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General Discussion / Re: Going back to 40k
« Last post by Grimson on April 13, 2017, 10:52:30 PM »
First I like to thank all who have posted on this topic. Second what the hell is going in 40k! Right after looking at some of the codex's for some of the armies and the new books. It's like here have a mixed army and have a bonus. That and the Primarchs are coming back, so picking up Guilliman is looking good right now. Going back to 40k, Guilliman is back in action, why not. With the gathering storm books a SM/IG/Eldar/Dark Eldar army is looking possible. But I am wondering what is the cheezy stuff is everyone dealing with. When I stopped playing, flyers were the biggest pain to deal with. Especially a 6 flyer Necron list where you shoot them down and the troops just go back in reserves. I'm not going to lie I did like my stormraven coming in like a A-10 saving my troops while pushing the others back. But can a big mixed army even be good in a fight or is just wishful thinking? As for now I'm just going to use my space marines to relearn the game but I still like to know about how good a mixed army will be.
Discussion: Eldar / Re: Ynaari Combo thread... please add as you come up with them!
« Last post by mcphro on April 13, 2017, 08:31:20 PM »
I have to make a Tournament list 1850 points  and no wraithknight anymore "sniff"

I am going to add at least 3 x 3 man windriders, 1 Archon with webway portal and 5 wraithguard with D-Sythes, An autarch for reserve manipulation and 3 x warp spider squads. Any other suggestions?
On Saturday I am playing a 1500 point game against Stealer cult and I'm trying a mini star of 5 wraithblades with axes, a spirit seer (so they re-roll 1's) and the song of Ynnaed that is poisoned 2+ and the unit takes a morale check even for one wound.  Then I'm adding a lvl2 shadow seer with the mask so that the check is at -2, plus using his grenade launcher. He will also grant the unit hit and run on his I. Not a massive points sink and could be quite effective. Spirit seer will be taking revenant the shadow seer will take Phantasmology.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: 1850 ITC Militarum Tempestus/ Imperial Guard.
« Last post by wallcat365 on April 13, 2017, 05:26:26 AM »
While I don't know your local meta, 4 melta guns and 8 plasma guns doesn't seem like much anti tank for 1850 points. If your opponent brings av14, only the melta guns are going to be able to do anything against it, and they'll probably get focused on, and the plasma is almost as likely to kill your own unit as score a glancing hit on av13. Maybe see if you can get a lascannon heavy weapon team in or something.
Well this is coming on a month since you posted this, but better late than never.
Over all I like your list, you could swap a little versatility for effectiveness and give the command squad all melta guns, and have two heavy flamers and three combi flamers and put them with Vulkan. Your dual H flamer landspeeders will either get ignored until they incinerate a unit or get shot off the table before they can do anything. You don't have a lot of dangerous vehicles on the table turn one, so you'll likely lose the landspeeders or some rhinos very quickly as enemy anti tank doesn't have many threats to choose from. I wouldn't expect your sternguard to last until turn two, they're suicide units and will be dealt with accordingly.
I'd like to know how this fairs though, I've definetley thought about very similar lists.
40K Rules Questions / Re: PotMS & Skyfire
« Last post by Faid_Artur on April 13, 2017, 12:08:57 AM »
I saw this in a different thread. Shots at flyers are like Feel no Pain. Feel no pain overrides all previous rules and does so after all over affects. Likewise, shooting a flyer is always reduced to snap shots after all other affect have been applied. In other words PotMS does give you full BS, and then it's made into a snap shot.

The other argument is that snap shots are a special rule that ignores BS all together, so it doesn't matter what the BS is.

Whatever Fickles your tancy.
Eight Bolter shots and either an Assault Cannon or Cyclone have a good place in an army as a fighting force in and of itself and can be supported by other things very smoothly.  The idea isn't to tie up a unit and prevent other shots on later turns, which is always a risk when Assaulting, but rather to hem something in with the full army, hitting it simultaneously with another unit or just keeping something in a good position to get shot. 

Hammers and Claws make one of the best bully units in the game, and because of that, they rarely make their points back because their targets are usually weaker than they are.  Standard Terminators have that variable role that means while they still won't make their points back, they can do something else modestly while accomplishing a non-kill point oriented goal.  Assault Terminators are sitting around with their claws up their backsides if they're not actively in a combat.
Discussion: Space Marines / Are Shooty Terminators Better than Simple Tac. Squads
« Last post by TheSeb44 on April 12, 2017, 10:25:25 AM »
So, you can assault with terminators for effect, but if you want that why not just run Assault Terminators. Therefore, why ever put regular terminators in your army? They seem to be a poor compromise between Tac. Squads and hammers and claws on assault Termies.

I have a Landraider redeemer that is searching for a position of meaning in my army, and I'm thinking about what to put in it.
General Discussion / Re: Going back to 40k
« Last post by Sensenbob on April 12, 2017, 01:14:13 AM »
It all depends on what you want to do.

Seeing as you already have different varietys of Space Marines we could see if we can build something worthwhile from your existing collection, so you can get a grip back into the game and then decide what to do when you know how it all works again!
The new army building rules actually allow you to use different factions quite well using Formations. if you can stick what you have into different formations you even get Bonuses for free for each formation.

So, what do you already have? We might be able to give better hints if we know!
Having more different Armies does make everything more difficult for yourself since you have to remember more Rules, but if you're up to the challenge, it's no problem!
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