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Discussion: Black Templars / DeathWatch Support?
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:05:58 PM »
Corvus Blackstars could be used to solve some problems we seem to have getting units into combat. Any thoughts?

Discussion: Black Templars / 500 pt List From the begining
« on: June 27, 2016, 04:01:41 AM »
Ok so me an a friend are both getting back in to Warhammer 40k and we are doing a kinda slow grow league starting at 500. I have no models as of now and I know I have to have a HQ and 2 troops. so here are my 2 lists at 500 pts so far. We are allowing a 5pt deviation. Mind you I'm trying to keep all models for when we increase the points. And of coarse I,m Black Templar's.

#1(Elite Version)
*Captain                           90pts
  +Shield Eternal               50pts
  +Teeth of Terra                35pts
  +Artificer Armour            20pts
  +Digital Weapons            10pts
  +Auspex                          5pts

*Tactical Squad x2             70pts=140pts
  +combi-grav                    10pts=20pts

*Stormtalon Gunship         110pts
  +Twinlinked lasscannon    15pts
Total= 495pts

#2(Flex/Growth Version)

*Cartain                             90pts
  +Storm shield                 15pts
  +Storm Bolter                 5pts

*Command Squad            90pts

*Scout Squad x2              55pts=110pts
  +5x Sniper Rifle              5pts=10pts

*Stormtalon Gunship       110pts

*Predator                         75pts

Any comments help plz feel free to pick it apart.

Discussion: Black Templars / Chaplains
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:41:28 PM »
OK I've been wanting to use Chaplains but in comparison to others there too expensive for what they bring to the table or is it just me?

Discussion: Black Templars / Black Templar's 1000 point Army
« on: September 18, 2014, 09:09:51 PM »
I don't have a lot of vehicles so I am trying to make a good foot slogging list... no neos either. I basically have a bunch of marines, termys, and jet pack Marines as my normal unites, and a rhino /razorback, vindicator, and a dreadnought as my vehicles. I have just acquired an Ages Defense Line with Quad gun for air support but i don't quite know how to go about fitting it into the army yet. I am trying to acquire several bikes for my list but no one is wanting to part with some for cheep ><; however, here is my list with bikes...(if i had the bikes ><) i want your best opinions plz. (remember 1000 point list)

High Marshal(Chapter Master)
-Artificer Armour
-Power Fist
-Melta bomb
-Digital Weapons
-The Shield Eternal
-Space Marine Bike
He goes with the Chaplain and it's Command Squad

-Power Fist
-Melta bomb
-Space Marine Bike

I am still trying my best to work with the very very limited use of the Chaplains and this seems my best option. (opinion> they need to be reduced in price or made to anti the casters... at least for the Black Templar's sake. (wishing Grimaldus could be on a bike ><)

Command Squad
-Storm Shields x4

I don't really see the use in taking a Company Champ for just a power weapon and Combat Shield.

5 man Crusader Squad x2

Troops are just for sneaking around sitting on objectives and pop shots when able. (can be swapped out for scouts with camo cloaks and sniper rifles if thought as a better option)

-Heavy Bolter

I don't know if Predators are good but i like the feel of having at least one tank backing me up.

Ages Defense Line (with quad gun)

Tech Marine (with quad gun)

Ages Strat: Keep Predator behind Ages close to Tech Marine and quad gun for rear guard support as bikes dive cover to cover (simple tactics)

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