saves!. This should mean an enemy Avatar has a 4+ save, a 6++ Invun save and id argue for a 6+ ignore mortal wounds. The last question is: is Molten body a 'save'. But, it will remove enemy units invun saves.

5. Quicken/ Restrain

It has been reported that this is the BEST Psychic power in the game. Use it, use it often and go NUTTS!
Essentially it is warp time from the chaos codex. What does it do? Make a friendly Eldar infantry unit move as if it was the movement phase.

Let's get this straight. Let's use an 'obvious unit'. Howling banshees move 8", advance D6 (Use a strategem to move a full 6" if you wish here too), but let's say you rolled an average of 4". so far you have moved 8 + 4 = 12". You then cast Quicken on your Banshee unit. so you move another 8". Now you have moved 20", almost into the opponents deployment zone with a 15" charge that you can still declare! NICE.

Want to be really nasty. Bring in a 10 man unit of wraithblades with the webway 9" away from the enemy at the end of your movement phase. Use Quicken so they can now move 5" closer to the enemy. Now they only have to make a 4" charge.

(This is why everybody needs screening units now and you really need 1-2 guardian units to screen your own troops from this very tactic).

Personally, I think you are likely to use Quicken and since you can only cast 1 power, sometimes you have to choose unless you have more than 1 warlock with the power. Either way, it forces an enemy unit within 18" to reduce its movement by half. Have a huge enemy CC unit bearing down on you, now it's not. But I think Quicken is going to get used a lot.

6. Empower/ Enervate

This is another excellent power (there is SO many!) that lets a friendly Asuryani infantry or bike unit 'add 1 to the wound rolls in the fight phase'. Wow - Using banshees as an example again - They are only str 3. So vs say a Terminator or marine, they will need 5's to wound. This is the impact of 8th edition and these diminishing returns surprisingly add up badly against your units. There isn't much point getting into combat, only to need 5's to wound your opponent.

Id like to get checked on this next comment, but there is something else...

Let's say in normal circumstances Banshees for into combat with a Wraithlord/knight. Toughness 8 beastie. A normal banshee unit would need 6's to wound. In fact they would need to be Str 8 just to wound on 4's. Is the strength 1/2 or less then the toughness? So even at Str 4, they still wound on 6's. They would need to be Str 5 just to have to wound on a 5+. Now, this psychic power negates that. what this means, is even if the unit is Toughness 20, you will still normally need 6's. However, the writing of the power says - add 1 to the wound rolls. This means it negates all the Str of the banshee or unit, and just gives you a flat -1 to wound. So instead of wounding on 6's you now wound on 5's 'as if you had a strength of 5. Or is the case of a Toughness 20 beast, it just gave you a str of 11. this power negates the Str vs toughness rule and gives the bonus straight out. That is more powerful then it looks.

Same again in reverse. An enemy unit within 18" must subtract 1 to wound in the fight phase. This means in the same vein, Wraith units especially benefit from rules like this making them so much more resilient.


Now, let's add some of this up. The scenario to this is a 10 man wriathblades unit that is brought in using webway gate. Let's say it's charging a 10 man space marine unit.

Nearby prepositioned warlocks on jetbikes cast:
Horrify - On the enemy unit giving -1 LD
Enhance - To give the wraithblade unit +1 to hit, It's not hitting on 2's
Drain - The opposing unit is -1 to hit. Its now hitting on 4's.
Protect - The wraithblades are now 2+ around save (with a brand new shiney T6 to boot)
Jinx - The enemy unit also now only has a 4+ save
Quicken - The wraithblades now move 5" to only b4 4" away from the space marine unit
Empower - The wraithblades now add 1 to their wound roles
Enervate - The space marine unit -1 to any wound roles that they do themselves.

Ok ok.. I know you are not likely to have that many warlocks. I have highlighted 4 you ARE likely to use, however.

Wraithblades that only need to charge 4" on a 2+ save with a 3++ invun save if you took the axe and shield version, that hit on 2's and add 1 to their wound roles. This doesn't add a nearby farseer that can DOOM your opponent either.

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