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Hi guys. I think also im going to put this page here, dont have to use it... but if you have ideas around army lists, im going to post some initial ideas or lists here to see what poeple think...

Idea for tonight
Leverage the Craft worlds +3 Army CP

Alaitoc Craftworld Battalion - 3 CP (-1 to hit over 12")
Illic Nightspear
Warlock with singing spear (Conceal/ Reveal)

5 x Rangers
5 x Rangers
5 x Rangers

Fast Attack
6 x warp spiders inc exarch with twin Deathspitters (-1 to hit with Flickerjump)

Heavy Support
1 x Fire Prism with Spirit Stones
1 x Fire Prism with Spirit Stones
1 x Fire Prism with Spirit Stones

Craftworld Saim-Hann Outrider Detachment - 1CP
Warlock Skyrunner with singing spear (Enhance/Drain) OF Farseer Skyrunner with DOOM and executioner and 1 less shining spears unit.
Fast Attack
3 x shining spears with laser lances inc Exarch with Star lance
3 x shining spears with laser lances inc Exarch with Star lance
3 x shining spears with laser lances inc Exarch with Star lance
3 x shining spears with laser lances inc Exarch with Star lance
3 x shining spears with laser lances inc Exarch with Star lance
3 x shining spears with laser lances inc Exarch with Star lance

Craftworld Detachment - Beil-Tan

Farseer (Guide/ Doom) but I really want Fortune (WARLORD)

Heavy Support
5 x Dark Reapers inc exarch with reaper launchers
5 x Dark Reapers inc exarch with reaper launchers
1 x war walker with shuriken catapults

Warlord - Is the Beil-Tan farseer with "Natural leader" - pick a friendly Biel-Tan unit within 3" of your warlord. You can reroll all failed to hit rolls for that unit in that phase. The idea is to deploy the Farseer, usually hidden with a Dark reaper unit best to keep both dark reaper units off the table and you can bring them in with a strategem. One dark reaper unit gets the FREE guide and the other gets guide cast on it. 10 reapers all guided every round and untouchable in 1st turn if your not going first.

The warwalker is the tax to get the spearhead detachment.

Illiac nightspear and the 3 ranger squads deploy to help deny ground and cover objectives. But with the Alaitoc craftword -1 to hit, the rangers and illiac should be a pain, especially with the warlock around to cast conceal to be even more of a pain. The warp spiders also take advantage of the extra -1 to hit with flickerjump and if they warp into cover, you get the cover bonus, flicker jump and alaitoc attribute all stacked. they should be an annoying unit. Even enemy within 12" will have -2 to hit (got to check that).

Obviously, you then have the 3 Fire Prisms. Cheaper, double shots usually firing the second mode, meaning 6 shots with D3 Str 9 shots a piece means a potential 18 shots at Str 9.. wow. Of course your not going to get it, but ill take an average of 12 shots, AP -4 D3 damage. And they can all switch to the 1CP strategem to link fire which maskes them reroll pretty much everything vs a big nasty. Got a Superheavy your facing... np. 26 wound vs 39 = I win. Oh and they have spirit stones with a 6+ FNP.

Lastly, look I just love getting in close. I chose the Saim-Hann Craftworld detachment with a warlock on skyrunner with Enhance/ Drain which is an excellent power to add 1 ti hit rolls in the psychic phase. Better still, I can drain a unit that its -1 to hit. Great for a nasty unit.

Its surrounded by no less than 6 x 3 man shining spear units with exarchs all with the star lances. These weapons are so improved. Str 6 or 8, -4 AP and 2 Dmg. These units are FAST at 16", have a 4++ vs shooting, Can advance and shoot shuriken catapults (I know thats not the main focus of these units, but 18 bikes x 4 is 72 rending shots. They can shoot 1 unit and charge another (as long as they didnt advance of course). If they do have to advance they do so with 6" too if they arnt in charge range.

Then, due to Saim-Hann, they get to reroll charges.

What do you have to deal with. All fire support units from Alaitoc have -1 to hit or more and providing quite a lot of fire support. 2 guided Dark reaper units with a Farseer and a flanking war walker. And a sizable close combat force that can move 16" up the board with all charges rerolled.

You want to hit their fire support thats shooting you from 48-60" away, but you have all these bike units charging your lines, with the simple of not even killing you.. rather just getting into CC and forcing units to retreat not being able to shoot. Of course still getting hammered by 72 shuriken shots supported by warp spiders and being charged by upto 6 untils with huge threat ranges.

If I was going to change anything, id make the farseer be on a bike with doom instead of a warlock with the saim-hann. Even if I had to down 1 skyrunner unit. Dooming a unit is a force multiplier across your whole army.

All with 8 CP as well.

Ok thats my first 8th ed Eldar list after my initial thoughts. Any thoughts on it?


Discussion: Eldar / Re: 8th Ed Eldar. MAIN MENU.
« Last post by mcphro on November 01, 2017, 06:23:13 AM »

Support Weapons. Submitted for inclusion.

Added to menu

Thanks heaps for your contribution...
Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Chaos Relics question
« Last post by PepeTykki on November 01, 2017, 05:55:55 AM »
So I own the CSM codex and I also own the Death Guard codex and there’s one thing thats been buging me about the relics that the chaos characters may take. The DG book states that if you have an Death Guard character you may give that character one relic from that book. And CSM book states the same but for Heretic Astartes character. So does that mean that if I have an Heretic Astartes Death Guard character that I can give that character one relic from each of the books?
Discussion: Terrain / Re: Scatter terrain via Terrain Tutor
« Last post by Wintermute on October 31, 2017, 11:34:08 AM »
more scatter from the terrain tutor.
Old CD bases

The photos are flattening out the grassy areas.
There are contours and depth.
Discussion: Eldar / Re: 8th Ed Eldar. MAIN MENU.
« Last post by DCannon4Life on October 31, 2017, 10:26:41 AM »

Support Weapons. Submitted for inclusion.
Discussion: Eldar / 8th Ed. Support Weapons (submitted for inclusion in Guide)
« Last post by DCannon4Life on October 31, 2017, 10:25:56 AM »
Support Weapons

Stat Line
• Unchanged from the Index


• With a short range and variable number of shots, the D-cannon will not make your opponent quake in fear. And given that you cannot buff more than one support weapon at a time (due to Support Weapon deployment rules), the D-cannon is not going to be worth the points in competitive lists. However, given its small footprint, no-look shooting (what a difference that makes!), improved strength and reasonable cost per D-cannon (~3 LasCannons), it is still a solid, playable choice. On a table with more than an average amount of terrain, an Alaitoc D-cannon could be a nightmare (Alaitoc is clearly the best option, with Ulthwe coming in second).

Shadow weaver
• The Shadow weaver, a favorite of mine in 6th and 7th edition due to its low investment cost and capacity to over-perform (particularly with Guide), now serves as the cheapest way to unlock a Brigade, though not the best choice, point-for-point (I think the War Walker wins out). Previously, the ability to stack templates on elite units (and fish for 6’s) was the way to go. Now, due to the fact that you cannot buff, except via auras, support weapons, the Shadow weaver has lost most of its offensive appeal. Still, it is useful as a cheap backfield objective-holder that is hard to shift (Alaitoc, in cover, and out of Line of Sight) and still able to reach out to other parts of the table (chipping away at your opponent’s backfield objective holders throughout the game).

Vibro cannon
• Ah, the much neglected Vibro cannon is back (in a relative way)! While the Vibro cannon does not enjoy the advantage of no-look shooting that the D-cannon and Shadow weaver have, it does, without question, have the most interesting (and verbose) Ability description of the three. This version of the support weapon is the only one it makes sense to take three of straightaway, as they are now a variable shot AutoCannon that improves in AP and To Wound rolls for each successive Vibro cannon that hits the same target, up to two more. That puts the third Vibro cannon on 2’s To Wound versus T7, at AP-3. Not unimpressive, for less than a 200 point investment. And, as a final perk, any unit that suffers a wound (has damage inflicted on it) from a Vibro cannon cannot Advance in its next Movement phase (with an exception for units that can Fly). None of this makes the Vibro cannon a competitive choice for tournament play, but it certainly does make them more viable than they’ve been in a long time. It’s even more vital for Vibro cannons to be Alaitoc than anything else, as they have to have Line of Sight to their targets.

Synergies & Best Craftworlds
• Unfortunately, due to 8th edition rules for artillery-style units, there are no synergies worth capitalizing on, other than perhaps a re-roll 1’s aura. Fortunately, support weapons seem to be priced with this in mind.
• Alaitoc is, hands down, the best Craftworld for support weapons. Even if you’re not taking an entirely Alaitoc army, you should consider taking an Alaitoc Heavy Support detachment if you plan on using support weapons. Ulthwe is a reasonable alternative.
Discussion: Eldar / Re: 8th Ed Eldar - Warhosts of the Asuryani
« Last post by Odras on October 31, 2017, 12:11:33 AM »
Asuryani is the general term that is applied to what we used to know as Eldar, know known as craftworld eldar. It is the equivalent of Drukhari or Harlequin. No harlequins or dark eldar models have the asuryani keyword. This is distinct from the <craftworld> keyword which can change for different Eldar models wheras they all have the Asuryani keyword.

When it comes to Ynnari, yes you can cast runes of battle powers on Ynnari Eldar models. The key with Ynnari is they gain the Ynnari keyword in addition to the keywords they already have. This is how the keywords work:

Craftworld Eldar --> Asuryani
Dark Eldar --> Drukhari
Harlequin --> Harlequins
Ynnari Craftworld Eldar --> Asuryani + Ynnari
Ynnari Dark Eldar --> Drukhari + Ynnari
Ynnari Harlequin --> Harlequins + Ynnari
Ynnari Character (Yvraine, Visarch, Yncarne) --> Ynnari
Discussion: Eldar / 8th Ed Eldar - Warhosts of the Asuryani
« Last post by mcphro on October 29, 2017, 08:50:28 AM »
Welcome to the guide on war hosts of the Asuryani.

This term is actually important. I would draw your attention to the psychic powers of the Runes of Battle. You can cast the powers on all Asuryani Eldar.\

Thank you for your edit and contribution Odras
Asuryani is the general term that is applied to what we used to know as Eldar, know known as Craftworld Eldar. It is the equivalent of Drukhari or Harlequin. No harlequins or dark Eldar models have the Asuryani keyword. This is distinct from the <craftworld> keyword which can change for different Eldar models whereas they all have the Asuryani keyword.

When it comes to Ynnari, yes you can cast runes of battle powers on Ynnari Eldar models. The key with Ynnari is they gain the Ynnari keyword in addition to the keywords they already have. This is how the keywords work:

Craftworld Eldar --> Asuryani
Dark Eldar --> Drukhari
Harlequin --> Harlequins
Ynnari Craftworld Eldar --> Asuryani + Ynnari
Ynnari Dark Eldar --> Drukhari + Ynnari
Ynnari Harlequin --> Harlequins + Ynnari
Ynnari Character (Yvraine, Visarch, Yncarne) --> Ynnari


I wanted to also draw your attention to the <craftword> keyword. This is very important because with Eldar... you have choices!

Craftworld Attributes
As long as your Eldar is a battle-forged army, then the (up to 3) detachments can be from different Craftworlds. Each Craftworld has access to the Craftworld attributed below. But what I would emphasise, is that the battle reports if already seen on the internet, people tend to take a single craft world. Now, that's fine. You might take Beil tan and a full shuriken army. But what you ARE allowed to do, is take detachments specific to the strengths of your craft world.

For example:
- You might take an Iyanden detachment with a spearhead detachment (or battalion) with some rangers with a couple of fire prisms or other heavy units and just use cheap warlocks to fill your HQ. (This means this part of your army will be -1 to hit at ranges over 12")
- You might add another detachment that adds a Saim-Hann outrider with 3 units of scatter laser jetbikes and Shining Spears (This means this part of your army can move fast and not have modifiers, and... units like shining spears units can get huge movement and reroll buffs to get those charges off!)
- You might add a Beil -tan detachment - choose your warlord from Beil-tan. (All units that are Beil tan with shuriken weapons are rerolling 1's to hit. )

Yes - it appears you can tailor your army to have the Craftworld attribute (see below) that you need to make that part of your army get the BEST attribute that benefits them the most.  I think most people might only use 2 Craftworlds, but a battalion now can be made for as little as 2 warlocks and 3 ranger/ dire avenger units. Eldar players should be walking into games with 12 to 15 command points!

Not only that, but it might be possible to get a 2 brigade army if you can tailor cheap units to fill it. OR 1 brigade and 2 battalions. You could get 18 to 21 command points. I can't wait till battlescribe has been updated!

Warlord Traits
- You may have noticed above I choose the warlord from Beil-tan. The reason for this is that while you may have different Craftworld detachments, your warlord must be from 1 Craftworld if you want to access those warlord traits. Beil-tan is incredibly strong because 'at the start of the shooting phase a friendly Beil-tan unit within 3" can get all failed to hit rolls' - You just got a FREE GUIDE (that I think also affects close combat) every turn. So buy a 10 man Dark Reaper squad with the appropriate warlock support so keep them safer (even use web way portal strategem to bring them in the first turn to keep them safe).  As long as it is next to the farseer, then they get 3+ reroll to hit. Now, the best part???? The second Dark Reaper squad you purchased that was hiding in case you didn't get first turn, then moved into view and the farseer casts Guide on the second unit.

You now have 2 guides a turn. This is I think the only psychic power in the game that you get twice (at least in terms of the Beil tan warlord trait). Not only that, you don't have to roll anything to get it. A free guide.

Alaitoc Fieldcraft
-1 to hit rolls that target a unit at a range of 12"

Beil-Tan Swordwind
+1 LD to all Beil-Tan aspect warrior units
Reroll all hit rolls of 1 for all shuriken weapons

Iyanden Stoic Endurance
Can never lose more than 1 model to a failed psychic test
All damage chart attributes are halved for units until their double the number of wounds has been lost. Then the damage chart takes effect.

Saim-Hann: Wild Host
Reroll failed charge rolls
Biker units do suffer penalty for moving with heavy weapons

Ulthwe Foresight of the Damned
6+ FNP for entire army

Discussion: Eldar / 8th Ed Eldar - Runes of Battle
« Last post by mcphro on October 29, 2017, 06:07:25 AM »
Back to the 8th Ed Eldar Menu -

Welcome to our article of Eldar Psychic powers - Runes of Battle. The goal of this article is to introduce the basic mechanic of the psychic powers and to link them to possible strategies for your armies. If people come up with more, please write them into the article below as replies and we will add them into the main article at the top.

8th Ed Warhammer relies on the synergy of the characters to buff the units around them. As for Eldar however, the psychic powers of the warlocks can make and break armies.

1. Conceal/Reveal

This lets you choose a friendly Asuryani infantry or biker unit within 18". Your opponents must subtract 1 for all hit rolls for ranged weapons that target the unit.

This is magic and you are going to use it every turn. Consider the following:
- Iynaden: -1 to hit for being over 12"
- Conceal: -1 to hit for ranged weapons

At the very least, armies with a 3+ BS are now hitting you on 5's. That is awesome in the current rules set. Have that Imperial knight gunning for your prized unit, it is going to be a LOT less effective.

Choose an enemy unit within 18". It does not gain any bonus to saving throws for being in cover.

This is another awesome power. (How many warlocks do you have?). Imagine facing an opposing army, (even an Eldar one) with a buffed unit receiving 2 or 3 for being in cover. You have to read the wording of the power. It removes ALL cover bonuses, not just the -1. So lets say you have an enemy Eldar 10 man ranger unit in cover receiving a 2 or 3 plus cover bonus. Now it may as well be in the open with its 5+ armour save.

2. Embolden/ Horrify

Add 2 to the leadership of an eldar unit within 18".
- This is ok, however, don't forget Iyanden can get immune Guardian units (practically because you only lose 1 to a failed morale test) and Beil tan get both +1 LD across the whole army (and all units get increased leadership if they are near a swooping hawk exarch).

- This is probably the real reason you took this power. The opponent must subtract 1 from the leadership of the unit will next turn. Let's consider the possibilities (and people are going to come up with more):
- a Hemlock Wraithfighter with a mindshock pod can already -2 to a unit's leadership. It also is only allowed to use the second power from runes of battle. Now, it hits a character with a further -1 LD making it -3 LD. Now a nearby Beil tan farseer with now Ld 10 uses Mindwar to roll of LD and cause that many wounds.
- Cause a lot of wounds to a 'larger unit' with the resulting loss in LD to make it loose more wounds in the morale phase.

3. Enhance/ Drain

Enhance is an awesome power that adds 1 to hit rolls in the fight phase to a unit within 18". Cast this on a unit of Banshees or Scorpions that is about to charge into combat. Now they all hit on 2's.

An enemy unit must subtract 1 to hit rolls in the fight phase until the next psychic phase.

Consider 2 warlocks with the same power. One casts Enhance boosting the hit chance to 2+ for a banshee unit. The second unit casts Drain on the target unit. Let's say it started with a BS of 3 as well. Now the banshees hit on 2's and the opposing unit hits on 4's. The fact that banshees all hit first if near Jain Zar (further synergy), perhaps the unit is doomed from a nearby Farseer (reroll wounds) against a unit that cant fire overwatch and even beserkers need to think twice.

4. Protect/ Jinx


I love protect. How many times did we used to buy multiple psykers just to get this power. Now we can choose it! NICE! This lets you increase the saving throws by 1 for a friendly infantry or biker unit within 18".

Want 2+ armour save scorpions. Make Wraithblades 2+? how about that Wraithknight? Now stand in cover for the extra +1 armour save (which scorpions like) and you now have a very resilient unit in cover (that gets +1 to hit in cover btw). How about that flier? If a Hemlock casts conceal on itself for a 2+ cover save), and another warlock casts Protect to increase its armour save to 2+ and you quite a resilient unit.

NOTE: Protect improves ALL saves!. This should mean an Avatar has a 2+ save, a 4++ Invun save and id argue for a 4+ ignore mortal wounds. The last question is: is Molten body a 'save'.

Another really good example however - is Wraithblades! Choose the Axe varient. They are now T6, 2+ armour save, 3++ invun save. Pretty resilient!

Jinks if you haven't figured it out, does the opposite. Affect a nearby enemy unit up to 18" to reduce its army save by 1.

As you can see by now, if you have a few warlocks/ hemlock/spiritseer etc, you can affect a huge range of dishabilitating conditions while buffing your own units making your units naturally resilient and powerful while you make the opposing enemy units more feeble and weak.

NOTE: Jinx removes some saves!. This should mean an enemy Avatar has a 4+ save, a 6++ Invun save and id argue for a 6+ ignore mortal wounds. The last question is: is Molten body a 'save'. But, it will remove enemy units invun saves.

5. Quicken/ Restrain

It has been reported that this is the BEST Psychic power in the game. Use it, use it often and go NUTTS!
Essentially it is warp time from the chaos codex. What does it do? Make a friendly Eldar infantry unit move as if it was the movement phase.

Let's get this straight. Let's use an 'obvious unit'. Howling banshees move 8", advance D6 (Use a strategem to move a full 6" if you wish here too), but let's say you rolled an average of 4". so far you have moved 8 + 4 = 12". You then cast Quicken on your Banshee unit. so you move another 8". Now you have moved 20", almost into the opponents deployment zone with a 15" charge that you can still declare! NICE.

Want to be really nasty. Bring in a 10 man unit of wraithblades with the webway 9" away from the enemy at the end of your movement phase. Use Quicken so they can now move 5" closer to the enemy. Now they only have to make a 4" charge.

(This is why everybody needs screening units now and you really need 1-2 guardian units to screen your own troops from this very tactic).

Personally, I think you are likely to use Quicken and since you can only cast 1 power, sometimes you have to choose unless you have more than 1 warlock with the power. Either way, it forces an enemy unit within 18" to reduce its movement by half. Have a huge enemy CC unit bearing down on you, now it's not. But I think Quicken is going to get used a lot.

6. Empower/ Enervate

This is another excellent power (there is SO many!) that lets a friendly Asuryani infantry or bike unit 'add 1 to the wound rolls in the fight phase'. Wow - Using banshees as an example again - They are only str 3. So vs say a Terminator or marine, they will need 5's to wound. This is the impact of 8th edition and these diminishing returns surprisingly add up badly against your units. There isn't much point getting into combat, only to need 5's to wound your opponent.

Id like to get checked on this next comment, but there is something else...

Let's say in normal circumstances Banshees for into combat with a Wraithlord/knight. Toughness 8 beastie. A normal banshee unit would need 6's to wound. In fact they would need to be Str 8 just to wound on 4's. Is the strength 1/2 or less then the toughness? So even at Str 4, they still wound on 6's. They would need to be Str 5 just to have to wound on a 5+. Now, this psychic power negates that. what this means, is even if the unit is Toughness 20, you will still normally need 6's. However, the writing of the power says - add 1 to the wound rolls. This means it negates all the Str of the banshee or unit, and just gives you a flat -1 to wound. So instead of wounding on 6's you now wound on 5's 'as if you had a strength of 5. Or is the case of a Toughness 20 beast, it just gave you a str of 11. this power negates the Str vs toughness rule and gives the bonus straight out. That is more powerful then it looks.

Same again in reverse. An enemy unit within 18" must subtract 1 to wound in the fight phase. This means in the same vein, Wraith units especially benefit from rules like this making them so much more resilient.


Now, let's add some of this up. The scenario to this is a 10 man wriathblades unit that is brought in using webway gate. Let's say it's charging a 10 man space marine unit.

Nearby prepositioned warlocks on jetbikes cast:
Horrify - On the enemy unit giving -1 LD
Enhance - To give the wraithblade unit +1 to hit, It's not hitting on 2's
Drain - The opposing unit is -1 to hit. Its now hitting on 4's.
Protect - The wraithblades are now 2+ around save (with a brand new shiney T6 to boot)
Jinx - The enemy unit also now only has a 4+ save
Quicken - The wraithblades now move 5" to only b4 4" away from the space marine unit
Empower - The wraithblades now add 1 to their wound roles
Enervate - The space marine unit -1 to any wound roles that they do themselves.

Ok ok.. I know you are not likely to have that many warlocks. I have highlighted 4 you ARE likely to use, however.

Wraithblades that only need to charge 4" on a 2+ save with a 3++ invun save if you took the axe and shield version, that hit on 2's and add 1 to their wound roles. This doesn't add a nearby farseer that can DOOM your opponent either.

Discussion: Eldar / 8th Ed Eldar. MAIN MENU.
« Last post by mcphro on October 29, 2017, 04:58:04 AM »
For those of you have been part of the forum for a while, some of you will remember we made a 6th and then a 7th guide and tactics page. In a sense, it was a menu that covered articles that everyone on the forum contributed to. I'm going to restart that Forum and ask Fritz to place the menu at the top of the page.

Essentially, this will turn into a 1 stop shop for unit reviews, tactics, strategies and links to good write-ups from the internet. This is a guide for you by you contributed by everyone.  Sometimes its mathhammer, sometimes people write stories but if you have feedback on how to make the reviews better, please do so. But even better... contribute an article. In all honesty, Reecius has already written fabulous articles with a lot of tactics already, but over time more (especially rude tactics are going to come out as people delve into the codex and come up with more things).

A word of guidance: This is Fritzs page. While it is a place to discuss the rules etc, you cannot place point values down. Fritz may like to give more guidance on what he would like to see this page contain, but we don't want GW coming down on him asking him to take the sight down either. Be careful what you post. The idea is to talk more about the strategies but not the reprint the codex .

Good articles:
Reecius from frontline gaming as we all know are some of the main testers of the armies before they are released. They also help write the FAQs as well.

- Reecius (Frontline Gaming): Review Craftworld Eldar - Part 1 of 3 -

- Reecius (Frontline Gaming): Review Craftworld Eldar - Part 2 of 3 -

- Reecius (Frontline Gaming): Review Craftworld Eldar - Part 3 of 3 -


Craftworld Attributes -

Eldrad Ulthran
Farseer/ Farseer Skyrunner
Warlock Conclave, WarlocYriel
Autarch/ Swooping Hawk Wings/ Skyrunner
Avatar of Khaine
Illiac Nightspear
Phoenix Lords:
Jain Zar
Maugan Ra

Dire Avengers
Guardian Defenders
Storm Guardians

Howling Banshees
Striking Scorpions
Fire Dragons

Fast attack
Swooping Hawks
Warp Spiders
Shining Spears

Heavy Support
War Walkers -
Support Weapons -

Dark Reapers
Fire Prisms

Dedicated Transport
Wave Serpent

Crimson Hunter
Crimson Hunter Exarch
Hemlock Wraithfighter



Psychic Powers
Runes of Battle -

Runes of Fate

1. Guide

2. Doom

3. Fortune

4. Executioner

5. Will of Asuryan

6. Mind War


Warlord Traits


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