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A very quick guide to armies
« on: October 02, 2013, 04:12:01 PM »
Here is a very quick and general description of each army, nothing complex, just an idea for new players to see if they like the general idea and then research for themselves.

Space marines

The genetic super soldiers of the Emperor of mankind, they know no fear and deliver only death. They deliver death to the alien, mutant and heretic and are the elite force of the imperial army.

Chaos space marines

The Space marines that turned to chaos during the Horus heresy or also any renegade space marine that often fell to the temptation of the chaos gods, these guys are considered eil, but it is not as simple as that in many cases.


The Eldar are a dying race, they used to be a great power until "the fall". The eldar race is a highly specialized one with warriors following different paths of the warrior, Eldar and fast and deadly.

Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar are obviously similar to the eldar but split from them after "the fall"
The dark eldar rely on cloning to sustain their numbers and are known for raiding imperial planets and capturing slaves and are renowned for their torture.

Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard are the hammer of the Emperor, they number in their billions, they are the common soldier of the imperium and while individually weak together they are a strong fighting force, their men and tanks without number.


Orks are by definition large, rude and violant and also often not too smart, their technology is rag tag yet effective, they are loud where number of bullets is seen as better than their accuracy, or better yet, chopping the enemy to death on close combat. WAAAAAAAAGH!

Chaos demons

The demons of chaos that inhabit the warp, they will kill you and then torture your soul for eternity, there are demons from all four chaos gods, You do not want to meet a demon, trust me on that one...

Grey knights

The demon slayers basically space marines who specialize in banishing demons back to the warp where they belong, grey knights are the elite of the elite.

space wolves

A space marine chapter, to put it simply, they are space marines but more viking like, they are ferocious and have a lot of wolves in their iconography and woven through the chapter,

Tau empire

The young Tau empire is a powerful one, let by the etherials they conquer for the greater good, using their formidable technology and their alien auxiliaries.

Dark angels

The dark angels are a space marine chapter that was a founding legion, they seach for "the fallen", the members of their chapter that fell to chaos during the Horus heresy, this is a closely guarded secret of the chapter.

Blood angels

A space marine chapter, the blood angels are afflicted by the red thirst, a curse gained during the Horus heresy upon the death of their primarch sanguinius, they specialize in assaults.


Necrons are retaking their old empire that spanned the galaxy, they used to be the warriors of the C'Tan but no more, they are soulless automatons lead by their overlords to re take what was once theirs


The great devourer, the Tyranids are driven by the hive mind, driven to kill and devour, they kll and then strip a world of all bio mass in order to create more tyranids and spread further into known space.

Sisters of battle

The warriors of the ecclesiarchy, these battle sisters exist to help wipe out the heresy that infests the imperium, they favour the purification of flamer and melta weapons.

Black templars

This chapter of space marines are the crusaders of the imperium, the largest chapter at about 5000 strong, although they never stand as one force, they are  known for their ferocity and hated of xenos, heresy and mutation, even more so than other space marines.

Good luck and hope this inspired you to check some more stuff out about some armies.

Hawk  ;D