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Discussion: 40K Rumors / (Potential) Changes to the Assault Phase
« on: April 09, 2017, 08:09:11 AM »

In this video, he talks about what he confirms are changes. The assault phase was the one I thought was one of the coolest ideas for starters.

The gist of it if you don't want to look at the video is that if you declare the assault, you go first. So as an example, Orks would attack Space Marines first on the first turn of the assault. This includes your Nob with the power klaw.

I'm curious to hear thoughts about this. My thinking is it's a significant change that doesn't break the game. In 6th, the assault was nerfed so you couldn't charge out of reserves, hitting Space Wolves and drop pod armies pretty hard. The entire game shifted at that point to a shooting game and has been there ever since. As far as this change and not breaking the game, it's enough of a change to give assault armies an advantage in the phase they need it and not make shooting armies useless. Everyone still gets their overwatch, you still have to have enough bodies to survive to get into assault and you have to assault with enough to clear a large portion of your opponents guys before they hit you back.

I personally like the idea. I think it will balance the global meta a bit where either players are having to consider assault defense a little more or dust off their old Blood Angels/Orks models and try to dominate in close range combat.

Of course, this is purely speculation but I'm curious to hear other thoughts.

Lastly, as a disclaimer, I just recently popped open (finally!) my Ork Battle Force box that I purchased back in '14. I'm seriously looking forward to playing Orks if this change comes through!

I was so taken aback by the "Legion of the Damned" book that I've been thinking about it since last Christmas (2013).  I play for the narrative and got into the game because of the same.  Here's what I came up with:

Total Roster Cost: 1499

Combined Arms Detachment
   Captain + Relic Blade
   (3) Scout Bike Squad
   (5) Scout Squad, + Sniper Rifles
   (5) Tactical Squad + Veteran Sergeant
   Thunderfire Cannon
   (10) Legion of the Damned Flamer + Heavy Flamer
   (10) Legion of the Damned + Flamer + Multi-melta
   (10) Legion of the Damned + Meltagun + Multi-melta

Allied Detachment - Imperial Guard
   Company Command Squad
   Platoon Command Squad
   (4 squads, 10 troops each) Infantry Squad
I'm trying to stay as close as I can to the theme and maintain a 1500 point army.  I could eek out another point by adding a bolt pistol onto the Company Commander but he didn't have one (at least not that I could make out).

Feedback I'm looking for?  Am I completely off base with my trying to capture this?  I like the idea of a 90+ troop list facing off against everything in the current meta.  I don't stand a snow ball chance in hell but neither did the guys on Certus Minor.  Additionally, an actual list of the 5th Company and the supporting Imperial Guard would be massive amounts of points.  I wanted something I could start with and expand upon.

Thanks for comments in advance!


Discussion: THE LIST / 1500 Chaos Space Marine List
« on: November 27, 2014, 05:02:42 PM »
Greetings again!

I wanted to post my wife's list to get opinions:

Daemon Prince of Khorne - Power Armour, Wings, The Black Mace - 265
5 Chaos Spawn of Nurgle - 180

10 Chaos Space Marines of Khorne - Bolt Pistols and CCWs, Rhino - 220

Dark Apostle of Khorne - Veteren of the Long War - 115
28 Chaos Cultists - 122

Heldrake - Baleflamer - 170

Chaos Vindicator - 125
Chaos Vindicator - 125

Forgefiend - 175

Points: 1497

Her strat consists of running the Daemon Prince with her Spawn and smashing whatever she touches.  Once in charge range, she will either take both in at a large group, or split the prince and spawn and engage two targets of opportunity.  The vindicators soften whichever targets she's lining up for her Dark Apostle/Cultists.  Her sniper ends up being her Forgefiend.  As much as I talk smack about how bad it is, she rolls so well for the damn thing it's hard to convince her otherwise =)  This isn't a subtle list.  She is the master of "Hulk Smash" in our house.

Any thoughts are welcome!



Discussion: THE LIST / 1500pts Raptors
« on: November 27, 2014, 04:42:25 PM »
Greetings!  I submit the following list for review:

Librarian - Stormbolter, Mastery Level 2 (Telepathy) - 95

Dreadnought - Drop pod - 135
Dreadnought - Drop pod - 135
Venerable Dreadnought - Drop Pod - 160

5-Man Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs, Rhino - 135
5-Man Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs, Rhino - 135
5-Man Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs, Rhino - 135
5-Man Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs, Rhino - 135
5-Man Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Melta Bombs, Rhino - 135

Stormraven Gunship - TL Lascannon, TL Multimelta - 200

Thunderfire Cannon - 100
Total:  1500

Small personal tweaks like the stormbolter on the librarian and the venerable on my third dread are fluff based.  I kit bashed my librarian and I have a cool Chaplain dreadnought that I play as a venerable.  I just plain like em =)




Community: Introductions Here! / Greetings!
« on: November 25, 2014, 07:00:05 AM »
Hello all, Brian here.  I've been playing 40k since last December and because I have a great financial planner (my wife Samantha) I've been able to get into it pretty deep.

I began playing because I grabbed the "Legends of the Space Marines" book.  I fell in love with the fluff of the Dreadnoughts from that book (which is why I try to find new and inventive ways to get 3 if not 4 of my dreads into every list).

I now have two armies:  Space Marines and Necrons.  My wife runs Chaos Space Marines and kicks my rear with her Nurgle Spawn consistently.  I'd like to start off mentioning that I simply hate the 15 wound, toughness 6 jackasserie with her khorne, winged, black maced demon prince.  Makes me wish I never showed her how to play =)  J/K

I'm looking forward to participating a bit more in the forums.

On the other side, I regularly watch Fritz's vlogs and I can't get enough of watching IDICBeer's stuff.  Even the old content has helped me get better.



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