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Discussion: Painting / Need Help On A Colour Scheme For DeathGuard
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:22:28 PM »
Hey there.
I finally have CSM of my own thanks to the Dark Imperium box.

The last bunch of CSM I painted were pink and gold, and the colours really grew on me, very sad that I wont ever see them on a table, but oh wells. I really want a bright Chaos army, I painted my Necron Overlord a lot brighter then I normally do and now I am just want brighter models.

I want my Death Guard to have a warp life feel and colour to them. A while back I saw, I think a poxwalker with purple "Nurgle rot", sadly I did not save the picture, so I have nothing to work off of. The Scheme is gold trim, the armor plates a bright silver/white silver, with a pink or purple shades on the model with bright pinks, purples and blues Nurgle gifts.

How I am going to do the marines is base them white, or a light cream colour, dry brush heavily with Necron compound, bleed over a bright colour from the trims, so the deeper parts of the "plates" will have a warp kind of colour, no idea yet on the colour of the shade/washes. Do the trimming in gold, shade with Seraphim Sepia, dry brush the whole mini in a white(maybe a blue,pink or purple).
As for the warpish Nurgle rot, I have no idea how I am going do it.
What citadel paints do you think I should get, what colour should I base the models?
Sorry for the terrible grammar. I usually never type so much. 

General Discussion / Is there too much bad advice for Newbies in the Hobby?
« on: November 16, 2016, 02:05:29 PM »
My little hobby group is starting grow, might be getting a 3rd person into it. So I like to watch vids about starting a new army or getting into the hobby, so I can give people advice, basically my advice is always, buy what you think is awesome, and what you believe you can paint, worry about the table top part and list building later.

40k for me is really about the models and converting, the awesome factor, your gonna be spending hours painting and building. But its seems like all the advice I see on youtube the people look at it as, where they are now in the hobby, expecting newbies to be able to paint and build models, or have skills they don't, or look at it in a totally tactical way. Makes it seem that not only is the price into the hobby steep but the skill level also.

I got into the hobby around the time of a painting competition, seeing your guys amazing models motivated me at the start but soon became daunting, I could barely assemble models nicely and my painting was terrible, messy all over the place, what motivated me again was my friend's models, messy, but you put them on the table take a step back, and they look awesome. Every time I try to get somebody into the hobby I try and not show off something I feel is very well painted, flaws seem to ease people in, makes them believe they can do it, I talk to them about painting, how its not that hard and you will soon get the hang of it.

Let me try and make my point now. I feel the advice is bad because we are removed from the start of hobby, we don't look at all the challenges facing the newbie, and how to over come them. Even something small like building too many or a too complicated model can totally demotivate you from the hobby.(Necron warriors are frustrating as heck to put together) We seem to only point out 3 negatives, Huge collections of models takes time and money, tactics take time and experience.. and the price of models.

Do you think the advice floating around the interwebs for new players is good or bad? How many new players you see walk out of the hobby after a few months and what do you think is the reason behind that? How many want to get in but never do?

I have proof read this like 10 times, if I missed any spelling and grammar mistakes I am sorry. Also if it doesn't make sense yeah, I dunno what to say about that, I suck at explaining and expressing stuff lol Dunno

Discussion: Painting / How good are Citadel paints and other products
« on: April 21, 2016, 12:24:21 PM »
I am rather frustrated with using cheap products, that have mixed results.
The shop that stocks GW products finally has a web store making purchasing miniatures a lot easier

Citadel paints are now easy to get. But how good is the primer, washes(shades) and their liquid green stuff? I really want liquid green stuff
Will it be worth buying the kits, to build up a paint collection, or try and get Vallejo or Army Painter? or Just buy the colours I need
Ordering the paint through ebay is not really an option for me, the postal service here is terrible and getting worse each month.

Discussion: Conversions / Mold making, Some tips,tricks and links.
« on: April 06, 2016, 02:27:38 PM »
Making a mold for a part or miniature, can be easy, or a total nightmare and waste of money. I have experimented with making molds with a lot of different items. If you wanna try copy a part, or make a mold of something you made,I can give some tips, because I have made a lot failures.

Molding material

Instant Mold or Oyumaru (hobbyist's best friend)
This stuff is amazing, I have a very small amount of it, and every time I use it I am just own back with the ease and the great detail of the casts.

Pros: Easy to use
         Captures most detail amazingly
         Works with both green stuff and resin
         Molds can be made in under an hour
Cons: Pricey ( not so bad if bought in bulk)
          Some detail will be hard for I to capture because its a putty, you have to "force" the detail into it( hmm onto it?)
          After 10 to 20 casts the detail starts to ware off (its reusable so once you start to notice the diminish in quality you can just   
          reheat and re use)
Molding Silicone (The Pro stuff)
This stuff works well, is some what cheap, you can get starter kits with resin, was a little hard for me to track down a supplier. You really
need to know what you doing when working with this stuff, with Oyumaru all you really need is a cup of boiling water, silicone you need a scale, mixing containers, a vibrating platform, mold release and a vacuum box.( you only really need a vacuum box and/or a vibrating platform if your having problems with bubbles in your mold)

Pros:  Captures detail amazingly well
         The tin based ones can be very cost effective, and its what a hobbyist will use.
         Molds can last if looked after correctly
Cons: Mistakes are permanent, only thing you can do with a bad mold is cut it into blocks and use it for filler on big molds to save some 
          Difficult to get bubble free molds, with the right tools and experience this wont be much of a problem
         Takes up to a day to dry
         Wont be able to cast with green stuff, only resin ( the mold is soft )

Molding latex.
Yeah I could never get this stuff to work for me

Some house hold products.

Hot glue sticks
Pop it in a pot of boiling water, push it down on your part and hope for the best. Now you may be thinking why spend 10 times more buying some Oyumaru, well because stuff can go horribly wrong with glue sticks and it starts to get very hard. The pro is that's its cheap, but its glue and being sticky is not a quality you want in a mold.
Pros: Cheap
         Works with green stuff.
Cons: A mistake will cost you your part.
         Feels like working with inferior Oyumaru

Silicone caulk( the kind that smells like vinegar )
Buy the clear silicone, wash it with some soapy water, push it down on your part. The stuff works well, takes some time to dry. Never really got a great mold out of it.
Pros: Cheap
        Works alright
Cons: Might corrod metal parts, happened to me with my tomb spider
         Wont work with green stuff ( the mold is soft)

That is all the stuff I have used, I would say if you want to try and make some molds for one or 2 off parts Oyumaru  is great, anything more or bigger go with silicone.

Some links to tutorials I found very helpful.

Will be adding some tips and info? I guess and some info on casting resins, ummm lost track in the next few days I think

Hope that was legible and helpful

Discussion: Conversions / Some Necron Conversions I am working on
« on: March 29, 2016, 10:51:49 AM »
The 1st bunch of conversions I am working on, are immortals to the old wraiths (Dawn of War Wraiths is what I tend to call them seeing so the PC game got me into the hobby)

Yet again I am not so happy with something ^_^ seems to be my trend.
The shoulder pads, needs some more trimming down, and some green stuff work.
And the spikey back, yeah dunno what I was thinking, gonna replace it with something else (later then sooner it seems)

Now the fun stuff how I made it!
The serpent tail was made by rolling green into a tube with wire in the center for support, leave it to set for a moment before you roll it between a comb and a flat surface, its a little too diffecult to roll it between two combs,adding the right amount of pressure will add the groves to it, too much will flatten it, if the groves look too rouned for your taste, rolling it again very lightly betten two flat surfaces will give it a more square look.
The shoulder pads are "cloned" parts of the ghost ark, cut down to size, I tried cutting them out of plastic, sculpting them with green stuff but never got them the way I wanted.

^_^ now you guys better push me to finish all my crazy conversions because I have the rather bad habit of never finishing things I start!
Sorry if my grammar is kind of bad, not really use to writing things out,
Will add more pics once I get stuff done!

Hey there,I am busy converting the Dark Angels in the Dark Vengeance set to chaos marines.

I am very new to all this green stuff work,so I tried to keep it very simple.
My friend wanted a Slaanesh army,I went with a hammered look and tentacles on the shoulder pads.
Guess you could say I turned the tactical marines into tentacle marines.

Sorry for the bad pictures the best cam I have is on my tablet.

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