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General Information and Rules
« on: July 27, 2014, 05:38:14 PM »
General Rules and Information:

The painting challenge will begin on August 4th, 12:00 A.M. using GMT (the same time zone used for the painting challenge). This team painting challenge will occur over the course of three months, ending on November 4th midnight.

Each entry per team member must have a picture of models in the any of the following states for it to be eligible for points: Unassembled/ NIB, assembled, or primed. The picture must include the date somewhere on the photo as well as the models going to be painted. Feel free to post WIP pictures but the only mandatory photos are a start and finish photo. As entries are completed you may immediately start another entry by following the same process. Completed entries will be moved to a team specific section where all completed entries will be tallied and the points will be accumulated on a leader board both for individuals as well as teams.
All completed entries must have a minimum painting requirement of 3 colours as well as scenic basing.

All completed entries will be scored as following:

Small models (1 point) e.g.: tactical marine
Medium models (2 points) eg: Terminator
Large models (3 points) eg: bikes/jetibikes
Vehicles and Monstrous creatures (5 points) e.g.: rhinos, carnifex etc.
Massive sized models (10 points) e.g.: Knight titans, wraith knights, land raiders etc.
Titan/ Massive super heavies (Left to my discretion) e.g.: Revenant, Phantom, Warhounds, Reavers

Terrain and fortifications may also be used to accumulate points for your team:

Small (5 points) E.g: defence line, small bunkers, crates etc.
Medium (10 points) eg: Wall of martyrs, trench emplacements, larger bunkers etc.
Large (15 points) eg: Aquila strongpoint, fortress of redemption etc.

You may also receive bonus points in the following ways:
2+ points for any HQ choice or non force org chart characters such as necron lords/crypteks and elder warlocks
2+ points for extensive conversion work e.g.: scratch built, green stuff work, arm repositioning.
2+ points if the terrain was scratch built

If you have any questions about where certain models are ranked or how many points the model will be rewarded for it, feel free to send me a pm.

Prizes and Team Ranking:

This is a group effort and is a contest based on growing the community and getting fully painted armies on the table top. Each individual will accumulate points towards their teams total. Each month the team with the most points will receive a 10% discount (graciously donated by brush4hire) to their online store. Every member of the winning team will receive this prize as long as the member contributed at least 20 points to their teams total during the month period. At the end of the 3 month challenge additional prizes will be givenů

Additional information on teams as well as where to post all of your images will be provided in a separate thread.