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General Discussion / Re: Fritz's Is BACK
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:28:29 PM »
Keep up the good work Fritz. Sucks so much that your channel got taken down.
Thank you for all you do for the hobby.

Discussion: Painting / Re: Need Help On A Colour Scheme For DeathGuard
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:27:10 AM »
 ??? Nothing like replying to your own topic.
Another option for them would be rusty metal look.
Base the model in a dark brown or black, heavy dry brush of mourfang brown followed by a wash of earthshade or/and/before a dry brushing of your silver of your choosing,then a dry brush of a light silver if you want to lighten it up, finished off with ryza rust. Though I wanna add some red to the rust, haven't tried it out yet.

Now I could do something similar to how I do the rust. Base models in a dark purple, dry brush with a lighter purple, red or a dark blue, followed by a light dry brushing of Necron compound, then a wash, dunno what one I would use here. I think if I based it in purple I might go with violet or blue shade. Followed by more Necron compound and a light colour like blue or a warpish colour.

Will post pics of test models as soon as I get around to it, gonna be using cheaper paints and home made washes for tests.

Discussion: Painting / Need Help On A Colour Scheme For DeathGuard
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:22:28 PM »
Hey there.
I finally have CSM of my own thanks to the Dark Imperium box.

The last bunch of CSM I painted were pink and gold, and the colours really grew on me, very sad that I wont ever see them on a table, but oh wells. I really want a bright Chaos army, I painted my Necron Overlord a lot brighter then I normally do and now I am just want brighter models.

I want my Death Guard to have a warp life feel and colour to them. A while back I saw, I think a poxwalker with purple "Nurgle rot", sadly I did not save the picture, so I have nothing to work off of. The Scheme is gold trim, the armor plates a bright silver/white silver, with a pink or purple shades on the model with bright pinks, purples and blues Nurgle gifts.

How I am going to do the marines is base them white, or a light cream colour, dry brush heavily with Necron compound, bleed over a bright colour from the trims, so the deeper parts of the "plates" will have a warp kind of colour, no idea yet on the colour of the shade/washes. Do the trimming in gold, shade with Seraphim Sepia, dry brush the whole mini in a white(maybe a blue,pink or purple).
As for the warpish Nurgle rot, I have no idea how I am going do it.
What citadel paints do you think I should get, what colour should I base the models?
Sorry for the terrible grammar. I usually never type so much. 

Some more fuzzy photos...

Oh well that's the end of this project...

Well some bad new, looks like we never gonna see the army all fielded on its 1st game.
I was doing it for my friend's GF and they broke up, only reason she was into it was because of him.
Long story short, doubt this army will ever see combat and that saddens me. A lot of work and time went into it. U_U also doesn't look like I am getting paid for it.

Will post pics of the bikes some time later.

Really wanted to end this long project with a bunch of pics of them in their 1st battle.

Bikes are all done, looking all salvaged. Very basic stuff done on them, Will post pics some time tomorrow.

General Discussion / Is there too much bad advice for Newbies in the Hobby?
« on: November 16, 2016, 02:05:29 PM »
My little hobby group is starting grow, might be getting a 3rd person into it. So I like to watch vids about starting a new army or getting into the hobby, so I can give people advice, basically my advice is always, buy what you think is awesome, and what you believe you can paint, worry about the table top part and list building later.

40k for me is really about the models and converting, the awesome factor, your gonna be spending hours painting and building. But its seems like all the advice I see on youtube the people look at it as, where they are now in the hobby, expecting newbies to be able to paint and build models, or have skills they don't, or look at it in a totally tactical way. Makes it seem that not only is the price into the hobby steep but the skill level also.

I got into the hobby around the time of a painting competition, seeing your guys amazing models motivated me at the start but soon became daunting, I could barely assemble models nicely and my painting was terrible, messy all over the place, what motivated me again was my friend's models, messy, but you put them on the table take a step back, and they look awesome. Every time I try to get somebody into the hobby I try and not show off something I feel is very well painted, flaws seem to ease people in, makes them believe they can do it, I talk to them about painting, how its not that hard and you will soon get the hang of it.

Let me try and make my point now. I feel the advice is bad because we are removed from the start of hobby, we don't look at all the challenges facing the newbie, and how to over come them. Even something small like building too many or a too complicated model can totally demotivate you from the hobby.(Necron warriors are frustrating as heck to put together) We seem to only point out 3 negatives, Huge collections of models takes time and money, tactics take time and experience.. and the price of models.

Do you think the advice floating around the interwebs for new players is good or bad? How many new players you see walk out of the hobby after a few months and what do you think is the reason behind that? How many want to get in but never do?

I have proof read this like 10 times, if I missed any spelling and grammar mistakes I am sorry. Also if it doesn't make sense yeah, I dunno what to say about that, I suck at explaining and expressing stuff lol Dunno

Will be posting pics some time tomorrow.
The terminators came out very well, the new colour scheme looks a whole lot better then the old.
Still waiting for a basing compound so none of the bases are done.

Now is better then never I guess

Eyes are a little messy, and I am not to happy with how the mark of chaos turned out on the Chosen.

The other guy is a chaos sorcerer, No idea what he originally was in the DV kit.

General Discussion / Re: Favorite Point Level for a 40k Game?
« on: October 22, 2016, 11:28:53 AM »
I really enjoy 750 point games, its the slandered in our small gaming club.

General Discussion / Re: Take Me To Your Leader!
« on: October 18, 2016, 03:24:07 PM »
My Crazed Destroyer Lord and his two faithful Crypteks, They protect the tombworld as the Overlord slumbers. Waiting for his activation, waiting for the full destructive power of their war machines.

I couldn't order the upgrade kit, nor the Crypeks so I landed up doing some conversions.
The D Lord was one of the 1st models I painted and I converted and painted the 2 Cryteks in an afternoon, I thought they could take res orbs but oh well.

Oh and the dead terminator is a dead terminator. . .No idea what I am gonna use it for. I just had to show it off.

I still gotta give them names.

The converted tacticals are painted, not happy with em.
Sorry again for the low res pics no cam.

Painting is taking like 10 times longer then I thought, hopefully I will post some pics next week.

I have had no luck this weekend, I bought primer that didn't spray with superglue that was all dry in the tubes. . .sigh
Well looks like they won't get done this weekend, will see on Monday if I can get a refund for the primer and super glue.

Just some small bits to glue on and painting to be done, cant do both now, oh well.

I want the bikes to have a salvaged look with some chaos bling slapped onto it.
Searched the whole town for small PVC tubes and couldn't find anything.
Gonna finish the bikes this weekend, so the PVC is out any other suggestions?

I rate my painting skills as maybe a 2 out of 10 so I am really kind of ashamed to show anything I paint, but oh well the more you do the better you get and I do need some feed back, because my gaming group,lol the whole 3 of us,suck at painting. I am slightly better then the other 2. I am gonna revisit everything I paint later down the line with touch ups and more "effects" everything I show is gonna be done to a low table top standard.

Thank you OzzieWarboss, if you wanna sculpt chains easiest to do and looks great. I would also suggest to make a square tool if you wanna do chains.

End of next week this whole project should be done.(I bloody hope so seems like I say this every 2 weeks) Its taken ages, a lot of burn outs, fights and general confusion but the end is close and I should just push forward.Gonna start a new thread for the Necrons and show some flayed one conversions and other naughty stuff I have done with making molds( GW must hate me)

Next year I am gonna go full into sculpting, and thinking of doing a +80 custom cultists for the "Lost and the Damned" formation.
Also next year I might have some Orks to work on. Converting them into freebooters.

With the Necrons and with later projects I am gonna try and give weekly updates to keep myself on track.

Haven't gotten primer yet.
Should I add more to the bikers? The backpacks will be added after painting.
Sorry for the low res pics.

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