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I currently am running a loyalist death guard force led by Garro (inspired by flight of the Eisenstein) and in 7th I ran them as iron hands to resemble their hardship from living on their home world. With looking at these new traits I'm torn between Iron Hands and Ultramarines, which do you think would be best to represent my army?

Discussion: Space Marines / Re: Thoughts on the Thunderfire cannon
« on: July 25, 2017, 03:21:55 PM »
I always ran one back in 7th and found the scatter to be annoying but in 8th although there is a random amount of shots being fired I'm still finding it to hit and wound more frequently.

As well I'm currently struggling to fit it in my 1000/1500 point army but I would recommend it as you can pop it in cover and fire at anything on the board :)

Discussion: THE LIST / Re: 1500 point space marine army
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:26:50 PM »
By my reckoning the predator is 70 points more exspensive and that's without sponsons.

I just feel that my army needs something fast and hard hitting to bump it up from 1000 to 1500 points

Discussion: THE LIST / 1500 point space marine army
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:56:53 PM »
I've managed to make what appears to be a balanced 1000 point army but struggling to think on how to upgrade it to 1500 points, all help welcome.
Battalion detachment
Combi grav and relic blade

Staff and pistol

Tactical (5 man)
Plasma gun

Tactical (5 man)
Plasma gun

Sniper Scouts (5 man)
Snipers and camp cloaks


Dev (5 man)
2 lascannon

Dev (6 man)
3 lascannon

Dedicated transport
Twin heavy bolter

Twin heavy bolter


from what I've read, melta is a lot more fluffy for Death guard.

If I was to swap out a predator for a land raider I would only need to find 115p from somewhere to pump into it and then the war-smith has more of a purpose as he can fix it on the move and curse other vehicles as he is cruising around, or I could run chosen instead?

the centurians and transports are targets number 1 and 2 its just the they didn't die to efficiently :/

-centurions- grav
-terminators deep striking laying waste to tanks

went badly-
-vindicator scattering so missing every turn or hitting one or two marines
-terminator lord and 4 terminator bodyguard who killed a tank and then all died to bolter fire in his next turn

went well
-4 remaining tactical marines that held a captain and his cataphractii body guard in combat killing all the term bodyguard and awesome feel no pain rolling to keep them in the fight :)

wish I had
-possibly swap the raptors for bikers
-adding a landraider

Managed to use the chaos list a couple of times against Ultramarines and lost both times. Was playing maelstrom objectives and lost 10-9 and 14-12. But at the end of the game I was always severely outnumbered with me having a couple of the marines left and the ultramarine player having 2 reasonably fully tactical squads and terminator squads.

If I were to lean towards chaos would this be a good list? (1500)

Chaos warband-
Lord, terminator, combi melta, sigil of couruption, power fist, mark of nurgle
Terminators 4 man, mark of nurgle, power fist, mark of nurgle
Raptors mark of nurgle
Havoc autocannon mark of nurgle
Marines mark of nurgle, melta gun, rhino, heavy bolter
Marines mark of nurgle, melta gun, rhino, heavy bolter

Fist of the gods
Autocannon preadator, Lascannon sponson
Autocannon preadator, Lascannon sponson

Demi co. Comes to 935
Raptor wing- 280
Scouts - 210
Skyhammer- 560

I've recently read the flight of the Eisenstein and have been inspired to make a Death Guard army, out of the loyalist chapters I thought iron hands would make the best choice due to feel no pain, shows death guard resilience. Aiming for 1500/1850 points.

Traitors Bane, relic blade, artificer armour

Tactical 9 man
Melta, rhino

Tactical 9 man
Melta, rhino

Tactical 5 man

Bike squad 3 man
2 grav gun

Dev. Centurions
All grav, omnisocpe on sgt.

Assault marine 5 man
Jump packs

Assault marine 5 man
Jump packs

Dev squad 5 man
D.pod 4 grav canon

Dev squad 5 man
D.pod multi melta

Or for aux
10th co.
3 units of 5 scouts with camo and sniper
Raptor wing
2 stormtalons with skyhammer missiles
Land speeder with 2 heavy bolters

Any and all advice please :D

Discussion: THE LIST / Thousand Sons
« on: February 20, 2017, 03:05:34 PM »
Hey guys just want some help with my list, using the traitor legion supplement. 1500 points
Exahlted sorcerer
Sorcerer (terminator, armour mastery 2, grimnore mark of tzeentch)
Rubric marines 7 man rhino
Rubric marines 7 man rhino
Rubric marines 7 man rhino
Predator autocannon and lascannon
Helbrute combi and reaper autocannon

Thinking of swapping things out possible for another predator, what do you think?

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Thousand Sons start up
« on: February 15, 2017, 11:46:51 AM »
Hello there, I'm looking at making an effective chaos army.
What units should I look at including in the army?

I'm looking at making this army using the betrayal at Calth for a starting point and looking to expand. I want this army to have a Thousand son theme but due to them being costly point wise I thought about having a small 5 man unit.

Any ideas greatly apreciated :)

I do like the look of the iron hands detachment. I would run the storm lance Demi company as my core choice and then take an auxiliary. just for the improved feel no pain :)

My first question is which chapter tactics are you thinking of using? I use Imperial fists for the re-rolls on bolters and use the sternhammer strike force from angels of death.

As far as I am aware to use a battle company you'll need:
Captain + Chaplain
6 Tactical Squads (can be 5 man strong)
2 assault squads (or bikers)
2 Devastators (or Centurion devastators)

If your able to take the gladious strike force from the Space Marine codex. by taking 2 Demi companies and 1 auxilary you get free dedicated transports for the Demi co's (rhino, razors and drop pods)

I'm used to playing slightly mech Eldar so my advice get rid of transports and their heavy weapons ASAP!
Hope this helps :)

General Discussion / Re: Best combi?
« on: February 14, 2017, 06:18:50 AM »
I'd advise using the combo weapon that matches the special weapon in the squad but personally I never have any points left over to take one :(

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