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Stuff for later
Deff Dread 131  ,149
 2 Dread Klaws 2 Big shootas
 4 Dread Klaws

Killa Kan  57 ,63 ,61
Kan Klaw, Big shoota 
Kan Klaw Rokkit
Kan Klaw Grot Zooka

War trakk  63
 twin Big shoota

Deff Kopta 83, 69
 Kopta Rokkits
 Twin Big shoota

Note. Power Level to point are roughly 20 to 1.

100 points.

WarBoss                            PL4
Weirdboy PL4
SAG Big Mek PL5          (Or KFF)                      (13)

Pain boy PL6
WAAAGH Banner Nob PL4
Burna boys 5 PL5/PL5 (10)
tank bustas 5 PL4
Tank bustas 5 PL4                        (28) 

Grot Mob 20 PL3
Slugga boys 30 PL 13
Shoota Boys 10 PL5
Shoota Boys 10 PL5                     (29)
warbikers 3 PL5
Storm boys 30 P L13                    (14)

Mek Guns 3 PL7                             (7)
Wazbomba PL8                              (8)

PL total 100

Same here I just watched FLG short form Battle report. Orks Vs Dark Eldar. DE got trounced.  The also played with power Levels. 
I'm thinking I'm going to build a 75 point list, then see how close it is to 1500 points.

I'm going to start a new list. I think based on the first two attempts I've found a framework I want to work with a little more.
Boys mobs and Storm boys mobs for sure. Artillery too. Some of the units just feel wrong to me. Just going to spend some time flushing out the units and try to move up to other units and their builds. I'll be trying to find points costs that I feel comfortable with and try to get an estimate of their power on the table for their points.

First I'm going to try to set up a Boys heavy army and see where that goes. Maybe try to build out a Kan Wall too.

That battlewagon with its cargo is right around 450 points, just wondering if it will become a massive target. I guess you will be testing the vehicle durability for sure. The burnas only have an 8" range, wouldn't it be better to leave the sag big mek back with the lootas. Over all I like the points efficiency just not probably as experienced as you and not sure how well I could make it synergize. Does the warboss/painboy follow the battlewagon or do they support the slugga boys if the weirdboys jump them in? Interesting list for sure

The Kunnin plan.
 This is against I guess a "typical and kinda stationary marine army or something like that. Maybe Tau.
So, I', setting up, and hope to go first. be we have to see how it goes and how much of a beating it can take.
I'm setting up center of my Deployment Zone. Wagon. left and right are Storm boys and Boys behind them. the Biker characters next to the wagon just behind the storm boys.
Movement everything advances as fast as it can. the storm boys in fron at the end of the move with as many units with in 6" of the wr boss as we can get maybe leaving some gaps for the second part. The Psychic phase. use Da jump. Send 60 boys up the field and deploy them so they trail to the warboss and Painboy as best we can. trying to intermingle units so they can have gaps to move through for the charge.  Here we have two options when it comes to the boys mobs did we buy 2 mobs of Slugga boys  or one of Slugga and one of Shotta or what. We have to decide ahead of time what our second Weird boys had two powers to choose from ,the second is Da Warpath. If we took that. We have to cast that on the boys before we jump them. This set up should leave 3 or 4 units able to charge. the storm boys, due to the rockit packs. and the boys due to jumping in, not running, Oh ya, Zagstruk is in there some where to help with the storm boy Morale.
If the charge goes well we're in combat bustin heads. Trying to contact as many units as we can.
Turn two we try to move more stuff into combat, dismount the burna boys and WAAAGH Nob. Send him were he can help the most with his buff. Assault again. Roll the wagon in as soon as we can. Second turn we can send up the next mob or the other Weirdboy to buff another unit with warpath.
And some shooting the whole time, it's just not the focus. SAG Mek can be in the back or on the wagon. doesn't matter he just needs to see multi wound targets and go for it. No real plan with him except stay alive and maybe run or port off to an objective.

I'm not sure this list is even any good. Haven't rally taken missions into account yet.


Biker Warboss. Big choppa, attack squig,  (130)
Weirdboy (62) (equipment in cost)
Boss Zagstruk. (88) (equipment in cost)
** Weirdboy (62)** Outrider detachment
** Big Mek with shock attack gun (90)**
Slugga boys 30, 1 big choppa nob. (189)
Slugga boys 30, 1 big choppa Nob (189)
Grot mob 10 grot  (30) - place holder unit for now.

Burna boys 5 (70)
Burna boys 5 (70)
Burna boys 5 (70)
WAAAGH Banner Nob (75)
Painboy on warbike with power Klaw (118)
(One slot remaining)
Fast Attack
Fast attack ** out rider Detachment**
Storm boys 30 1 power Klaw nob (265)         
Storm boys 5  1 bigchoppa Nob  (49)   
Storm boys 5  1 bigchoppa Nob  (49)

Battle wagon Deff Rolla (180) Burna Mobs, SAG ig mek, WAAAGH Nob all ride here.
Lootas 5 (85)

BlitzaBommer  (128)** No grot gunner. Have to sort hat out.
Total. 1999/ 1 points left.

We've not moves from 1 Battalion to 1 Battalion + one Outrider Detachment. (3 Fast attack choices 1 HQ)
And we're at a power Level of 121 points based on the list adjustment.
Command points total = 7 , 3 for building an army 3 for the battalion 1 for the Outrider detachment.

Regarding Detachments. I can see where I could open one more detachment for the cost of an HQ and one more Heavy Support choice. (usually needs three)
I've moved a lot of things around added and dropped. One point under.
 I'd need to add something low points for that heavy slot. Maybe a single big Gun.
I'd probably drop 10 storm boys for a return of 80 points. Buy the big gun, trying to keep it at 20 points and spend the remaining 60 points on either boys or grot.  A challenge for later.  Doing that would buy a Bubble chukka and 10 grot. Opening the Spearhead Detachment.
I'm unsure that I want to give up the Storm boys at this time.
I hate list building lol.
Thanks for reading more Mayhem soon.
Chopp it up and tell me whee I've gone wrong. ;D

My first list is looking like this.

Goal of 2000 points. Hope to brake this down further for a 1500 and 1000 point list.
Kinda bulding it backwards in that regard. Once I discover the core of the army things will be smoother.

Biker Warboss. Big choppa, attack squig, Kombi-skortcha (149)
Weirdboy (62) (equipment in cost)
Boss Zagstruk. (88) (equipment in cost)

Slugga boys 30, 1 power klaw nob. (205)
Slugga boys 30, 1 power Klaw Nob (205)
Grot mob 10 grot  (30) - place holder unit for now.
(Have to look at how shooting interacts with close combat. I mean, if the unit is engaged can it still shoot it's non pistol weapons at targets further away than 1". Imagine Big shootas in the back and not able to fight shooting away from combat. ? Have to look.)

Burna boys 10 (140)
Burna boys 10 (140)
Komando 15 2 burnas 1 power klaw nob (170) ** Notes below
WAAAGH Banner Nob (75)
Painboy on warbike with killsaw orderly (122)
(One slot remaining)

Fast attack
Storm boys 25 1 power Klaw nob (225)         *Notes Below20 =   160+25 (185)
Storm boys 25 1 poweer Klaw nob (225)        *

Battle wagon Deff Rolla 4 big shootas (204) 
Just the first run. looking at what to move around and drop or shift.
*Looks like it 5, 10 20 or 30 storm boys in a mob so my mobs of 25 will need to change.

List Adjustment.
Drop Komandos 170.
Drop 5 Storm boys. (New total number of Storm boys is now 40. Divide this into 30, 5 and 5. (All part of the plan now.)
170+40 = 210.
Add in 1 Blitz bomber 108+ 10+10 (128)   
Add in 1 more Weird boy (62)
Leaves 20 points.
We've not moves from 1 Battalion to 1 Battalion + one Outrider Detachment. (3 Fast attack choices 1 HQ

 Loads still to do sorting this out. Not bad but not happy with it yet.
Almost forgot the last 20 points, spend 9 for a big choppa for one of the Storm boys Nobs and were down to 11 points. If I can find one more "extra Storm boy" it'll become another big choppa Nob. that'll return 16 more points to the pool. 
And we're at a power Level of 111 points based on the list adjustment.
Command points total = 7  3 for building an army 3 for the battalion 1 for the Outrider detachment.

More later. Thanks for reading. Chopp it up and let me know whatcha fink... er, think.

I've found I have 52 Storm boys. I may have more in bitz, not sure yet.
I'm thinking about a war boss on warbike a Pain boy on bike and a weirdboy, maybe 2 if I can find a way to fit it in.
2 or 3 large full mobs of boys, 2 mobs of 25 storm boys.  Still brain working it out.
Bassicly jump and run the storm boys, port one mob of boys ahead of them rush up the boss and pain by center of all the units, leave a trail of boys and storm boys, just a few models, Waaagh and Charge turn one. 2 weirdboys would be 2 full mobs jumped up the board.
Second wave should be WAAAGH banner Nob and burna boys in trukks, possibly sticking in a Battle Wagon.  The plan is coming together bu I have to run the points still.
I was thinking about Komandos too to pop up. Have to keep the Characters screened from normal shooting. Possibly adding in warbikers. Just not sure where my priorities are after the fist part. I still need a rear guard unit or two for local objectives and table control, maybe Grot mobs in the back field. This could be crazy.

Notes for future army construction.
Keep in mind any unit who has their weapons and wargear rolled into their costs.
Spend as few points as possible on unit upgrades. Leaving points open for upgrade on the units that have to pay for them, looking for the upgrades that will deliver strong output. ( reliable hit/wounds/damage)
Burna boys*, Warbikers, Boys mobs Weirdboy, Waaagh Nob, Storm boys, Lootas.
More units that fall into this category to follow. *Burna boys may have to buy their burnas but don't roll to hit and are seem strong in Close Combat.
Look for minimal points investments. Blitz Bomber, Wartrakks.
More units that fall into this category to follow.
We do have to buy weapons for both of those but between the Blitza bombers bombs  which deliver mortal wounds and the wartrakks "out flanking". Which can be used offensively or defensively. (Objective grabbing, gaining ground)
Where do I want to actually spend points. Characters will need equipment and elite unit with damage output/Durable units.

Based on my above notes my army will be infantry based. Starting with the troop units that are mandatory and then moving on to the other unit slots.

In an attempt to sort things out for 8th edition, or New Hammer if you like better, I'm launching a new thread.
No doubt it will be as epic as my last one! (some one's got's me!)
And to that end I am looking at models I like and FOC's to fit them into and the points costs.

The first miniatures I've selected to mess with are. Storm Boys, Zagstrukk and a WAAAAGH Banner Nob. What work has to be done? The WAAAGH-Nob needs a kustom Shoota to replace his slugga and some paint. Zagstruk and the Storm boys all need more paint.
(I'm not usually one for Special Characters but I'll give him a try for a few games. Or not? Either way he's getting painted.)
My first list will be a Patrol Detachment. Just to see what the points look like.
The next post will have units listed and points totals as well as Power Levels listed for future comparison.
I have so many armies coming to mind but I need to pick something that will have staying power and mobility.

Fell free to join in if you like.

Discussion: Orks / Re: Ork faction focus
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:01:00 PM »
Sounds good. I started running points but it feels a little strange right now.
30 stormboys with a PK Nob 265.  I have to see if I have 60 of the or not. 
I really need to find a more organized way to tackle this.
I'm considering vehicle squadrons. Like Wartrakks or Deff Koptas. They eat up a slot so how many is good for the slot they take and how does that level based on their LD stat. If you see what I mean. With every unit having a LD stat now I'd hat to have two koptas killed then pickup the last three due to LD. (Maybe that's not a proper comparison .) Could be mitigated via Storm boys blobs or Boys mob within range...  Things I'm only now starting to think about.
How many points are you planning for?

Discussion: Orks / Re: Ork faction focus
« on: June 02, 2017, 08:43:01 AM »
Yep, I have that file and the rules too.
Just getting started with my first list. So far all I've done is write down a list of things I want in my army. we'll see what happens from there.
Not mad about vehicles costing more, it should even things out as armies won't have a tone of them on the board.

Post your Speed Freak list so we can see what's up.
I may start out with a foot list just to get a feel for new hammer with easy units.

Discussion: Orks / Re: Ork faction focus
« on: May 30, 2017, 06:06:40 PM »
And speaking of the best army ever in the history of Warhammer 40,000...
Ork boys have S4 now. I haven't seen any new points costs for them that'll be something I scrounge around for next.
Funny bitz Nobs have LD7 boys are LD 6.  I never expected them to be so close to on par with Marines.
Boys in mobs of 20 or more gin +1 attack to their profile. so, 4 attacks with a choppa. And it gets weirder...get it... Weird boy can get a power that gives + 1 attack as well.
So, 5 attacks each. Nice.
So far the only stand out units..standing out as a possible issue is the bubble chukka. Which may well be better than it was in 7th albeit more random.
it has no weapons profile beyond range. You roll 4 dice then take turns assigning those number to the weapons profile. Ork player picks a dice first and I guess picks which stat they want to start with. Going to have to use some kunning with it.
Not enough information on the battle wagon for me to really get a good idea of how I feel about it. A few notes on it though. Deff Rolla looks good using the number of attacks of the wagon I think +3 to that number too. Should be killy.

I had higher hopes for the Boys mob. I had hoiped that they would get more than one "Special weapon" pre 10 models. ie more rockits or big shootas in the mobs.
This lack of a change will keep my using units much like I have more recently. Shoota boys with just shootas and a nob. Slugga boys with rockits or more likely big shootas.
Lots to digest from all of 5 pages of Ork related things.
Lastly Mob rule AoE is 6". 

Discussion: Orks / Re: Ork faction focus
« on: May 29, 2017, 06:41:45 AM »
Here's a link from Dakka showing Detachments.;jsessionid=6C71E8443D66668E90B731479BE4894D#9386174
One thing I can't tell and haven't seen is, are we still required a number of troop choices like we are now and have been for several editions.
I haven't seen anything about that, I probably just missed it if it's there.
I also read that you can go over in slots for the cost of a command point. But I don't know the source of that information currently.
Unless they are referring to using one of these detachments over a detachment that would have more command points built in. (It's unclear to me.) 
Orks are looking good to me! Very excited to get my hands on the new book!

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