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Title: Angel's Blade... A blunt blunt blade (Rant)
Post by: Kvekan on September 21, 2016, 04:36:59 PM
Just got the new book in the mailbox, and after an hour of reading and confirming the different leaks on the net I'm tempted to send it right back. In my mind it's terribly badly thought through and here I'll give some examples as to why:

1: A demi company with tons of extra compulsory choices (compared to other demi companies we need to take more compulsory units and have less choices, no HQ swaps etc) that gives no bonus apart from the ones the decurion already does, and you'd never field it without a decurion because the baal strike force gives the same exact bonus...

2: Or maybe the fact that the decurion exclusive bonus is zealot when your 5 man squad is down to 2. And since it only works in round 1 of close combat it won't even work when you take your casualties in said combat. The only use is pretty much if you get unlucky and lose more than half your squad to overwatch. That would still be workable if your auxiliary formations actually benefitted from the bonus but no...

3: The jump assault chapter STILL has overcosted vanguards, but they're still the only sensible option for our second core choice in the decurion. Since you probably want your terminators in another formation (which I'll get to later...) and rocking 5 units of sternguards seems very strange in an assault focused army...

4: The core formations are so bloated that you won't fit more than at most one auxiliary with a bonus into the decurion, and most likely you'll have to settle for one of the fillers if you want to play in the most established points levels for tournaments (1500-2000). If you play 2500+ you can have a field day sure, but that doesn't happen too often does it.

5: The assault from deep strike formations negate both the decurion bonuses and our chapter tactic since neither red thirst nor furious charge works. Unlike other space marines who can deepstrike organised and use their chapter tactics to full effect. The shadowstrike kill team and skyhammer are both vastly superior and would even be more fluffy for BA.

6: The death company decurion has exlusive relics amongst them a cool AP 2 glaive encarmine, but the only ones who can use them are chaplains and death company chaplains who already come with bought and paid for power weapons stock making them ridiculously expensive.

7: Our frag cannons did not get updated to be in line with deathwatch despite the fact that we can only take them for our furioso dreadnoughts.

8: Forcing you not only to take specific HQ choices but to take them with specific kit, pretty much forcing you to buy GWs static new models to field them. The new terminator captain entry is a joke.

I can't see any saving grace apart from the death company formation which actually has augmenting bonuses and is admittedly pretty great. But I want to play my chapter, not an unfluffy whole army of generic black models. The land raider predator formation is good, but good luck fitting that into your less than 2000 point army.

And the rest is just lazy or sub par copy paste from the SM formations and squadrons.

2 steps sideways...

I actually think I could play a better "blood angels" list using the SM codex... There is nothing that we do better apart from the fact that we can have poorly assaulting terminators. And that is not even our fluff unit. That should be a DA formation!

I was pretty upset at the complaining chaos players when their supplement hit, but I rescind all my criticism. I'd rather not have spent my money and put my hopes up for this.

...and that felt good to get out of the system.
Title: Re: Angel's Blade... A blunt blunt blade (Rant)
Post by: Remtek on September 22, 2016, 06:17:40 AM
Golden Host and Orbital Strike force is okay, the rest is terrible. I was looking forward to playing a battle company with BA, guess that's not going to happen.
Title: Re: Angel's Blade... A blunt blunt blade (Rant)
Post by: Sensenbob on September 24, 2016, 03:09:46 PM
Just got the book yesterday and did a quick read through the new rules, there really is some good stuff inside, let's not overlook that but definitely lots of restrictions as well, some of which really wouldn't have been necessary. Anyway, complaining is more fun!
Standard Decurion and Demi-Company special rules are really a joke IMO. Introducing Death Company Chaplains was a great idea, but i can't understand why he can't choose his equipment... coming standard with JumpPack and Infero pistol is nice for exactly one build, but totally restricts him from any other combination.
It's kind of annoying they offer you an awesome Synergy-Combination and then build in a little detail that prevents it...: DC-Chaplain + Lucifer  .... he cant go into a landraider.... Also only he can take the new arifacts which replace his included equipment... the 12'' meltapistol effectively costs 40pts if it replaces a 15pts infernopistol. Just annoying.

Assault Squads even got nerfed by making the drop Pods cost something... on the other hand this compells me to use their jump packs again... so maybe i'll be okay with this since it's more fluffy.

Funny thing is...with the book and Archangels Demi-Company you could probably pull of a full null-Deployment DropPod Army with a good chance of everything coming in 1st turn... since all reserves can come in from turn one put everything into drop pods, choose the parts of your army which are not part of the formation co come in via the 50% drop pod rule and have the rest roll for reserves from turn one o_O
sounds possible but never going get so many Sternguards ^^

anybody found any nice Combos yet?
Title: Re: Angel's Blade... A blunt blunt blade (Rant)
Post by: Remtek on September 25, 2016, 04:09:10 PM
You can put the Orbital force in drop pods drop pods, as long as all of them come in turn 1. (need 5 pods, 3 empty). Turn 1 deep strike with th/ss terminators should be pretty good.
Title: Re: Angel's Blade... A blunt blunt blade (Rant)
Post by: TxLrrp on September 27, 2016, 07:49:27 AM
Kvekan is right, mostly this is garbage.
Title: Re: Angel's Blade... A blunt blunt blade (Rant)
Post by: Remtek on October 02, 2016, 05:15:15 PM
I think something like assault marines can shoot twice the turn they deep strike would make them interesting. I played two games with Orbital Intervention force, it's looking really strong, but that was with allies.