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- The battle for New Damian -
« on: October 22, 2013, 08:13:58 AM »
Hi, Eldar tresspasser here but I could really use some input from all of you regarding the creation of a new "sub forum" to all the different races on our forum. The idea is to include a place where everyone can write up their own fiction about their own armies, histories of battle reports, or just about anything which is related to that race. That is the idear anyways! So in order to get you guys a little sneakpeek at what the future might have in store in addition to its awesome civilised discussions here on the, I invite you to check out my first story post on the forum!

You can also listen to the short story, here:

/story by: bladesteel

And as they witnessed and felt the ground shake from the final round of the Basiliskīs Earthshaker cannon, guardsman McGragger and the remaining men of his regiment saw the battlefieldīs' dust curtains finally calming down... accompained by the sudden silence of the Imperial warmachines. For the guardsmens regiment, there was a brief moment with feelings of relief to see that everything had come to a halt. And at the same time, filled with great anxciety... slowly, the smoke and fog settled down on the ground in the wartorn zone... a cold chill ran down the spine of guardsman McGragger as he witnessed the bloodbath which had taken place before them, in the streets of New Damian.

Suddenly, a damaged voxcaster crackled to life next to the fatally wounded member of his regiment, at first the device crackled furiously and it was hard for the group to make out any message from the device.... although finally the group of guardsmen managed to pick up an alarming message... WE NEED SUPPORT AT THE FIFTH BLOCKADE! ELDAR FORCES HAVE NEARLY DESTROYED ALL BRIDGES NEAR THE..... - All was silent for a spare moment as the guardsmen looked at each other... their faces expressing deep concern. Suddenly, McGragge realised that the sound from the voxcaster had potentially drawn the attention of the enemy forces. In panic, guardsman McGragger yelled, get down! - A hail of scatter lasers came darting thrue the air towards his men as the laser bursts punched thrue the defense walls, throwing chunks of vitrified sand out from the pile of sandbags within the imperial guards defensive position.

Peeking over the stacked sandbags McGragger saw the Eldar gravtank reducing its speed to threaten and occupy the imperial guards final position just as he noticed a faint glimmer in the sky, falling down in a calculated vector towards the Eldar skimmers position. The shell hit the Eldar tank, bearing down upon it with the strength of an errupting volcano, annhihilating it in a glorious explosion that incinerated the ground. It was their final chance... their attack against the regiments position had been halted, but without additional firesupport, the guardsmen realised that it was time to act.

As the soldiers of the imperial guard mustered their final courage and strength, final survivors of the 474th platoon, final survivors of regiment "Esmund Falcrow" rushed forward amongst the ruined buildings along the streets, with burning pain from wounds and muscle fatigue, they continued seeking whatever cover they could find on their advancement towards the final known reported location of Eldar forces.

As the group covered the last stretch of debris across one of the two remaining bridges, it became clear to them that they had been led into a trap... All it took to expose their position this time was the unfortunate thump from one of the soldiers lasgun-butt which accidentally hit a steel banister when desperatly trying to clasp any of the surrounding shelter. In an instant, they could hear the clicking and whistling sound of Eldar language in the distance..

Realising the stupidity of his squadsmen, McGragger gave the man a well-earned headbutt which knocked him out cold. He signalled the team to lay low for a spare moment...Here they were, the final living, breathing humans of the Imperial Merchant City New Damian... as silent as the grave they prayed to the god emperor for his protection.

McGragger struggled to calm down his nerves... The Eldar voices had vanished... Their presence was that of ghosts now... he knew there wasnīt going to be enough time to think up a plan.. his time had run out. He cleared his head of fear, for what he was about to do. The imperial soldier raised his head, pressing his face up against the very lip of the ruined debris and witnessed two shadows which dissappeared as soon as he spotted them. It was as if those shadows were alive...

A few secconds later, a throbbing sound pierced the silence in their surrounding... No one could make out where the sound originated, and a cold panik broke out amongst the group of the remaining 5 individual guardsmen. Guardsman Lanius jumped to his feet and performed a quick spin to check the surroundings... And as he was halfway in his military pirrouette... his left arm fell off from a precise hail of razor sharp shuriken. He fell to his knees screaming out in full pain as his arm still grasped the handle of his lasgun, blood poured out quickly from his veins, his body completely pale in a matter of seconds... Now the mysterious throbbing sound quickly became louder...

Suddenly, with a clink from what sounded to be the impact of a light metallic container dropping to the ground, the guardsmen scream out and try to escape the reality of the device. All but too late, they throw themselves at the ledge of the bridge, as the Eldar plasma grenade explode in a bright blue explosion of super heated plasma gas, separating their legs from their torsos and vaporousing the mutilated Lanius body completely. Only McGragger had paced himself away enough from the heat of the explotion, only knocking him to the ground as he could hear the approaching Eldar language once more...

With sweat stinging his newly carved wound in his forehead and blood dripping down across his face, McGragge witnesses two shadows looming above his location... Realising that the end is near, he grasps his lasgun and throws himself forward to perform a lasgun-roll, aiming and firing off a hard knocked lazer burst into the chest of one of the Eldar... The Eldar is knocked back and screams in pain as he battle comrade turns sideways to face him only to scream out in anger!

McGragges heartbeats increase as he run away to get a better position to fight off the incoming Eldar Striking Scorpion.... He takes cover behind a large rubble of steelframe debri, breathing heavily to the loss off blood. He understands that the Eldar will engage him in melee combat... and draws his close combat knife from its scabbard. Suddenly and violently he feels a strong pain hitting him in the chest.. Two sharp needles connected to a wire has punched a hole thrue his armored vestement... Not a second later McGragge takes a fury of brightly coloured laser hits that run thrue the thin cords beyond the debris from the Striking Scorpions mandiblasters and McGragge screams out in pain as he tumbles to the ground.

Greviously wounded he tries to get back up on his feet, grabbing and thrusting out the mandiblaster cords in a gruesome blood splatter... his mind bent on not letting any xeno defeat the will of the emperor... A subtle sound of a machine springs to life... the sound is heading towards his direction. McGragge scream out in fury as he he sticks his knife down into the pavement and re-arms himself with the lagun once more and takes a charge over the hill of steelframe debris. He sees the warrior and he throws out a hard hitting lasgun-butt at the green armoured Eldar, putting a hard dent into one of the helmets inbuildt weaponry and in response takes a chainsword hit straight to his right leg as he crashed down to the ground on his knee... In an instant counter attack, by the wits from a true soldier, he fired a final salvoe of red imperial lasgun laser bursts straight into the exposed throat beneath the helmet of the striking scorpion, slaying the Eldar soldier whilst displaying a stubborn grin, putting an end to the shadow stalking group of ghosts which are the Eldar striking scorpions.

As the smoke and fog of war once again cleared in the area... McGragge looked into the morning skies of New Damian, knowing that he had served the Imperium with duty and with honor... He took a pause.. He could hear the rapid approach of another group of Eldar running towards his position... he closed his eyes.... his breathing got heavier...  shurikencatapults rained down upon his beaten broken body like the touch of an angel of death... finaly releasing this brave warriors soul... to join the uncounted billions of lives who has served for their imperium.... in the name.... of the immortal Emperor of mankind.

Is this the fate of the Imperial Guard? Write up your own imaginative IG story and show the Eldar how it really should have ended!!!


All feedback is welcomed, and I also encourage you to wander off to the forum suggestion thread:  to add your input to our idea for the forums!

Thank you all in advance!

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