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Discussion: Astra Militarum / 8th Edition on IG
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:35:10 PM »
Interested to know how you think 8th edition will influence Imperial Guard on the tabletop  :D

So here is my 1000 point Moonstriders list, and I was wondering where potential improvements could be made, and what would be an effective investment for future purchases.

Any help is always appreciated  ;D


Company Command Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer, Astropath, Chimera


Infantry Platoon

Platoon Command Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer

Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer, Commissar

Infantry Squad: Flamer

Heavy Weapons Squad: Autocannons

Infantry Platoon

Platoon Command Squad: Flamer, Vox Caster

Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer

Infantry Squad: Vox Caster, Flamer, Chimera w/ two H Flamers

Heavy Weapons Squad: Autocannons

Heavy Support:

Leman Russ Battle Tank

Leman Russ Battle Tank

1000 Points

The current battle plan

The Company Command Squad zooms around in their Chimera and hands out orders such as the tank hunters/ ignores cover to the autocannons, potentially giving out some psychic powers as well if the situation arises where that can be useful.

The first platoon blobs up and takes out enemy infantry with rank fire from the platoon command squad. The flamers hopefully providing a deterrent from chargers.
The second platoon's chimera races about claiming neutral objectives or flushing out weak troops from backfield objectives with it's flamers. The spare infantry squad and platoon command guard either a home objective or provide a speed bump for enemy troops.
The Autocannons shoot at enemy vehicles hoping to glance them to death with the aid of the commander's orders.

Meanwhile the two Battle Tanks shoot enemy infantry while rolling up the field or hanging back, and use their AV 14 front armour to keep themselves safe.

Again any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

-Private Shadderz

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