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Discussion: THE LIST / [2000] Blood Angels - Dante Bomb
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:53:10 AM »
Hi everyone, tell me what you think about the list!
I played a similar one with PL once already and it performed quite ok, so let's see what you think!

All Jumpers & Drop Pod with Devastators Deploy in Reserves.
The plan is to have Razorbacks, Stormraven and Devastators and Possibly Melta-Veterans move/DeepStrike in a way so they are all in 6'' of Dante for rerolls on the Alpha Strike
in order to migitate the -1 to hit for moving the Heavy weapons.
If Melta-Targets are Bubble-wrapped, the veterans can hold off and wait for all the Anti-Infantry-Dakka to clear a path.

2000p Blood Angels Batallion detachment
Commander Dante - Warlord - 215p
Chief Librarian Mephiston - 145p
5x Scouts - 5 Shotguns - 55p
5x Tactical Marines - Hvy Flamer, Power Sword Sarge - 86p
5x Tactical Marines - Hvy Flamer, Power Axe Sarge - 87p
Dedicated Transport:
Drop Pod - Storm Bolter - 105p
Razorback - Twin Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile - 108p
Razorback - Twin Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile - 108p
5x DeathCompany - 4 Thunder Hammers , 1 Chainsword/BoltPistol - 180p
5x DeathCompany - 5 Chainsword/BoltPistol - 100p
4x CompanyVeterans- Jump Packs, 3x Meltagun, Combi-Melta Sarge - 146p
4x CompanyVeterans- Jump Packs, 3x Meltagun, Combi-Melta Sarge - 146p
Heavy Support:
7x DevastatorMarines - 4x Grav-Cannon, ArmoriumCherub - 208p
Stormraven Gunship - Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Multi-Melta, Hurricane Bolters, 2 Stormstrike Missile Launchers - 311p

That drop pod is expensive though.... :o

So i have been pondering wether it is possible to effectively run BloodAngels without the insane firepower and utility of a Stormraven.
However in trying this i got wiped pretty bad first by Tau, then by Eldar (basically by shooty armies). both times i lost all of my heavy firepower before it could do anything, so the game was basically over after turn 1. Both times my list had some issues because of powerlevel instead of points (like 5man Dev-squads) but still getting rolled that hard isn't ok!

Here is a new list, let's see what you guys think!

2000p Blood Angels Batallion detachment
Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack, Grav-Pistol, Power Sword - Warlord - 98p
Chief Librarian Mephiston - 145p
10x Scouts - 5 Shotguns, 5 Bolters - 110p
5x Tactical Marines - Hvy Flamer, Power Axe Sarge - 87p
5x Tactical Marines - Hvy Flamer, Power Axe Sarge - 87p
Dedicated Transport:
Razorback - Twin Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolter - 101p
Razorback - Twin Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolter - 101p
1x Sanguinary Guard Ancient - Plasma Pistol, EncarmineAxe - 107p
6x Sanguinary Guard - 6Plasma Pistols, 2x Axes, 2x Death Masks - 262p
6x Sanguinary Guard - 6Plasma Pistols, 2x Axes, 2x Death Masks - 262p
Fast Attack:
5x AssaultMarines - Jump Packs, 2x Meltagun, Power Axe & Meltabomb Sarge - 124p
5x AssaultMarines - Jump Packs, 2x Meltagun, Power Axe & Meltabomb Sarge - 124p
Heavy Support:
7x DevastatorMarines - 4x Lascannon, ArmoriumCherub - 196p
7x DevastatorMarines - 4x Missile launcher, ArmoriumCherub - 196p

If needed, the Scouts would combatsquad and be a screen for the Devastators. Mephiston is flexible for either racing forward in RB or staying behind as backline defense.

So, i have some questions:
- Would you run the SanguinaryGuard up the board or Deepstrike them? screening units can cut off huge parts of the board and it makes other units the focus of big guns...
    i'd like them to hit at the same turn as the razorbacks / tacticals
- Do i have enough heavy firepower to make a Vehicle go Boom or will my own firepower be neutered in one round of enemy shooting once again? ... i kind of doubt it
- Personally i'd put the Melta assault squads into deep strike reserves... how would you handle monsters/vehicles as BA? just more Lascannons? anything else(melta/CC) can be screened easily!

Discussion: THE LIST / 2000pts Blood Angels
« on: August 01, 2017, 07:21:37 AM »
So i figured i might as well put the list here for Review!
Tell me what you like and what not and how you'd improve it. Feel free to absolutely tare it apart ;)

It's a bit low on the Melee-front but let's see what you guys think!
2000p Blood Angels Batallion detachment
Librarian Dreadnought - Meltagun
5x Scouts - Shotguns, PowerAxe Sarge
5x Tactical Marines - Hvy Flamer, Power Axe Sarge
5x Tactical Marines - Hvy Flamer, Power Axe Sarge
Dedicated Transport:
Razorback - Twin Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter
Razorback - Twin Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter
8x Death Company - Jump Packs, 1 Power Fist, 1 Thunder Hammer, 2 Power Axes
5x Sanguinary Guard - 5Plasma Pistols, 2x Axes, 2x Death Masks
Fast Attack:
5x AssaultMarines - Jump Packs, 2x Meltagun, Power Axe & Meltabomb Sarge
Heavy Support:
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons
Stormraven Gunship - Twin MultiMelta, Twin Assault Cannon, two Hurricane Bolters

Scouts & LibbyDread go into Stormraven, Lemartes, DC and Sanguinary Guard go into Deep Strike reserves.

Discussion: Painting / Glaze leaves shiny "water stain"
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:18:43 AM »
So i'm working on my Knight and as a final step of painting green armour plates, i'm doing a Glaze with Citadel - Waywatcher Green.
After it dries, the color itself is fine and it's not glossy but if you hold it against the light there is some kind of film on top producing a water-stain-like mirroring effect which isnt there before i use the glaze.
The same thing happens with shades colors like Aggrax Earthshade, but i don't mind so much there since other layers will be covering that.

What am i doing wrong?
Too much paint/too wet?
Not enough pot-shaking?
I used the Glaze undiluted.

Discussion: Blood Angels / The new 8th Ed. BA Units
« on: June 17, 2017, 03:46:44 PM »
Hi Guys! So, which 8th Ed. Units for BloodAngels are you excited about? Why?
How do you plan to use them ?
Have you tested any of them yet?
What do you not like?

Personally i'm most excited about:
  • Sanguinary Guard with Warlord/Priest support being more durable, Str.5 and getting rerolls ;D
  • Librarians Sanguine Shield to make units more durable
  • Stormraven Gunships being able to start on the Table and not killing everything they transport if they go down
  • Lemartes Rerolling Charges for DC
  • Heavy Flamer Devastators inside Twin Heavy Flamer Razorbacks  :o
  • Baal Predators?

Im Doubtful about the usefulness of Vindicators now
and unsure about how to run the Dreadnoughts.... probably alwys inside a Stormraven.
Generally losing some specials like faster Vehicles, general Furious/better Charge and no more Meltaguns for AssaultSquads kind of sucks.

Discussion: Painting / Help me choose a colour scheme for my Knight!
« on: March 28, 2017, 05:25:17 AM »
Hi everyone, so i got one of the last Knights Renegade Boxes for Christmas and am in the Process of Building and painting the first Knight.
I'm having some problems deciding on a Color-Scheme and am hoping on Your input to help me decide!

The Knight will be a Freeblade, so no worries about sticking to any premade GW-Scheme.
My main Army that the Knight will ally to are Blood-Angels, so mostly red, black and a bit of gold, also bright green highlights.
The gaming table is going to be some Armageddon-like wasteland so mostly khaki and grey.

So at the moment i'm thinking i'll either paint it red&black to tie into the Blood Angels or some quite bright green for maximum contrast but i can't really decide  ::)

I also like the yellow Knights i have seen a lot but if i ever paint more than 4 Tyranids, my Tyranids will bee quite yellow so maybe that's enough bellow.
Other options might be some bright blue or dark lilac.

ATM it's mostly deciding on contrast with the Army or blending in.
What do you think?

Discussion: Khorne Daemonkin / Fighting triple Bloodthirsters at 1500p
« on: February 17, 2017, 05:48:03 AM »
Hi everyone, in my gaming group's private tournament, i'm going to have to play against the following list.
If anyone has some advice on how to deal with it i'll appreciate it!
ObjSecured Summons will be a pain for me since i'm running a BA-BaalStrikeForce and if things go very wrong there might be even a 4th Thirster  ;D

Allied Detachment: Chaos Demons
1x Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury - Greater Demonic Reward
11x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
Combined Arms Detachment: Khorne Daemonkin
1x Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury - Warlord
1x Chaos Lord - Bike, Kor'lath - Axe of Ruin
3x Bloodcrushers
3x ChaosTerminators - 3xCombiMelta 3xPowerMauls
3x ChaosTerminators - 2xCombiFlamer 1xCombiMelta 3xPowerMauls
10x Bloodletters - Bloodreaper
18x Cultists - Champion, shotgun
1x Skull Cannon

40K Rules Questions / Pink Horrors and melee combat, how does it work?
« on: February 07, 2017, 04:53:11 AM »
Hi everyone, can someone explain to me how exactly the Split rule interacts with melee combat ?

I guess the new models/units generally get placed outside of melee combat but just not sure.

What if i Multiassault a group of Pink, Blue and Brimstone horrors and some of the smaller ones get wiped out during melee ? will there be a new unit outside of combat again?

I'm confused, but eager to see how the funny rule works! Possibly creating tons of micro sized units that can split again sounds scary however :D

Discussion: Blood Angels / 2 BloodAngels lists 2017 - 1500 & 2500
« on: December 21, 2016, 04:13:00 PM »
Hi everybody, i have some difficulties deciding on next year's list for my gaming group's private tournament with the following restrictions:
-No Formations
-No Lords of War

I'd be very happy for some opinions on this list since i'm not sure about it's performance.
Blood Angels - Combined Arms Detachment - 1500p
Librarian Dreadnought - MasteryLvl2, Stormbolter, Warlord - 175p
8x DeathCompany - JumpPacks, 1PowerFist, 1PowerWeapon, rest Chainsword&Pistol - 224p
5x SanguinaryGuard - DeathMasks, ChapterBanner - 195p
5xScouts - CloseCombat, GravPistol&Meltabomb Sarge - 75p
5xTacticalMarine - HeavyFlamer, Meltabomb - 180p
  + Razorback - TLAssaultCannon, StormBolter, DozerBlade
5xTacticalMarine - HeavyFlamer, Meltabomb - 180p
+ Razorback - TLAssaultCannon, StormBolter, DozerBlade
Predator - Autocannon, LascannonSponsons, OverchargedEngines, DozerBlade - 130p
Vindicator - OverchargedEngines, StormBolter, DozerBlade - 140p
Stormraven - TLAssaultCannon, MultiMelta, Searchlight - 201p

Trying to fit the Stormraven and FuriosoLibrarian in there and still keep some jump troops is really hard at 1500p. The complete lack of Meltacide or other FastAttack is weird - please let me know what you think ;)

Discussion: THE LIST / Death Rodeo - BA - 1850pts
« on: October 26, 2016, 02:56:16 PM »
Hi everyone! i could use some Help on evolving this list! Took the BloodRodeo concept combined with the new Supplement. Not entirely happy with it yet, so i hope you can help me!

Lost Brotherhood Strike Force - 1835pts
Command: DC-Command

1x Death Company Chaplain - Guilded Crozius - 150pts
Core: Death Company Strike Force
1x Death Company Chaplain
1x DC-Dreadnought
10x DC-Marines - 2xPowerWeapon, 1xPowerFist - 285pts
10x DC-Marines - 2xPowerWeapon, 1xPowerFist - 285pts
7x DC-Marines - 1xPowerWeapon, 1xPowerFist - 201pts
+1x Stormraven Dedicated Transport - 200pts
Rapid Assault Force:
3X Marine-Bikers - 2x Meltagun - 83pts
3X Marine-Bikers - 2x Meltagun - 83pts
10th Company Ambush Force:
3x Scout Bikers - 1xCombiGrav Sarge - 84pts
3x Scout Bikers - 1xCombiGrav Sarge - 84pts
5x Scouts - 1xCombiGrav Sarge - Bolters - 65pts
5x Scouts - 1xCombiGrav Sarge - Bolters - 65pts

1835pts so far, 6' redeploy for everyone plus scout for the scouts, basically no vehicles on the board

First Problem: I want to fit the Stormraven (all DC start on the board usually) into the list as Anti-Air and ideally have it carry the otherwise sad little DC-Dread into battle, but afaik i can't since it is a dedicated transport ... if anyone has an idea i'd be happy to hear it ... SR-Formation would be nice but 400pts...!
Second: Points distribution between DC and Bikers / Scouts any opinions/experiences are welcome! I'm worried about Model count.
Third: Are melee weapons on the bikers recommended?
Fourth: Any other ideas/ comments are welcome aswell ofc!

Discussion: Blood Angels / Just a little story
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:02:48 AM »
Just a little story of awesome: On Tuesday Fulmination won me a game.
 Played against my buddy's Dark Eldar and got outmaeuvered after a very good shooting phase from him. (basically i had no more Long range firepower and he had a Venom with Blasterborn well out of charge range to freely remove the rest of my army combined with razorwing & a backup cc-Unit with archon)
But when all was lost, my Librarian sparked an idea and in a moment of pure awesome he picks up my useless, immobilized Fragioso using Magnetokinesis and shoves it into the Venom's face, shrapnelling and flaming Vehicle and Crew alike and even zoning the CC-Squad.

The Librarian shall now be known as Brother Magneto ;)

Discussion: Blood Angels / The BA Tactical Squad
« on: July 29, 2016, 07:24:29 AM »
Hi everyone!
I'd like to examine our Tactical Squad and it's uses since most BA players seem to avoid the "Troop Tax". However lately i am starting to like building them into my lists.
Basically I'd like to find out if they are really inferior to more popular choices (like Scouts & AssaultMarines) or if they are situationallly better sometimes.
Also, i'd like to know what kind of Loadout all of you run with them, if you run them at all!

Especially in 1500pts lists where it is still hard to fit in everything you want, i have come to like their tactical flexibility.
I usually like to run 3 Drop Pods at that point level ... with 1x Frag/HFlamer Furioso and 2x 5man Meltacide Assault Squads.
These have very focused jobs which they excel at combined with a good points cost, however they tend to get wiped out right after their Alpha Strike, providing no further distraction afterwards.

Now TacMarines can kind of do both jobs at the same time. If i replace 2 of those specialists with CombatSquadded 10man TacSquads i can get 4 Squads into the enemy lines, their damage output is ofc. not as optimized, but they offer more model mass and flexibility and hopefully Distraction. So my favourite loadout atm is 2 Squads of:

10x Tactical Marines, HeavyFlamer, Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Meltabombs (Combat squadded)

(optional Power Weapon or Plasma instead of Melta)

DropPod gives enough mobility to hit bot a soft and a hard target with the respective weapons. Of Course this is more points than just meltacide and furioso, but it fills the Troops requirement with a good distraction imo.

So, what do you guys think?
Do you even use the TacSquads? Are they just inferior? What is your favourite Loadout?
Please share!

Currently testing a system for fun games with a randomly generated army, growing after every game. Unlike path to glory, it is supposed to work for every army in the game!
Here is what we came up with as of yet. Could use some input! (don't want to throw points out of the window yet.)

Starting out:
1 HQ 2 Standard
HQ is always the generic codex choice ( Captain for SM, Commander for Tau, Warboss for Orks, Archon for DEldar, Hive Tyrant for Nids etc...)
2 Standard units must be two Different units. If there are more than two in the Codex roll randomly!
First Game:
Before the first game one more unit is randomly chosen from the Codex.
We made a list including all units in the codex except Named Characters and Lords of War and roll a dice!
With 1HQ, 2 different Standard, 1 RandomUnit each player makes a list of 600 points and the game is played.
Consecutive Games:
At the end of every Game, players get to add to their list for following games:
1 Random Unit is rolled on the Codex-Table
250 points can be spent on the new unit.
If the new unit is reasonably upgraded, Overflowing points can be put into Upgrades for existing units!
If you can't spend all the points you get a random Standard unit to sink the points!

No Downgrades allowed! Upgrades bought once are Irreversible except for your initial HQ who can switch equipment but may not lower his points cost.
No Named Characters, no Lord of War.
No Vehicle or MonstrousCreature Squadrons.
Units do not have acess to Dedicated Transports!
If a cheap Transport is rolled on the Codex-Tabe (ex. Rhino) you get 3, medium Transports (ex. Razorback) you get 2.
The Warlord character is not included in the draft list.

The Warlord:
After every game the Warlord gets to roll on a modified Chaos Boon Table! (We just removed a few entries we deemed too OP, no spawnhood/DemonPrince)
Draft Boon Table has 20 Entries so d20 does it. (I'll post it here if anyone is interested)

Any other ideas on how to equalize/sink the points?
Should Dedicated Transports be allowed?
Should Vehicle Squadrons be allowed?
What kind of Missions should be played? (Especially in the low point & low mobility games at the beginning)

40K Rules Questions / Embarking Flying Transports
« on: June 15, 2016, 07:06:34 AM »
Is it possible to have a unit Embark on a Flying Transport that was in Hover Mode in the previous turn and then Switch to zooming Mode and move the Transport 18-36''? I'm very unsure about this.

On the one hand: If a unit embarks a transport before it has moved it can move as normal.
On the other hand: You can't embark on a flyer in zooming mode.

So basically: Is the vehicle in zooming mode before i moved it... if i intend to move it in zooming mode afterwards :o ?
Consequently if i embark i woud therefore be prohibited from switching from Hover  to zooming.

Discussion: Khorne Daemonkin / Help with 1500p KDK needed!
« on: May 02, 2016, 09:15:41 AM »
Greetings, filthy Heretics! ;)
I have a Friend who recently came back to 40k and plays KDK but with little sucess as of yet, even though our gaming group is quite friendly.
From what i can see as a BloodAngel with no expertise in KDK, it's mainly due do his list consisting of expensive footslogging marine-statlines that don't make it across the Battlefield.
Maybe you can help build a solid list and give ideas for new additions... doesn't have to be uber competitive but improvements need to be made.

Available models afaik:

1 Bloodthirster (any kind).. Warlord & atm. really the only threat in his list.

5 ChaosTerminators
6 Posessed
8 Khone Berzerkers
8 Bloodletters
9 Bloodcrushers

1 Skull Cannon
1 Soul Grinder
1 Forge/Mauler-Fiend

Possibly/hopefully also a DemonPrince, a few Bikers, some Cultists, a Defiler, but i'm not sure on all of these ... (No FleshHounds yet!)

- What needs to be added (we allow proxies and can lend him some stuff)
- What would a ok-good 1500p list made mostly from the available models with some additions look like.
- Any relevant uses for Bloodcrushers & Posessed? They frankly seem quite bad.

I'm thinking first of all some Rhinos and 2xMSU Cultists, when that's done maybe work towards Gorepack.... but how to get it all into 1500p?

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